Christmas Decorations!

Happy Wednesday, my lovelies! We’re only days away from Christmas and this year, its been much less holidays and Christmas focused than past years! However, it just doesn’t feel right to not share a little Christmas decor post!

Every year I try to change things around a little. We sometimes buy stuff on Boxing Day from the previous year to plan for this year. Most of the time, by the time its time to decorate, I already forgot the initial plan and just try to remember again, or just whip up something completely different. I think the most steady decorations are the wreaths. I haven’t wanted to change them yet or make a new one. Maybe next year. But I swapped them around. And as you see this post, I’ll only be missing the garland for the stairwell and finding that extension cord for the star.

A hint of Christmas in the office

A hint of Christmas in the office with Christmas Mickey

Christmas decorations

Our new LED trees that change colors

Added lights to another window

Added lights to another window

Homemade decorations by my mother in law

Homemade decorations by my mother in law


Disney Winter plushies: Mickey, Minnie and Goofy


Wreath moved to the den


Added a little bit to the berries arrangement in the den along with the sign and candle holder and reindeer


A new floral arrangement by the stairs


Christmas seat covers and cushions

Christmas Tree (day and night)

wp-1482102857857.jpg wp-1482108609480.jpg

Do you decorate for Christmas?


Le Grand Marché de Noël & Luminotherapie!

Downtown Montreal is bustling with Christmas right now. This past Friday, I went out with friends to Le Grand Marché de Noël (tranlsation: The Big Christmas Market) located in Place des Arts and also connected with Complexe Desjardins. It had a lot of fun stuff. There were stalls with gift ideas from local Quebec producers and artisans. There was food trucks  and lots of decorations. And if you haven’t heard yet, we got a huge Christmas tree (which everyone calls the ugliest Christmas tree ever). After that, we headed out to Quartier des Spectacles right next to Place des Arts for the annual Luminotherapie.

Christmas Village at Complexe Desjardins

Complexe Desjardins

Complexe Desjardins

Complexe Desjardins

Fontaine Boreale at Complexe Desjardins

Le Grand Marché de Noël at Place des Arts

Le Grand Marche de Noel

Le Grand Marche de Noel

Le Grand Marche de Noel

Le Grand Marche de Noel

Le Grand Marche de Noel

Le Grand Marche de Noel

Le Grand Marche de Noel

Le Grand Marche de Noel

Hey, look, snuck a picture of me in there. I know this is for kids but hey, kid at heart right here! This was just so adorable. I couldn’t resist!

Jerry Ferrer (Food Truck)

Jerry Ferrer

Christmas Poutine (with cranberry and truffle sauce)

Jerry Ferrer

Lobster Bisque

Jerry Ferrer

Grilled Cheese

Jerry Ferrer food truck is an extension of a chain of really awesome restaurants. The food truck was awesome because it had their usual great food but with a Christmas twist. While I didn’t eat it, my friends said that it was pretty good.

Luminotherapie at Quartier des Spectacles


I skipped last year’s luminotherapie and can’t really remember what it was but I usually go. You can see that I went to the Iceberg exhibit a few years back, then the field of dandelions imitations, and there was a few more after that. This year was these little contraptions where you move the metal lever in the centre between two people and it moves a wheel inside that depicts a story. We managed to get on two: the first was Little Red Riding Hood and the other one was the Frog Prince.

What Christmas events is going on where you are? Are you ready for Christmas?

Have a Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!! :)

That pretty much says it in the title, right?

Christmas is HERE! Are you happy? I know I am!

If there is a chance that you haven’t been into the mood, well, lets spice it up with a video of a 16 year old that sounds like Elvis Presley singing Blue Christmas from the very province of Quebec called David Thibault and he made it on The Ellen Show. Awesome stuff, right?

Isn’t that amazing?

How about some more Christmas decorations?

Notre Dame Church

Notre Dame Church

Notre Dame Church

Christmas Trees outside of the church


Downtown decorations

I had a fabulous (and very sober with 7up) Christmas Eve party with family and friends!

Christmas Tree :)

Christmas Tree 🙂

My handsome boyfriend focused on the conversation

My handsome boyfriend focused on the conversation

The meal...sorry that its almost finished

The meal…sorry that its almost finished

I took the picture a bit late because I was starving.  There was pasta salad, smoked meat, Quebec style meat pie (Tourtiere), Beef stew, Shrimps, Veggies, Ham or Tuna Sandwiches. Always so very delicious! 🙂

Santa dropped by with a ton of gifts for everyone ;)

Santa dropped by with a ton of gifts for everyone 😉

Thats our form of secret santa or gift exchange.  My boyfriend asked for an Ikea lamp as one of his choices.

My gift

My gift

My gift was from my boyfriend’s dad and he chose my choice of Reno Depot gift card with the value of $50. YAY!

Grandpa and granddaughter time! :)

Grandpa and granddaughter time! 🙂

I love capturing these moments 🙂 Thats what family time is all about!

The boys putting together a kid's gift

The boys putting together a kid’s gift

My boyfriend and a family friend was all focused on putting together or “helping” my boyfriend’s nephew put together his lego set. They were really focused.  So awesome!

My cat in her 2 minutes as a reindeer ;)

My cat in her 2 minutes as a reindeer 😉


My new dress for the party 🙂

With that, I have one more little thing that I put together just for all of you.  If it wasn’t for that, this would be up way before…so ENJOY! 🙂

So, this felt a bit depressing. I tried singing but I wasn’t too happy with it so I didn’t post it up and moved along and also recorded another video with 3 short songs that I love. It has some mistakes but please bear with me.  I’m still budgeting time to get piano covers in.  Work in progress, ok?

Hope you liked it!

Finally, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays! All the best to you, your family, loved ones, etc!  Thank you for being here and always supportive for my little blog.  It means a lot to me and I’m ever so happy to have met  a lot of you on this.  Its been a fun year! 🙂 Have lots of fun!

Christmas Shopping at Salon des Metiers D’Arts & More!

Wow! Its been a pretty intense weekend on my end! Thats usually how December weekends look all the way to 2014!

I finally  had time to sit down in front of the computer and type this up!

For those of you that follow my workouts know that I’ve been on my Dietbet, after Friday night’s Dragonboat practice, I lost a bit more weight on my weigh-in making the first week look pretty alright.  Plus, it was an intense workout and it was pretty fun.  It felt great to get back into paddling, although after a long break, my behind is aching again.  Still, I’m happy to be back. One more practice before we have Christmas vacation and resume in January. I’m still on part-time for winter however, but its probably for the best.

Wet after practice

Wet after practice

Saturday was an early start! I went out for a walk to the bank instead of taking my car.  It was supposed to be warm but I still geared up.

First take!

First take!

So, I left in that outfit and then when I walked outside onto the street a gust of wind reminded me that I forgot something so I went back and put on my new hat.  Its really well insulated and that was my Black Friday find 🙂

New Hat!

New Hat!

After that was piano and then running off to my annual Christmas shopping at the Salon des Metiers D’arts of Montreal which is also called the Montreal Arts and Crafts Show. It features arts and crafts entrepreneurs and companies based on Quebec.  It usually has some pretty awesome stalls to start and in the back is where we hit the food and wine products which is a whole lot of tasting involved.  As I’m on antibiotics, my friends did all the tasting of anything alcoholic while I just sniffed it to get an idea and they gave me suggestions as to which was better.  Still, one stop to clear most of my Christmas shopping is a sure win for me.  Lets check it out!

Salons des Metiers d'arts Montreal

Everything that I bought at the show

Lets take a look one by one!

First buy was last year’s winner in my book, food-wise, La Nougaterie. They sell nougats and this year they even had marshmallows and for $20 it had 3 nougat bars with a bag of marshmallows and the little Christmas basket. Thats the one in the center on that picture.

Nutra-Fruit Salons des Metiers D'arts Montreal

Dried Orange Cranberry & Cranberry with Apple Ice Wine Jelly

Next was the Nutra-Fruit kiosk with their Dried Cranberries infused with Orange flavor which was super delicious and out of all their jellies, my friend said that this Cranberry with Applie Ice Wine Jelly was pretty good.  I gave this to my mom as her birthday gift as it was also her birthday on Saturday 🙂

Dinette Nationale

Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Next one is a new kiosk called Dinette Nationale who is a sweet factory.  They have this awesome tasting Pistachio Shortbread Cookies.  I gave those to my boyfriend’s parents earlier today since they love pistachio and shortbread so this was a winner 🙂

After that, is the highlight of the show for us.  Not so much for me because I only got to watch all the tasting.



I ended up with these 3 bottles.  I’m going to gift the two on the side and the one in the middle is for myself and Christmas dinner. The two on the left are apple ice wines (my fave!).  The one on the left is a new one and it requires a day of refrigeration and then an hour before to put in the freezer to fully get the best flavor.  The one in the middle is Neige Recolte D’hiver, which is their reserved batch and its one of my favorite ice wines.  The one on the right is called Bise D’automne and its a white wine infused with apple, pear and almonds.

Last up, we have this:

Cassis Monas & Filles

Blackcurrant Jelly and Blackcurrant Ketchup

Cassis Monna & Filles is a winery that focuses on blackcurrant flavored products.  I first bought their product for the Creme de Cassis and Blackcurrant Liquour which makes a wonderful Kir or mixed with their recipe, a very delicious blackcurrant based Sangria. This time, I tried some of their jelly and whats funny was that they introduced their new product as Christmas in a Jar.  When I tasted it, I felt like it had hints of ketchup taste to it and that was weird because I thought it was jelly but it turns out, its actually Blackcurrant Ketchup.  Its good for meat pies and white meat, similar to cranberry sauce 🙂 The other one is Blackcurrant Jelly.  These were bought for my own home.

That whole thing took about 3.5 hours to get through the whole thing. Its a pretty neat show.  I enjoy going every year and its fantastic for nice original gift ideas to meet all the needs that you want. A very efficient Saturday 🙂

On Sunday, I had a full day of running all over the place and finally, at night I managed to settle down to take pictures of my Christmas decorations.  My little Christmas tree as always…


My Christmas Tree

And finally, last time with the girls, I bought a whole bunch of stuff for Christmas decorations for a wreath and I put one together and it looked like this!


My Christmas Winter Berry Scented wreath!

I bought everything separate but it was great to put it all together! What do you think? My first time putting one together so a little encouragement please? Should I add something more?

I’m going to spare you all music video since I just posted one whole post on it earlier today, if you missed it, check it out HERE!

Are all your decorations up? How is Christmas shopping going for you?

By the way, just wanted to give a little update! Christmas marathon starts tomorrow and I’m going to weave in some 2013 movies that I’ve been meaning to catch up on to wrap up the year in style 🙂