Unboxing: 1UP Box [June 2015]

Welcome to another unboxing! This time around, we’re looking at the 1UP Box.

So far, this has been a mixed bag BUT it has been increasingly intriguing.  I haven’t been following the themes of the boxes so its all a complete surprise to me, which I love the spontaneity 🙂

This month’s theme: Arcade!! How awesome is that?!?!?!

Let’s check it out!!!

1UP Box: Arcade [June 2015]

1UP Box

Spider-Man Zipper Pull

1UP Box

Who is a fan of Spider-Man? I know I am, for the most part.  And zipper pulls break a lot, maybe its the cold Canada winters.  I don’t know.  Either way, I’ll find some cool use for it or I’ll just use it for the ton of bags that I own. Who knows, right? I love practical stuff and this definitely is one!

Metallic Arcade Decal

1UP Box

Decals! This one does look absolutely cool.  I just always wonder…at the rate we have to change our phones and our computers (because they just break faster).  I’d pretty much lose the decal if I stuck it on there.  Maybe I can just keep it as a collectible 😉

Pac-Man Candy Tin

1UP Box

I’m really into arcades or at least arcade games.  Pac-Man has to be one of my top favorite games.  Its funny how the simplest games can be the most addictive.  I mean, just take Agar.io right now.  A huge hit, right? If you haven’t played it, well, its pretty intense and addictive.  I try to stay away from it.  I guess another related one would be like the Candy Crush Saga phenomenon, right? Pac-Man still has a special place in my heart though.

Space Alien Lanyard

1UP Box

I just got a new lanyard from Grand Prix Weekend but this one is pretty awesome. It has the space aliens and “PRESS START”/”GAME OVER”/”INSERT COIN” along the side.  Totally arcade stuff, right? Looks so great!

Street Fighter Bobble Budds [Guile]

1UP Box

Look, this box is winning me over.  Street Fighter was so huge when I fight learned about street fighter.  Mind you, my cousin the closest to my age and lived in Montreal also at the time was a guy and he got consoles so I was knowledgeable about these combat games along with some horror and adventure ones as well. So, YAY!! 🙂

Fight Fight Revolution T-Shirt

1UP Box

Okay, look, this t-shirt is ALL SORTS OF AWESOME! I kind of regret putting it in my boyfriend’s size.  If you don’t remember or you are a newer follower or you just happened to drop into my blog randomly, I did this (in hindsight) pretty ridiculous and kind of meaningless but somewhat awkward and funny video on a post where I talked about my absolute love for Dance Dance Revolution.  You can find that HERE and then followed with a DDR show HERE.  I’m probably going to regret sharing this but hey, it is fun! As stupid as it all looks, it is! Add that to Street Fighter and OMG! This is so awesome! I might consider stealing this one from my boyfriend…

Overall…This was THE BEST 1UP Box so far! I mean, they’ve had some great themes but this one just was all sorts of awesome: Street Fighter, Dance Dance Revolution, Pac-Man! All of my absolutely faves!! 🙂

What did you like from this? Are you into arcade games? Whats your favorite one?

Week 11: #100bySummer

Tone it Up not only launched their Bikini Series which I’m pretty much participating in except that they don’t take 2 days off but I do and I’m doing less cardio than them.  However, this week launches their 100 miles by summer which means each day there averages to about 2.5 miles for the next 6 weeks.  There will be days that I won’t be get it in but since it can be walking, jogging or biking (whatever distance accounts for 1/3 only though), its going to be motivating to get myself outside.  I’m doing all this most of the time by myself so its hard enough to keep myself going without having to physically move myself off my own land and go out and let people see me dying from a little jogging.  Since biking counts, I’m in and I’m getting those tires pumped up! We’re bringing in the cardio challenges now 🙂


Bad start for the week! I woke up feeling like absolute crap with a sore throat and a small cough and a bit of a runny nose.  Took some meds and went off to work to figure that everything got better except my body fought it with a fever.  All I could do when I came home from work at the end of the day was eat then sit in bed.  Suffice to say, there was no workout today…

Only walking I did was to and from the bus station to work which is about 1 km each way, equalling to about 1.25 miles or so.


I can already see this week turning out to be pretty bad in the workout area.  However, as much as I was feeling sick, I still managed to get in a light workout.  Maybe sweating it out will work, right? So I went ahead and did the new workout that Tone it Up posted up called Your Bridal Babe Workout. 2 rounds of 20 reps for the majority of them.  The only one I did 10 reps of was the Walking Down the Aisle. That was pretty intense.

It will be a constant that I have 1.25 miles to and from work.  Today I did have to take a walk to drop off a document so that was an additional 0.70 miles.


Lets say energy level dropped big time today.  It started feeling like the sickness was coming back already.  However, I rested it up.  Avoided going out in the windy night and stayed in but managed to get in the Thigh Workout designated from Tone it Up.

It actually got pretty tough by the third round.  My thighs were completely screaming in pain! This is definitely a good one.

Walking to and from work 1.25 miles. From parking to chiro office 0.5 miles (I’m getting desperate)


It seems that Thursdays are the day to murder ourselves.  I’m starting to notice the slow build up every week to get more and more intense.  This week’s Tone it Up set to do 3 rounds Surfer’s Paradise.  I did that! At the 3rd round, I almost wanted to collapse while doing those Pacific Paradise.  I’ve somehow acquired better balance for those Kiwi Kicks and not always preventing myself from face planting onto the hardwood floor (which is always a good thing).  Maybe those ab workouts are paying off ;).  Next up are supposed to be 3 rounds of Cowabunga Workout.  Thats crazy! I ended up doing two and at the end I realized that I did the Far Out wrong and forgot to do the TIU Tummy Tucks.  On my 2nd round, instead of Surf’s Up (which I did 4 rounds of altogether already), I did 20 TIU Tummy Tucks to make up for it.  Very efficient and it felt super great! I was sweating waterfalls…but it was time to wrap up the wedding video for my friend! Looks like it’ll be a late night already…

Walk: 1.25 miles for work bus terminus, went out for shopping for an hour and that was at least a mile of walking 😉


Day off today! I finish work at 5:30pm and meeting up with the bride to be and the other bridesmaids for the bachelorette party at 6pm.  WOOHOO! Party Time! Suffice to say, I wouldn’t fit it in anyways…

One thing about this night is that there was a lot of walking. 1.25 miles to and from work to terminus. All the walking we did in downtown between each location summed up to 2.3 km which is 1.40 miles roughly 🙂


Friday night juiced me out real good.  Shows that I’m aging.  So I got in DDR 30minutes which is for the cardio part.  Tone It Up girls said dancing an hour counts for 3 miles.  I did 30 mins so I’m taking the 1.5 miles 🙂


Today was my good friend’s wedding day! The day started off at 6am to get myself ready.  It was extremely fun and everything went pretty much on schedule.  As with everything, there’s always a few bumps here and there that we had to fix up along the way but we all stayed calm and carried on ;).  I’ll have a post about that in a bit.  Other than running back and forth and getting here and there for the wedding, there really wasn’t any exercising…although if it was for me, walking with artificial height is exercise in itself 😉

This week was decent, I’d say.  My cold fought me but I fought back and managed to get in 4 days of workout as I had wanted.  Although  only one day qualified in the intense area, the point was that I stayed moving.  Adding that 100 miles by summer goal was really fun and I’d say that this week, I clocked in 11.35 miles in a week.  Not really at par most days BUT…this coming week, I’ll do better…or I hope because my cold is battling me with full force as I type this.

Luckily today is Victoria Day and its a day off.  🙂 Happy Monday everyone!

DDR Show!

A week or two ago, I post up a post on A Revolution That Never Left Me (click on the title to see post if you haven’t already).  Chris @ FilmHipster had said that I should post up a video of it “or else it never happened”.  I debated it at the time.  Then, Misty @ Cinema Schminema commented that if I posted one up, she’ll post one up also.  How about that? I told her I’d go straight to work that weekend.  I did end up filming this last weekend, however, I wanted to give you a live person intro and I spent a few times doing it today and I got all tongue tied, and by the late afternoon, I wanted to give it another shot, then everything ran out of batteries..both my camera batteries ran out, and my tablet ran out as well.  So I ended up editing the DDR clip a bit (because thats as much as I know how to do) and adding in a blooper at the end.

Here is the end product…just a suggestion, skip forward, it does get more intense with each song (3 different ones).  I almost cut out the last one but I really wanted to have you listen to the annoying guy in the background.  That has to be the most disgraceful part too.  After the last one, I cut into a cute and hilarious blooper-ish sort of thing 😉 So remember to check it out~

What do you think? Laughing at me yet! Awesomeness, because thats the goal 😉 I would never do this in public…and my boyfriend told me that..and I agree after this video!

Did you like the ending with the trial blooper?

What do you think about a vlog thing once in a while? I just have no idea what I’d talk about…Today was a disaster since I kept rambling on about randomness and it lasted for 6 minutes on ONE! Now you know why I didn’t want to post that up.  Maybe I’ll do it for future updates instead of writing a mega post on it.  Think thats a good idea?

The Revolution That Never Left Me

Around 15 years ago, in 1998 Japan came out with a revolution that took over the gaming world (at least I think it did).  For a while, it stayed around and everyone was into it.  People lined up at arcades and crowded around the machines and some practiced and challenged others to improve their dancing skills. Do you know what I’m talking about? Dance Dance Revolution my friends!

When it first came out, I didn’t own a console but I remember my cousin owning it.  I was horrible at it, no coordination whatsoever. All I remember from a childhood experience was loathing the embarrassment of it all.  The arms flailing about trying to keep balance, the feet trying to catch up the arrows and when slow, I looked like a robot and when fast, it was just a mess of stomping in uncontrollable disorder.  Eventually I gave up and decided that these sort of games were not made me for.  However, I did enjoy watching them.  Why, I did not grasp back then. Maybe even back then, I enjoyed other people embarrassing themselves or unafraid or overconfident to not really care about it all.


For a while, this seemed to have died down in my world as my cousins grew older and these games were no longer everyone’s go-to game, especially girls using it to lose weight or stay fit.    It then came one day at a friend’s birthday party. There it was when we walked into the entertainment room…those dreaded colourful mats with arrows marked on it, the dance music blazing in the background, and then the birthday girl says that everyone has to do it.  Can you see me face palming? Because thats what I did and in my mind, I went in a dramatic scream, “NOOOOOOO!!”  Whats awesome though is I do have an amazing best friend and she was there.  As much her doing DDR makes everyone else look horrible, she’s also hilarious.  I survived that day with my legs untangled and no pulled muscles in my arms.  It turned out to be fun to just sit around and watch everyone trying to not make a fool of themselves. Little did I know that at the end of 2007, this party would lead to follow a revolution that never did leave in my mind…

ddr xIn 2008, I started going out with my current boyfriend, and you might or might not have read about it, but he ended up giving me his Playstation 2! YES! And coincidentally, it was also the 10th anniversary of Dance Dance Revolution and they came out with DDR X.  As much as DDR X had some pretty bad songs and not like the originals.  I was obsessed with getting better, with playing it amazingly.  Days and days of practice, my daily exercise, stress reliever all went into the form of perfecting my dancing skills.  On top of that, I went searching for older versions of this fabulous game and came in possession with Supernova 2 and Extreme 2.  Eventually in 2011 they came out with a reboot, in the form of DDR X2.

Up till this past week, I had taken months off of DDR and had other obsessions that took its place but the one that always stayed was this dancing game.  I jump back in and the ambitious me pops out.  I need to win, I need to beat my records, I need to reach high levels.  I learned this week that its just who I am.  I’m really bad at gaming in general for somehow, DDR is my game.  I’m not as good as those people in competitions of course.  But, I improve everyday, it makes me happy and I can listen to hours on hours on hours of dance music a la Dance Dance Revolution style.  I can play and get angry at the stupid guy in the background making comments especially when he’s mocking me when I hit the danger zone and my legs are scorching with pain.  I can try to imitate the characters dancing during the song before and after the arrows start flowing up and after its done.

ddr matt

This Revolution is one that will never leave me. My matt may show signs of dying and the arrows don’t work as well and its probably time to upgrade it to the newer consoles and newer franchises like Everybody Dance for PS3 or Zumba for Xbox360 (but that would mean getting a new console), but Dance Dance Revolution will always be the one that I love even if I have to move on.  Its the one that started it all. I think they still make it on some consoles..I’ll have to research that 🙂

However, on a side note, one thing I will never do as much as I love it is to bring those moves into anywhere public 😉  If you’ve played it or seen it, you know what I mean. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to NOT scare everyone with my laughable dance moves….haha~If you want it though, I could film one tonight…just comment 😉 For you, anything! I mean I did it at the arcades once with my limited dance moves!

Dance off time! YEAH! Party anyone?

Anyone get dragged into this revolution? Or maybe you’re more the Guitar Hero phase (I am too ;))? Or maybe Duck Hunt? Maybe some other dance game on another console?