TV Binge: The 100

Ever since a few months ago, I’ve been on this massive TV binge, catching up with a lot series: Life Unexpected, Witches of East End, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries.  Its one of the reasons movies have been in batches now because I just don’t watch as many of them. SO, the solution: reviewing TV series.

Its a pity that I haven’t reviewed any of the above ones…maybe I’ll go back and do it.

However, Netflix is just so awesome with The 100, which I just realized seems to be doing the constant update of it because its updated till the Season 2 midseason finale so I just wonder how fast it actually updates since this is the first show I’ve seen that has that. Here’s hoping that it’ll be going to other shows as well, because that would be awesome news!

the 100

Anyways, back on track! The past weekend, I binge watched all of The 100. My boyfriend was intrigued because while I was cooking dinner, I’d be yelling at the show and the characters and getting all crazy over it.  Its a rare thing nowadays, my friends.  Thats saying something.

Lets start with a little synopsis.

The 100 is about Earth becoming polluted and destroyed after the nuclear war that everyone that survived has gone to live in space in a station called The Ark which is ruled by the chancellor.  The Ark was meant to sustain them for 3 generations but it had started to be exhausted of its resources, most importantly oxygen.  With not a lot of time and options, they decide to send 100 of the juvenile delinquents back down to the ground on Earth to see if it was survivable.  Except the drop for the 100 had accidents and the communication went down. The Ark and the 100 are now separated and they must survive each in their own way to figure everything out.

The 100

Being a CW series, there are certain aspects that you need to be aware of.  One, CW shows are generally geared towards teens/adolescents/young adults, whatever you want to call them.  So, there’s a level of believing that this is all fiction and logic doesn’t always apply.  I do have to say that The 100 makes me believe what they are going through, but I’m not a hard crowd to please either.  The quality of CW shows are going up and other than Arrow, The 100 proves it.

The 100

Although the cast and story takes a little to roll along and to connect to, there is no doubt that the ending of the pilot episode just makes the audience scream for me, literally in my case and that’s what set off a full day of watching The 100 and before I knew it, it was 3am and I had watched almost all of Season 1.

The 100

What the 100 does really well is building a good balance in characters and each character grows and develops in their own way.  Nothing makes a story connect better than seeing the characters change and develop for better or worse.  At the same time, this new future post-apocalyptic Earth makes us rethink all the stuff we have because its gone through some rough times and there is essentially nothing left, just the wilderness and its one thats been affected by the nuclear war and the radiation bringing some scary animals along with some beautiful ones.

the 100

Then, there’s the connection and relationship of the characters.  For one, its not all that romance based, which is kind of refreshing.  Sure, there’s a few that spring up here and there but there’s also the growing friendships and leaderships.  All the characters bond differently and are influenced by each other because this is all they have now.  With the dangers that come, even the different opinions fuse a little together and they have to work together or else this unknown territory will tear them apart.

the 100

By the midseason finale of Season 2 (Episode 8), the characters look like crap because they’ve been through a lot of it. I really like that whole progress, downfalls and just how it all becomes a huge mess but it also has these hidden agendas and unexpected decisions and choices resulting from character development.

Its my first TV series review and I don’t really know how to structure this yet.

Point is: I’m a huge fan of this show and honestly, after that midseason finale, I’m a little addicted and waiting for more episodes to be updated but thats only happening after January 21st.  This show is full of awesome characters.  My pictures here only show the 100 on Earth but the deeper characters are with the crew on The Ark.  It was pretty nice to see some familiar faces on the show like Isaiah Washington (Burke from Season 1 Grey’s Anatomy) and Ricky Whittle (Captain East from Austenland).

Have you seen The 100? What do you think of it?