Saint Patrick’s Day: Kiwi Cocktail

I’m thinking next year, I’ll start posting up cocktails..haha! Although that would result in a whole lot of drinking, more than my tolerance could endure probably.

On that note, yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day! How many of you celebrate it? Drink a bit (or a lot..whatever you fancy)! I don’t personally celebrate it but for the sake of joining it, I saw this cute cocktail that I wanted to try.  I had some kiwis that I needed to eat before they went bad.  I’m not a huge kiwi fan but I figured in cocktails, it should be alright.


I got this cocktail recipe from here:…-and-GREEN-5746

The kiwis I used were mega sour so this drink turned out to be extremely sour.  We added a little bit of vanilla coconut milk ice cream on the top to cool the drink down a bit and it helped balance the taste a bit.  And keep stirring if you try it out, the vodka sat at the bottom and I felt like I took a shot of vodka near the end.  I love vodka but man, strong stuff! However if you do just do a smoothie with this, I’m sure that this is super healthy 🙂

I love vodka based cocktails but its probably the last time, I’d mix in blended fruits..although I did one really awesome one with watermelon before.  Got that party started real quick!

Do you drink alcohol-based drinks/cocktails? What type do you like?

Thinking about this, I need to mix up something tonight to relax…before I seriously go crazy! Now, vodka, apricot brandy, or amaretto…hmmm…wish I had some mint leaves though, then mojito here I come 😉