Christmas Marathon: Home Alone The Holiday Heist (TV 2012)

I’m finally getting ahead with this Christmas/Holiday marathon business.  Its been a while and I don’t guarantee that I can keep it up although I’m trying really hard, especially since I set up a whole rundown and all but Netflix is adding more movies that interest me so who knows, maybe it’ll change.

This weekend, I got in 1 and a half movie.  Well, the other one, I fell asleep halfway and will wrap it up tonight but last night, I watched Home Alone The Holiday Heist.  It was direct to TV so please lower those expectations a little.  I really thought this was the fourth one but apparently this is the fifth one.  How far has this gone since the original with Macauley Culkin, right?

I’ve actually reviewed the first three so feel free to check those out if you’d like: Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Home Alone 3.

Now we’re going to skip the 4th because I don’t know where to find it but here’s the 5th one called The Holiday Heist. After the 3rd one, lets say I didn’t have high expectations on this one, if any…

home alone holiday heistDirector: Peter Hewitt

Cast: Christian  Martyn, Jodelle Ferland, Malcolm McDowell, Debi Mazar, Eddie Steeples, Ellie Harvie, Doug Murray

The Baxters move to Maine from California due to mom Catherine’s (Debi Mazar) new job.  They buy a new house for an exceptionally good deal.  Reluctantly, their kids: teenage daughter Alexis (Jodelle Ferland) and son/video game addict, Finn (Christian Martyn) are dragged along.  When they arrive, Finn hears stories about the haunting of their house and he sets traps as precautions.  One night for a Christmas party, their parents end up stranded on the other side of town while him and sister are left to defend themselves against what turns out to actually not be hauntings but three thieves on a heist for a hidden painting.

Home Alone The Holiday Heist really goes a little farther from Home Alone but surprisingly, I enjoyed it more than I expected.  The beginning is really not that great but once the heist actually goes underway, it does start being a little funny.  Its a little modernized version of Home Alone and you know right away that somehow the kid Finn’s video gaming life will contribute to it. There’s a whole lot exaggerated acting and the “final battle” or trap or whatever you call it doesn’t really make any sense even but I believe in the process of building up being good.

home alone holiday heist

The sister is possibly THE most annoying ever but I guess it was portraying the modern teenage obsessed over their technology and whatnot.  Other than that, the parents, although a little over-exaggerated in certain parts kind of does make it really funny at times also.  This movie has a lot of pretty silly characters.  It does feel a little dumb at times (man, I haven’t said that word in so long).  Except, Finn does have some nifty tricks up his sleeves and he really isn’t too bad.  I mean, he’s obsessed with video games.  I can picture a million other things that he could be bratty and stupid.

home alone holiday heist

The bad guys, sad because they never will hit that bar of Marv and Harry, aren’t all that bad.  The sidekicks are little useless because they really don’t do anything except for get caught in traps and worry about their own petty problems.  Its a way to add in humor, I guess. The two are lead by a much better actor in Malcolm McDowell.  I can’t really remember if they impacted me or anything.  I’m actually already starting to forget the movie.  The funny stuff was not even how they fell for the traps because the outcome was a little too over the top and not so believable but rather, it was the whole interaction of his parents and Finn and the sister.

I really have nothing much to say about Home Alone 5.  Its nothing special and I’m pretty sure it’ll vanish from my mind by the end of the day or before even.  Toss out logic and it could still be a little fun and entertaining.  Its better than I expected so that’s already a plus but I’ve also said that my expectations are low so interpret it the way you want. Anyways, enough of this negative, it was fun..thats what matters.  Just do what I do and have a glass of wine and a very nice dinner beforehand 😉

Are you a fan of Home Alone? Have you seen this fifth one?