Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I remember doing the same theme last year.  I went along and searched it up and if you’d like, I have another two, HERE and HERE!

Wait right there! I’m not one to cheat on these weekly photo challenges.  Its either I just skip them or I have to search up stuff that works for me 🙂

As I was digging through my pictures, here are some that came to mind!

Granby Zoo Reflections

Granby Zoo Asia decorations. Lantern reflecting shadows on the snow

Marais de Rivieres des Cerises

Reflections in the water at Marais de Rivieres des Cerises

Reflections Old Montreal

Reflections in pond in Old Montreal


Reflections in the water of Champlain Bridge on St Lawrence River

I mixed the two ways of interpreting reflections.  One is the actual reflection of something while at the same time, I reflect best near water.  In many of these pictures, I had time to sit down and reflect by myself next to water whether walking/hiking/biking along the river. Even walks in the snow are extremely calming for the mind 🙂

There you go! Here is my entry for this week’s photo challenge Reflections.  To see more entries, check out HERE!

What does REFLECTIONS make you think of? Where do you reflect best?


Week 23: Mash it Up!

My motivation is pretty much back! My favorite of the night, other than writing up blogs and watching movies is to come home and do my workout.  Last week, I kept it on my Tone it Up routines (mostly).  This week, I am on my freestyle week.  Eventually I might start figuring out how to make some workouts on my own once I start learning more but this week, I want to mash it up a little and hopefully MORE cardio!! My goal every week…lets hope the weather is going to be in my favor 🙂


After searching around, I decided that I wanted to work on my core.  Then I pressed START WORKOUT on Tribesports then saw another workout I wanted to do and did that one first.  It was Pumps and Iron’s 10’s Med Ball Workout.

Click on this image to go to learn how-to do the moves 🙂

I did modify this one a little.  I was in my room upstairs so as to not break the house eventually, I swapped the 10 med ball burpees to 10 Russian Twists (1 rep equals doing both sides).  I also changed the 10 logger jumps to 10 Lat Rollout (from last week’s Summer Sizzle workout) and did 5 reps of each side. I did 2 sets of these because halfway through my second set I realized I had pressed Start workout on my Core Challenge workout.  I ended with the one through of the Core Challenge. I’ve done this one before 🙂

One set through always feels crazy at the end.  This one is quick and efficient even if you did this by itself or pre-cardio workout 🙂


Today is a day off! One of the reasons is that I have yet another infection: my right eye! YAY! *sarcastic tone* So doctor’s office again! Luckily I was able to book one with my family doctor, at least the wait wasn’t long.


Another day off! Why? Because I’m going out with my best friend to celebrate with dinner and a bit of shopping and then went to play some arcades 🙂


I almost skipped a workout today.  But being the workoutholic that I am, I decided that I really needed it so I went straight ahead and chose one the one from Tone it Up called Sandcastle Workout.

After one set, I started thinking that since its mashing it up this week, I decided to do a shorter workout that I had been meaning to do and try my first time at doing Crossfit.  Its called 10 Minute Crossfit Workout with Celebrity Yumi Lee.

This possibly is the most intense 10 minutes of my life.  If you don’t feel charged up and sweated out after this, then I don’t know…you are just way more fit than I am.  I did the Level 2 mostly. Its actually really fun.  I have difficulty doing full body push-ups so I had to switch back to the knees push-ups halfway through the second set in the warm up part.  Most of these are actually way more challenging than it looks and it got my heart rate up really quick! Definitely going to search up more Crossfit quickies!


After my mash up routines, my body actually needs time to recuperate so I took this day off to just rest my eyes and my body, plus, with my boyfriend’s new schedule, we hang out on Fridays. 🙂


As much I had wanted Saturday to be a morning cardio routine, I did end up doing it nearer to late morning.  Better late than never! It wasn’t too intense and I wasn’t doing any routine in particular but I did bike from my side of town all the way out to Old Montreal.  Thats a total of approximately 30km over a span of about 2 hours including stops for photos, getting a little lost and then taking a break at the final destination.  Coming back was so painful though.  If you want a look at my bike ride photos, check it out HERE!


Suffice to say, after that bike ride, my lower half of my body was aching like no tomorrow. Mostly because I have the most uncomfortable bike seat so my behind was bruised and sitting was possibly the most painful thing. I didn’t do any intense workout but with the great weather, we did some strolling in the shopping mall and then added on a 20-30 minutes evening stroll.  Nice and relaxing! A good way to end the weekend 🙂

OVERALL…this week was definitely successfully.  It may not seem like I was being as efficient as the previous week but the workout’s themselves were higher intensity therefore, I took more time to balance out rest time in between to give my muscles some times to recuperate.  I’m actually choosing workouts to work target different body areas and putting in some form of cardio to balance things out.  I’m getting the idea on how to work out something a bit more balanced 🙂

My recommendations this week is Crossfit.  My first shot at it was a really exhausting but inspiring experience.  I loved how it felt and how it efficient it was.  Its body weights, quick and short but it did the job even during warm-up.  The 10 Med Ball Workout was also really fun to do. Its very intense and its fun to use the med ball for workouts!

Do you know anywhere I can find more Crossfit routines? I’d definitely want to research some more on it 🙂

Week 12: Intentions and Goal Setting!

I never follow Tone it Up completely but this week, I’m drained out of focus, so they set the Inspirational Challenge which is all about intentions and goal setting.  I felt that it would be cool to check that out. I’ll write about what the thing we have to do each day of the week as I move along.


After 4 days straight of working out, I had to give my body a break.  Plus, with my boyfriend’s change in schedule, we had to shift date night a tad earlier 😉 Date night is all about the 3rd movie of May that we wanted to catch: FAST AND FURIOUS 6!! Everyone was anticipating most a bunch of super hero movies or sci-fi or even horror..for me, it was really Fast 6! I mean 2.5 hours of turning off my brain and watching something loud and intense with my fave Vin Diesel and The Rock.  I’m down for that anytime 🙂 I’m going to leave the rest for the review that you can find HERE if you missed it!

However, I want to talk about the start of the inspirational challenge. Our work today is to write down the top 3 goals for the rest of Bikini Series! Mine will be to increase muscular endurance, happy with how I look in the mirror in anything and to stay healthy 🙂 I don’t know if thats how I do it..but its all more long-term but its still goals, right?


Today is the new workout day and we were introduced to Thailand Tush Workout!

This was actually really fun.  I didn’t expect it to be as hard as it turned out to be. To me, this looked pretty relaxing but those Glute Burners really burnt.  By the 3rd round, I wanted to just stop midway.  However, I toughed it out as always 😉 Pretty fun! Then I ran off to reread my goals for the inspirational challenge.  It said to visualize and see how you feel about it.  I felt pretty happy thinking about it.  To see myself accomplishing all those things made me smile and I know that I can do it 🙂 No modifications needed! I’m going to work hard to get there!!


Tonight’s workout looks extremely long with two separate workouts planned.  The first one was Surfer’s Paradise.  You’ve seen that one over and over again for the last few weeks.  Still, here is the video to refresh your memories! I did 2 rounds of that.

Then afterwards, another throwback with Sunkissed Abs workouts.  A full workout is 3 rounds for this one so I managed to do three even though honestly, I wanted to give up at 2.  My abs were burning.  It was a nice one which focused a lot on the core.  On the side note, today’s inspirational challenge is to think about it for 15 minutes and visualize and feeling incredible.  Somewhere in the thinking, I came to the revelation that this weekend, I will take a picture as a before version and really start working on compiling some healthy recipes to incorporate in my diet this weekend and we’re going to make things happen! Eventually I’ll look fit in the mirror 😉


Those killer Thursdays again! Double full workouts again! We start with the Santorini Bikini Ready Workout. I did 3 rounds of these at varying between 10-20 reps depending on the exercise.

This time around the Scuba Dives felt a bit easier.  However, those Coconut Crunches are still quite painful to do.

Second up, we have the Bikini Strap Toning Routine.

I only did two rounds of this one.  For one, I have dragonboat practice planned for tomorrow.  Plus, those rear flies kill my hands on my metal dumbbells. I need to upgrade them for this one and I don’t want to do that just yet.  I’ll find some way to modify it eventually. 🙂 Plus, today’s Inspirational Challenge is to make 2 small changes to the current plan to make differences.  I chose to bring healthier snacks with me and eat lunch outside which will allow me to stay active by taking a little lunch walk (except when it rains), if I miss one day, then I make it up on the weekend with extra distance on my bike ride or jog!


I’m trying to get myself to keep up with Dragonboat as much as I can.  Since I have some other plans coming up that I’ll be missing it. I decided to go again. Dragonboat is really awesome! I took a 2.5 km walk before practice while hydrating myself like crazy.  Then on the boat, we did some awesome drills and I was working on some problems to make my stroke longer.  We were also testing as a team how fast we could push our stroke rate without harming our technique. It was a great practice!

Today’s Inspirational Challenge is to let someone know.  I actually told my boyfriend about this and that I was going to start tracking the way I look by taking pictures of myself every month or so.  Plus, I encouraged him to join me on all or some cardio workouts 🙂


I started today off early and super efficiently did a ton of chores…then after an hour, I sat back down to rest and before I knew it, I was out and about.  I didn’t end up doing anything….I’m a bit ashamed of that.  It was supposed to be my cardio catchup day but the crazy 38C heat was killing me.


I went for a 10.2 km bike ride (6.34 miles) which accounts 1/3 for the 100 By Summer Challenge.  So I clocked into another 2.11 miles.  Seeing as it came to less than my needed daily cardio.  I decided that I needed to do some more cardio so I went to do 45 minutes of DDR. Then at night, I went for another 1 mile walk with my boyfriend to get enjoy some of the nicer cooler weather as it got a bit more windy.

My old bike that desperately needs an upgrade!

My old bike that desperately needs an upgrade!

This week went alright on the cardio level.  I’m gradually increasing it but if my calculations are correct (and they are), I need to do about 30 miles PER WEEK starting now in order to get to 100 miles by the first day of summer.  I’m thinking of starting to do extra cardio everyday even if it means walking or biking, whichever it is.  If things go as planned, it should be no problem.  Plus, this week only had one new workout and thats the Thailand Tush Workout.  Its a pretty good workout for the glutes.  I enjoyed it quite a bit through the pain. Its definitely worth a try! Plus, I think that doing the Inspirational Challenge was useful.  It helped me visualize where I want to be and highlighted the additional elements I needed to work on and just little changes to implement and its these small changes that will make the big difference 🙂

Now, I’m charged up! I know where I need to go and all I have to do is keep going! Summer is pretty much here and the weather has slightly settled in so I can bring up the cardio! The first bike ride felt awesome and spending quality time with my boyfriend is fantastic as well so we will definitely keep this up for as long as possible 🙂

Any sports/exercise/cardio you like to do when summer and the heat arrives?

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

*If you saw another post (for those who have it to their emails) earlier today, I apologize because I was testing out the post by email and there were some technical difficulties 🙂 Hopefully this one gets published again and everything will work out alright!*

The first official phoneography challenge kicks off with the awesome theme of my neighborhood. This morning, in the not so little suburbs of Brossard where I live, about 15 mins from Montreal island by car, it was beautiful. I think it was like 5-8 degrees Celsius. Making it a gorgeous day to run some errands and then after that, I came back and went out for an afternoon stroll for this challenge. By the time, my boyfriend gets off work, I’m not sure if the sun would still be there. Here I am dressed up in my lighter coat, my bag and my tablet and we’re out!

phoneography geared up

Now lets be on our way to check out my little neighborhood!

I took a walk out of my street onto a bigger street where there is a forest that lines the autoroute in the back. There is also a little section for a park where my mom does her morning exercise with her friends, like Tai Chi. That sort of thing. They have been doing it for like 15 years together..some stay and some move away but they always go to hang out, exercise and chat in the morning. Its pretty cool. Right along this forest is the bike path, as you go along it, its been made nicer to have little pretty lamp posts and then an open area for the bike path stretches throughout Brossard. I usually take my bike in the summer to bike out to downtown too. Man, now I missing summer..lets hope it gets here soon. I’m due to start biking in April once my workout buddy starts training for the marathon 🙂

Here is my quick snapshots of my neighborhood. If you would like to join this challenge, head over HERE!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far!