Netflix A-Z: Unexpected (2015)

And we’re at our U selection.  This was a hard one.  I had to change it a few times because the original movie was too heavy and long for my taste.  I went ahead and chose a much more recent addition to Netflix and rather unknown, I’d think.  Plus, its as far away from my NaNoWriMo plot as it can be so yay! We’re looking at Unexpected. I personally like Cobie Smulders even if I don’t watch a lot of her stuff other than that Marvel movie she was in. It was The Avengers, right? My memory, its failing everyday.

Let’s check it out!

Unexpected (2015)

Unexpected 2015

Director: Kris Swanberg

Cast: Cobie Smulders, Gail Bean, Anders Holm, Elizabeth McGovern

An inner-city high school teacher discovers she is pregnant at the same time as one of her most promising students and the two develop an unlikely friendship while struggling to navigate their unexpected pregnancies.-IMDB

 There are many cases where indie films appeal me a lot because its more human.  Its a lot more about substance and performances.  Unexpected is exactly one of those cases.  Unexpected explores two women, one who is 30 and one in her teens getting ready for college, who both have unexpected pregnancies that disturb their life plans. While the story itself might be expected in every way but the performances of everyone here and the characters set up is especially great.


Cobie Smulders and Gail Bean are great in their roles.  They are convincing as confused moms to be. They both struggle with different issues.  Cobie’s character Sam struggles to let go of embracing being a mom and a stay at home one and give up the possibility of her dream career.  She’s scared to accept it and make that her defining title.  A very hard mother played by Elizabeth McGovern has certain expectations for her but also helps her through this.  At the same time, because of her dreams feeling out of control, she tries to build a better future according to her for Gail Bean’s Jasmine.  Except Jasmine seems to know exactly what type of mom she wants to be.  As opposed to Sam, Jasmine knows what and who she wants to be.  She’s ready to embrace being a mother.  It looks like a swap in roles as Sam and Jasmine teach each other a little something in this journey of becoming moms.


Another thing that really worked for me was the relationship between Sam and her husband John.  It feels real.  They have an unexpected pregnancy and he does what he thinks she wants and marries her and plan for the new life.  When she freaks out about it, he has a grounded mind and while for a second, it leads us to think that he wants her to just stay home, he really is just looking out at the realistic situation.  They deal with things together and they go a little crazy.  Its what happens where they help each other through this. The foundation of it is that a relationship, a family is build on trust and honesty and communicating what they are thinking to each other.  I guess the honesty of this relationship and how the chemistry of these two actors felt so genuine that I could feel happy for them when they were.

These isn’t much to say about Unexpected because its an indie dramedy.  It never gets too dramatic or is it laugh out loud funny but there are a lot of moments in this with a cast who delivers wonder performances about a simple story about unexpected pregnancies that lead to a very unexpected friendship and relationships that grow from it.  I liked it for its simplicity and its genuine feelings that I got from this.

Have you seen Unexpected?

Valentine’s Marathon: Safe Haven (2013)

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! I hope that you’ve found some plans to share with your loved ones whether it be spouses, partners, boyfriend/girlfriend or even best friends.  Its really about celebrating love, right? Hey, I have a date with my oven and baking supplies and my TV and stack of rom-coms.  Oh, wait, you meant a living thing? My little cat is my date tonight 🙂

From the beginning of February till now, I’ve spent two weeks watching a few others but mostly focused on the Nicholas Sparks marathon.  We’ve finally reached the last one and his most recent adaptation from his novel, Safe Haven.  I read one review back then that revealed the twist so I already know that going in.  Either way, I didn’t even remember much of the plot and I never read the book.  Honestly, I was near finishing the last season of Gossip Girl and I almost didn’t even watch this, but I did because I like to wrap things up nicely 🙂 Lets check it out, shall we?

safe haven posterDirector: Lasse Hallstrom

Cast: Josh Duhamel, Julianne Hough, Cobie Smulders, David Lyons, Noah Lomax, Mimi Kirkland

Katie (Julianne Hough) runs away from her home in panic, jumps on a bus evading the police and ends up in South Port.  There she meets the widowed father, Alex (Josh Duhamel) who runs a gas station/corner store.  She watches as he tries his best to keep his family moving forward while trying to move on from losing his precious wife to cancer. After Katie settles in at the local restaurant and slowly adapts to this new secluded and slower lifestyle, she also starts getting closer to Alex and his family.  At the same time, she builds a relationship with another nearby neighbor Jo (Cobie Smulders) who helps her sort out her feelings.  But when her past starts chasing after her, she is threatened to leave South Port and the people that she has learned to love and appreciate and she also may lose the only safe place that she has finally found.

safe haven katie alex

I went into this marathon somewhat dreading it and honestly, other than a few road bumps in the middle, I’m glad that I found and bought Safe Haven. I mean, I knew the twist and maybe you know it, heard of it or just don’t care or you’d like to find out so I kept that hidden.  Its somewhat silly in a way but then would it be such a bad idea if that actually happened? I don’t think so.  I’d like to think that I could do that also if it ever happened.  Safe Haven may be pretty much hated by a lot of people and if its anything I’ve learned from this marathon, a lot of people are just not fans.  It suffers from being formulaic and attempts to manipulate our emotions but I mean, isn’t that what romance movies usually do? Anyways, I’ve accepted it.  As long as its within reasonable tolerable levels for me, I can deal with it. With that said, Safe Haven really does give a solid love story.  Maybe one of the few where I bought a lot of it.  Sure, there’s things that don’t make sense here and there but its a romance, ok? Love doesn’t have to make sense.

safe haven katie alex kiss

We are grow from pain and we move forward and we have to have the courage the better and the good that happens to us. Sure, it doesn’t evolve at the pace of Nicholas Sparks novels but sometimes, maybe it does. I’m not a love expert.  Either way, point being these two characters here Alex and Katie are played by Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough respectively.  I don’t know much of what they did and they’ve never impressed me much, so I didn’t really care much but I think I just fell a little more in love with Josh Duhamel after this movie.  Plus, I take back all the chemistry comments about the previous movies in the Sparks marathon (except A Walk to Remember) because these two are awesome.  I think its because of the chemistry and more slowly developed relationship due to the kids involvement, it turns into some sweet.  Its two people trying to move forward slowly from their pain and trust and love each other. I guess it resounds to me because feeling safe is really an issue for me and when I found it, its quite inexplicable and thats how I felt about that here.

safe haven husband

What I really liked about this is that one also is that its not just a love story and then a little climax with whatever was going on, a death or a loss or whatnot, this time there’s a physical shift to the cop chasing down Katie and how he inches closer and flashbacks of why she had to leave.  It reveals who she truly is, whether she’s good or bad. It adds a bit more of a complex situation and because the cop (played by David Lyons and shown up there)  turns out to be more and he’s expands on the set of problems already, it adds a bit of intensity.  Its a nice up in pace after watching the previous ones.  The feeling is a tad different as well and honestly, as a movie, its more well-rounded than I’d have imagined.

safe haven jo and katie

Overall, I enjoyed this one.  Julianne Hough does good and Josh Duhamel is charming as hell.  I just actually realized it.  They have really good chemistry which makes a good part of a romance.  The supporting characters add positively to the script.  The twist might turn some off but I felt like it was a nice idea.  The movie itself gave me a feeling of freedom and the comfort of finding safety and feeling secure.  All this had some pretty lighthearted music when they were in South Port.  Honestly, it had a feel good factor and hints of intensity and changed the pace from an expected Nicholas Sparks adaptation.  I was happy with it overall.

I’m sure there’s some epic Oscar nominated or winner romance that will beat this and you know before you walk into this one, its not going to be one of those so you just need to go in with an open heart and enjoy what it offers if you’re into romance of course.  I’m saying right now, Nicholas Sparks is really meant for those full-on romantic at heart (which I am because I like corny and mushy romance-y things).  If you know you’re more the realistic lover, well, this is not your thing.

What did you think of Safe Haven? What are your thoughts on Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough? Are there movies of theirs that you like? 

I’m a bit behind schedule with today’s posts but I promise another post this evening.  I do want to get a special post out but I’m having some technical difficulties and can only deal with it after work so I’m looking for an alternative right now 🙂