Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Layers can reveal, conceal, and make something more complex. They can vary in size, texture, color, or functionality. Each layer can have its own story, meaning, or purpose. They can overlap, blend, or be distinctly separate. A layer doesn’t have to be a part of a single object but can even be a slice of a multifaceted image or scene. – WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: LAYERS

crumb cake

Crumb Cake

Bird Nest

Bird Nest

chocolate pistachio cake






Layers had me stumped for a while.  What to use, right? I almost wanted to just take pictures of the layers of clothes that I had now that the cold weather has hit. I’m not in a very fit state to take selfies so I decided against it and dug through my pictures and found these 🙂

Flowers and the layers in their petals and baked goods with a hint of layers of branches in bird nests! I thought they were quite fitting.

I’m sure the photo challenge for this coming week’s will be up by the time this publishes but if you are interested in joining still or looking at other entries, check it out HERE!


Daily Prompt: Goals

I’ve been really missing just writing away on a daily prompt but its been so hard to write on so many of these topics in the past week.  I just don’t know how to approach them.  But then, we have Wednesday’s.  It feels like I’ve written on this before…well..probably, but still, it might be new.  I’ve reflected over this past few months on the blog. I’ve made some physical changes to make it more appealing and more organized.

Daily Prompt: When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

When I started this blog, it was complete spontaneity.  I had no idea what I was doing and for the longest time, it had nothing.  Well, not nothing…posts that I did but nothing fancy like menus on the top or a header photo.  Nothing on the side bars.  It was naked compared to now.  I had no goals except for one (maybe), it was to remind myself that with everything that happens, there’s always something positive.  We just need to look at the little things in life and remember to be grateful.  Its really about sharing happy things in my life.  The main objective was to write and express myself in words because I do that best and just get all the thoughts written down.  I never thought about getting followers or whatnot.

Cheers! Thank you and have an AMAZING FRIDAY! :)

Cheers! Thank you and have an AMAZING FRIDAY! 🙂

Enough to say that looking at Tranquil Dreams now, I’m in total shock.  As of today, I have 520 followers.  That is totally CRAZY! Followers are of course not matching to the people who like or comment but still, I’m just amazed at how I even managed to get 520 bloggers to follow little me who writes, reviews, bakes, take photos, and shares everything.  It means that some point in time this little space attracted someone with one (or more) posts that made them want to follow me.  That is a WOW moment in my life.  Most of the time, I don’t feel I’m interesting at all so its definitely a confidence booster right there.

As much as I’d like to say that I’m really satisfied with everything, its because of everyone that drops by and does all the likes, comments, follows and views that keep me in the game.  I feel responsible for how this goes, what goes up and I am motivated to keep it up because some of you are regarded as friends.  Its something I appreciate very much.  The blogging world and the family thats here is just awesome! Even when we agree to disagree on certain reviews or whatnot 😉 Its the interaction that is like a drug sometimes.  The people here are just wonderful and you all deserve this huge applause and standing ovation because as much as I’ve tried to entertain you all, reading your posts are exponentially more entertaining in my book!

Okay, I’m going off track.  Whats changed here is that now I have goals.  Every year I refresh what I want to do.  Even as we speak, there isn’t a day I don’t think about how to spice things up a bit with marathons and what to bake on the weekend.  There’s how to approach my photo challenges and show you some of the travel experiences and events that I go to.  Its making time in my schedule to do this.  I’m even sharing my crazy weekly workouts.  I don’t have solid goals as to what to achieve but the one thing I’d love is to keep things happy and have you all enjoying your stop at Tranquil Dreams as much as I have with everyone else’s work.

I think I’ve ranted on enough but bottomline:

A lot of people in my actual life may not understand why I do this blogging thing, but at least I know that there’s so many more of you out there that relate to how I feel.  The magic of blogging, writing, and sharing and intereacting is just totally fantastic and most of the time its just a space to be silly and have fun with a bunch of other people from all over the world!

I just want to give a HUGE HUG TO ALL OF YOU! 🙂 In my mind, you are ALL AWESOME!

*ahem* Sorry about that! I will contain my over hyper and mushy self now 😉 You know I can’t resist the chance to thank you all over and over again!

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day In My Life

A Day in My Life is somewhat boring.  There you go…I said it! It is.

I get up with the sound of the alarm from my recently “old” cell phone.  I still do because its the only one that wakes me up.

After choosing from heaps of clothes and getting changed, brushing my teeth and then my hair, grabbing some breakfast and making my lunch, oh right and my cup of tea, seeing as the weather is still cold, I put on my coat and now my spring boots (or running shoes) and grab my bag and head out for work.

At work, I’m usually sitting at my desk, walking to the printer, walking downstairs for the washroom, seeing clients in the conference room, etc.  After a 30 minute lunch and 8 hour work day, the day ends with going to the elevator to take me downstairs to street level…

I always walk to the bus terminus to the south shore and every day I walk past this corner and look at this same clock that shows me what time it is and I have a good idea which bus I’ll catch.

Today I passed it at 5:55pm. Normal time for me but longer than what I get paid for.  I don’t walk slowly but I like to look at everything, even though its the same everything.  Wait, this ad looks different! And its with hot Alex Skarsgaard.  True Blood, when are you coming back?

Into the bus terminus, I go and hop onto the bus to cross back into the suburbs.  When I get off the bus, I start seeing the sun set in the horizon and it shines ever so bright.

When I get home, I know that I’ll always be greeted by my little girl.  Look at her!

Isn’t she the sweetest? After walking around, watching Hong Kong Series with my mom with dinner and then doing my stuff like blogging, studying, reading, watching movies, etc, enjoying some of my free time.  Time flies in the evening and before I know it, my little alarm (aka my cat) tells me when its time to get ready for bed but hogging my chair every time I get up.

Then when I head to bed, she’ll eventually move herself to the bed and fall asleep (sometimes even snore).

My cat purrs like a machine.  Its loud and hypnotizing, so before long, my eyes get all droopy and its Zzzz time for me as well!

Thats my day! All pictures taken yesterday (Wednesday)! Wednesday is my off day for working out or else there would be something related to working out.  And seeing as yesterday was the day I watched back to back movies with my boyfriend, I really took it easy. 🙂

What does your day usually look like? Do you have a routine?

This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge for this week’s theme A Day in My Life!

Weekly Photo Challenge:Everyday Life

Every single day we all do different things, follow some sort of routine.  Even people who don’t live with a routine, its their irregular times that make their routine.  No matter what type of person you are or wherever you are, we all have the basic needs.  These are the basics fulfilment of clothes, eating, housing, and transportation.  Fact is, there are always those things in our everyday life that doesn’t change, we will tend to take the same bus, car, bike, or whatever form of transport.  We will tend to have foods that circulate throughout the week that are the same because of culture or preferences.  We will tend to live at the same place, unless you recently moved, but our home will normally be a constant in our lives.  Our clothes may be around the same style for work, casual, sports, whatever is part of your routine.

I’ll use this to go on a little quest to look at the few objects in my life that stick around everyday of my life.  Let the camera everyday life journey commence:

EVERYDAY food: Steamed Rice

EVERYDAY electronics: My laptop (where (almost) all the online action is accomplished)

EVERYDAY music: my piano

EVERYDAY drink: Tea (my fave called Get Fresh Green by Tealish)

EVERYDAY companion: BOOKS (this week is Mockingjay)

We all have different little things that structure our everyday lives.  What are some of the things you spend a lot of time with?