Rhubarb Crisp

Right when you thought my rhubarbs adventures were over, they weren’t, eh?

This is what happened. I was mowing the lawn and then I turned around and looked at my garden which my mom has been going absolutely crazy this year with.  She’s at it non-stop.  So I wanted to know what we were actually going to end up harvesting this year.  So I start looking at the tomatoes and next to it 3 tomato plants, I see this little one with big leaves and red stalks.

And I start sticking my head closer to the plant and then I’m thinking to myself that it can’t actually be rhubarb because I had killed the last one.  Or at least when I last saw it, it definitely was taking its last few breaths.  So I go inside, and ask my mom and she tells me that that was my rhubarb plant that I bought last year.  My jaw drops open and I’m thinking my mom is a miracle worker as I walk back outside and stare at the plant.

C’mon! Look at this!

Super beautiful stalks. Its just the first year so it still doesn’t have the big thick stalks.

Man, did we get a whole lot of rhubarb this year!

I had wanted to try and make Rhubarb Upside Down Cake but turns out we were low on butter and stores were already closed.  So Rhubarb Crisp it was.

Here’s where I found my recipe: http://www.marthastewart.com/341350/rhubarb-crisp

On the side note, Martha Stewart‘s recipes do not disappoint, even the crafts.  I’m becoming a big fan of it.

Anyways, on with the recipe, making any type of crisps are easy.  Its pretty much preheat the oven, cut your fruits into pieces, mix it in sugar (and flour, in this case) and let it sit while you mix the ingredients for the crumb topping together.  Lay it on top of the fruits and then stick it in the oven.  Voila!  Easy, right? Mine turned out tasting amazing! The only issue was that I started looking really thin because I somehow had misplaced my baking dish so this one was a bit bigger than I had wanted.

This is how it turned out  this morning after a night of cooling off (since I finished it at around midnight):

Excuse the missing part on the side, my mom had found her way to trying it out already before I had time to snap a picture of it.

I wasn’t able to get a really nice picture of it but I’m seriously, it tastes a whole lot better than what it looks like.  I’m a big fan of apple crisp so doing rhubarb crisp and expecting it to be insanely sour, it was not in the end.  Very enjoyable experience!  Give it a shot and tell me how yours turned out!