The Most Boring Book Ever Written by Rudolf Kerkhoven and Daniel Pitts

Before you all start calling me rude, this is the actual name of the book, I kid you not. You can find it HERE on Goodreads.

The Most Boring Book Ever Written is definitely a nifty name for a book and I think when I got this it was linked to someone in the blogosphere. Unfortunately, its been so long that I can’t remember who. If you do read this, please comment and I’ll respectfully link you. However, I did find one of the co-authors and you can find Rudolf Kerkhoven right HERE to check out his other works as well.

The Most Boring Book Ever Written
by: Rudolf Kerkhoven and Daniel Pitts

The Most Boring Book Ever Written

Be honest.  Life is boring.   So now go with it.  Do you hit snooze or turn off the alarm? Do you take a shower or run the bath? Do you have a bowl of cereal in the morning or skip breakfast? Do you turn off the freeway to avoid congestion or stay on the interstate? Do you keep waiting on hold or hang up the phone?   These choices (and many more) await you….This book is just boring. Do no expect anything interesting to happen in this book.   It is the most boring book ever written. – Goodreads

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventures books? I do. I love them because I like how its sort of personalized to how the reader has a hand in deciding the fate of our character. This is what The Most Boring Book Ever Written is. I’m not sure if the authors were working on a reverse psychology or that they were just referring to the focal point of the story being nothing exciting, however, The Most Boring Book Ever Written highlights one very important aspect of writing anything (at least to me). The concept behind a book and making it personable is a very engaging aspect. Obviously, this is subjective in a way like how the movie Boyhood may be the most boring movie to some and for others the most fascinatingly engaging experience to watch despite all its gimmick. I think it also highlights a good point on the increasing interest on making interactive games as well. Its the same idea used in different entertainment channels. For me, they work.

I make that Boyhood comparison above is really to emphasize that The Most Boring Book Ever Written is about a man setting off for his day.  His choices define who he is and they can change. Certain obstacles can happen and yet it can also be overcome. Life is a matter of perspective and our adventure every single day are the little choices we make that contribute to the big picture turnout. While it may be on what our daily routine and may sound “boring”, in reality, it also emphasizes on a fair point that even the smallest tasks like our little choices will determine on our outlook that day.  We are in control of our lives to a certain extent and its a neat little lesson as we merge with this book’s character.

However, the reason of why I did not give this full points is that as an ebook, which it should function like a webpage or something like that, the links were a little weird.  Never during the first few bits but when I kept flipping the book on my Kindle, I eventually ended up landing on all the other endings and story flows. I’m not sure whether its deliberate or that my version is old so it didn’t work so well.  Regardless, while I did enjoy being able to flip to another scenario and just keep reading all the possibilities and choices, the book should technically stop at the end of the story to prompt the reader to give it another go with other choices if they would want to.  Just a little technical bit.

Overall, The Most Boring Book Ever Written isn’t boring. The story itself proves a good point that even the most mundane events of life’s daily routine is our adventures and yet they still reap unexpected outcomes. We control them but yet, we don’t either and it all turns into our outlook for the day. The idea is very clever especially since the name of the novel definitely is catchy as well. Its quick and surprisingly fun read. I’m interested in checking out what other books they have as it seems these authors have done a few other interactive novels.