How Running With Me Looks Like and Challenge updates

A mid week workout update? Just to show you how sporadic things are over here. I’ve been working hard to get all those posts I promised to bloggers on top of that. Lets hope I clear some stuff off my to-do list this weekend, while having family visit and fixing the house and trying to finish up a work deadline, oh, and those darling income taxes. Maybe thats why I’m writing about working out because thats been the most calming time.  I don’t even need music to do it anymore.

As of the last post, the weather has been ridiculous.  For one, we had a snowfall with a bit of accumulation last week so forget about my following that Walker to Runner routine.  I had my first run two weekends ago because it was lovely weather and being the amateur I was, I went out running in a sweater and man, I heated up so quick. I did for a short 3km walk/run in the early evening. On that same day, I came home and did Day 1 of the Beach Body Challenge!


Today, I just finished Day 12! A little recap on progress.  I’m starting to really feel how I haven’t been training doing push ups in a while so even 30 is slightly hitting hard, but I know I’m improving.  Bicycles, crunches and planks are all just testing my abs and its muscular endurance.  So far its been pretty good.  2 mins planks near the slightly shaky phase.  I’m not a huge fan of tricep dips as they are my weakness so its good to get back into doing those, same goes for wall squats.  I can’t imagine Day 14 coming up and I have to do a minute of those.  Burpees are pretty tough too.  I never had to do 50 in one go so thats the biggest challenge.  Aside from that, I like the cardio inserts with butt kicks, skaters, jumping jacks and high kicks.  Tiring and refreshing at the same time 🙂 So far, it seems that I feel like its a bit more promising on me completing this. Thats already a pretty good start!

run like you stole something


As the weather warmed up and the snow went away, rain stopped falling and chilly winds moved away a little, Saturday cleared up and it was a lovely day.  I mean, it was a no jackets day pretty much or have a jacket but don’t zip up type of day.  After all the house errands were done, it was early afternoon and I went out for a quick jog and to get some images in for the #RunWithMe event thats going on in Tribesports.  I sent them in and here’s my GIF that defines me as a runner.  Credits to my boyfriend for being a champ and walking behind me and snapping random shots 🙂



Isn’t that pretty cool? Now, what is your running story?

Maybe you’d like to join into the Run With Me campaign and get your own little GIF to motivate yourself and other runners. Click on the image to get the instructions on where to send your images and they’ll do this for you 🙂 Other than my best friend and my boyfriend, Tribesports has been immense at keeping me motivated with everything.  If you are on Tribesports, add me! By the way, thats my Twitter contact there but I’m @kimtranquildreams on TS community 😉

I’ve only done two jogs in 10 days but thats already better than last year’s 2 jogs in 3 months. I’m really seeing the appeal of it.  I’m ver much still a beginner at this and I’ll figure out what works best for it but no doubt, its a amazing feeling and I look forward to training to be a better runner. As the weather warms up and my lungs can deal better with it, I’ll be getting a bit more intense.  Right now, I’ll take it a little easier and build up slowly 🙂

Things are definitely getting back on track with my work out motivation after a month of break.  I’m ready to take on this summer!

Here’s to running more and building a better balanced lifestyle.  Its only the first step. I’ll be back in 2 weeks with another update probably! 🙂

What are your workout strengths and weaknesses? Are you a runner? Are there exercises you absolute love or hate doing?

Week 36, 37& 38: Today is my tomorrow! I shape myself!

Can you believe November went by so quickly?

Earlier in November I announced that I participated in two challenges for the month right HERE!

The first was this 30 day Push Up Variations Challenge!

I’m extremely happy to say that I made it through in one piece and pretty much on track. I fell behind when I went to Toronto but it overlapped a rest day so it wasn’t all too bad.  The challenge gets extremely crazy once we start the higher reps of one leg push ups then diamond push-ups are hard to keep the right posture, and plyo push-ups was just SUPER HARD! Plus, I had this feeling that plyo push-ups might possibly hurt my wrists, so I had to be gentle with it (as much as I could?) Definitely worth it though.  I felt a huge improvement in my whole muscular endurance on my upper body in my arms and shoulders and chest also. 🙂 Its a good way to build up the whole mastering your full-body push-ups and get out of the modified/girl push-ups.

Next up is the 30 day Crunch Challenge!

For crunches, it was a lot harder apparently to just go on your back anywhere and do them.  So, I fell behind multiple times and ended up doing one day of over 400 reps of crunches in 3 sets.  That was really intense and I didn’t fall behind after that.  I learned my lesson! Never again! The crunch challenge was pretty painful, going from 50 reps to 250 was pretty crazy.  I did most of the last few days between 180-250 reps in intervals of 50 reps with a little break in between of about 30 seconds. It does help a lot, so I’m guessing if I didn’t fall behind, the experience would’ve been a lot more “enjoyable”.

I was going to keep these updates at a biweekly or even monthly level but with Dietbet right now. I think I’ll start doing a different form of weekly workout roundups to show you some progress.  No worries! I’ll keep those before after pictures to myself ;).  But just saying, my weigh-in picture wasn’t all too bad.  I talked about it HERE! Bring it on! I’m going to drop 136.9 to 130.5 lbs! Today is the first day of that challenge and so far so good 🙂 I just need to figure out what workout to do tonight and for the rest of the week preferably!

I’ll get stuff organized soon, okay? Although, don’t we all love some spontaneity? Hmm..but wait, it seems spontaneity is everyday now…haha!

Expect some eating habit change updates along with weekly weigh-ins and workout roundups for the next 4 weeks 🙂

Wish me luck! Have any of you done Dietbets before?