Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

I know you already guessed how I’m approaching this but I’m working hard for December photo challenges to all make me go out and about in Montreal to give you pictures so I did a little leisure walking around where I work in Old Montreal and took some shots of Christmas lights.


Old Montreal Christmas lights

Decorations on the building facing mine!

Excuse the blur! It gets better, I promise!

Lights going up outside!

Lights going up outside!

Finally, yesterday as I was walking back from work, these lights were up also!


So pretty! 🙂

Aren’t they pretty?!?!? They are new! Last year, these weren’t there 🙂

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A Word A Week Challenge: Light (2)

I had some more pictures from this week walking around and it came to me that it fit this challenge, so I’m posting a last minute PART 2! If you didn’t see my first entry, its HERE! If you want to join the challenge, you visit A Word in Your Ear right HERE!

Bring on MORE lights!


Purple lights on the hotel, White lights on a Christmas tree, Lights wrapped around trees

All beautiful, but look on the top, a construction crane wrapped in Christmas lights, lighting up the sky in the distance!


Christmas tree lights reflecting on the wall


Today’s snow calmed down.  Took a little break from shoveling  snow and took a picture down my street.

The street lights stood out really nicely!


Doesn’t this look so festive? Branches and red ribbon decorations…I thought it had a really nice vibe.This was just at my front door.

Hope you like it! I promise this is the last post for today, its already the 4th.

Can’t wait to see what the next A Word A Week Challenge is.

A Word A Week Challenge: Light

This week A Word in Your Ear has picked out the word LIGHT in her dictionary.  To join this challenge, click HERE!

The holidays are drawing near. Christmas Eve is in less than a week. For us in Montreal, its been snowing on and off for the last 2 days.  Winter is officially here this Friday.  Have you put up your Christmas LIGHTS?



Christmas lights in front of my house


Christmas lights outside my office building


Big city bright lights: All the blue are Christmas lights

Once the snow stops, I am looking forward heading out to take some nice pictures of Christmas with snow on the ground!


A Word A Week Challenge: Blue

This week A Word In Your Ear has landed on the word BLUE in her dictionary.  Click HERE to join into her challenge.

Blue is one of my favorite colours.  Ever since the later years of my elementary school years (about 11-12 years old), I loved all shades of blue.  This topic is right up my alley.

Since it is Christmas month on my blog, I spent this weekend mildly mall hopping and shooting Christmas decorations.  Right on topic is the closest mall around my place called Champlain Mall in my suburban city of Brossard who themed their color this year with lots of BLUE. Lets check it out!


These shiny trees are quite original.  There were a lot of blue ones and assorted colors placed around the mall


The actual tree was decorated with blue and white/clear ornaments

I love the colour scheme they used.  It was so beautiful!