A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Cloud

A Word in Your Ear’s dictionary landed on CLOUD for this week’s A Word A Week Photo Challenge. If you want to join or see other entries, please click HERE.

I love photographing clouds floating in the beautiful sky. We can see the sun and the moon that never rarely changes its position and is always routine  wherever you happen to be, except for its sunrise and sunset.  However, clouds are always the constant.  When its not there, you know that its going to be a beautiful sunny day. When its covered in clouds, we know that it signifies a darker and gloomy day, maybe even when dark ones roll in, we know that there will be drizzle or rain.  There are white fluffy ones that show nice partly sunny weather.  Just so many to choose from and no matter where you are, you can just say “Look at the clouds, its going to be *add word of choice* today.

The skies throughout my trip in Hong Kong in November resembled more of cloudy all the time.  There was a few days where we saw light blazing in through the clouds here and there.

Even when they are completely covered in clouds, the different shades it has still make them a beauty to look at.

They make the perfect backdrop to our photos.







Here’s the sky of Montreal in August down by the waterfront of Old Montreal area early on a Friday morning.