My Friend’s Wedding Part 3!

I’m totally loving posting about my friend’s wedding! Weddings are just so happy and fun! Being part of the wedding party also means that I don’t get to hold my phone so there are chunks in between with no pictures.  You’ll see where it is (as you’ve seen in the previous sections) but when I had my phone, I tried to get in some shots, either with the DSLR in the hotel suite or with my phone during the day 🙂

5am: My alarm went off!

As I was brushing my teeth, the knock came and I let in the make up artist with my mouth full of foam and she kept asking me questions.  Talk about embarrassing. Anyways, before long I was sitting in her lighted setup with her lamp and all her equipment and having a full on makeup.  I never put on a lot of makeup and honestly, I know very little about it.  This is what I looked like after the make up session.

After make-up session

After make-up session

And the shameless selfies start! 😉 I’m telling you, I looked in the mirror and I was like, “Is that me?” After that I sat around while the one next up was doing hers and we got to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, or its just watching the sky go from dark to bright.


Tulips with the background

Montreal morning

Brightening morning sky

Between this and finding time to get us some liquid fuel downstairs, such tea, coffee and juice for our  unscheduled breakfast, eventually we all woke up by the time the hairdress arrived a little after 7am. As I did make up first, I also went first for hair and that was crazy because I have A LOT of thick hair.  Plus, the bride made it a point that I shouldn’t cut my hair or thin it before the wedding, so here I was, sitting for what seemed like forever, and I’m pretty sure putting all the girls behind schedule because of my ridiculous amount of hair.

Lets go to see what I look like with my second transformation:

After hair stylist

After hair stylist

I’m going to get sick of seeing myself after this post.  I promise, at least 3 months with no selfies..or I’ll try 😛 Oh, and excuse the pyjamas…

Before long, time was running short and we ended up telling the groom and his group to wait outside as we did the final preparations for the bargain and door games. No pictures there because I was busy setting and organizing and talking.  The rundown looked something like:

1. Bargain ($389 was the final settled amount)
2. Contract (by the request of the bride)
3. 1st part of marriage: Sweet –> Hersheys Kisses Cookies n Creme
4. Acrostic Name Game with the bride’s first name
5. 2nd part of marriage: Sour –> peeling and eating a lemon
6. Group Yoga Poses
7. 3rd part of marriage: Bitter –> Condensed Black Coffee
8. 4th part of marriage: Spicy –> Hot Korean Cup Noodles Instant Soup
9. Serenading the bride with a Cantonese Love Song (supposed to be one but the bride requested a second one)

I don’t think anything turned out too be too hard. It should have been worse and more cruel but we were REALLY tight on time. Yoga poses were a bit funny since no one could stay still for even 10 seconds.  The singing had to be the best and I think the bride will have a blast watching the video afterwards. 😉

Next up is the tea ceremony from the bride’s side which was in the hotel suite.

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

The bride and groom waiting for tea ceremony preparations

Such a sweet picture, right? Well, they can tell me to take it off if they think its too much.  Either way, the bride is in the traditional Chinese wedding dress. After this, we had to go down to the reception hall to proceed with the bigger groom’s side of the family’s tea ceremony.  I had to hold mine and the bride’s bouquet as she did this so no pictures.  During the tea ceremony, the older family, especially parents usually give gold and/or pearl jewellery to the bride and groom as gifts.  The more gifts they get, the more loved and cherished they are.

Rose Bouquet

My maid of honor bouquet

Next part, also I have no pictures is the actual wedding ceremony. I really wanted to have a picture of the bride’s gown since her friend designed it for her so its absolutely unique. Moving on, the ceremony was great. Everything went as planned except for two reading and speech that was taken out.  Me and the best man was the witness to the wedding.  Then it was pictures with the couple and cocktail, where we got to breathe just a little before heading into the reception.  Also, the bride and groom actually sang All I Ask Of You from Phantom of the Opera and I almost burst into tears.

The reception was done beautifully and the banquet hall was in a lovely shade.  Also, the wedding was special because there was a theme of space and masquerade for their love of Spaceballs and Phantom of the Opera (hence the song for the ceremony). And we walked in to Masquerade.  Totally cool! 🙂


My gift, mask and name card

At this point in time, I’ve had exactly one cup of tea and one glass of punch in my body so we’re moving on to the banquet lunch! WOOHOO! 🙂

banquet lunch

Pasta with Tomato sauce and something with cheese that I couldn’t eat

banquet lunch


banquet lunch

My main course: salmon

banquet lunch

My boyfriend’s main course: steak


banquet lunch

Dessert trio: Chocolate mouse, sorbet, something I don’t know

banquet wedding

buffet in the back: pizza table plus everything behind

wedding banquet

a part of the sweet table

As for the speech that I was only notified 2 days before, it ended going through this weird phase of the bride telling me that we were not doing and then after I had started drinking with some new friends (a vodka shot and this thing called Fuzzy Ripple, I think), and she came back and told me that the speech was back on, which was short and a bit weird in afterthought, but hey, you know what, it doesn’t matter.  They know that I wish them the absolute best and that they have my blessing 🙂 After that slightly embarrassing moment, I went back to drinking and had this improvised Jagerbomb (not sure if thats how you spell it) and  then it was this shot with banana liquor.  Weird, eh? I don’t usually drink so much and I was still alive afterwards.  Not bad, eh? 😉 And to top it off, I got a cranberry vodka to finish off the evening.

This was the first big event that my boyfriend and I have attended together.


I really love this picture! 🙂

My friend’s wedding was just so beautiful! It was fun. I meet a few new friends and got a few additional friends on Facebook.  Plus, I reunited with some school friends: university/college.


Overall, a beautiful morning, afternoon and weekend.  It may have been sleepless and put my schedule all over the place but it was priceless 🙂 Reminds me also that I need to reconnect with friends since I’ve been quite the hermit these days but with work, who has time,right?

I don’t know about you but this year seems to be wedding bombs all over the place.  I have two more wedding invites this year already.

How about you? Any weddings to attend this year? 

My Friend’s Wedding Part 2!

Yesterday, I showed you a bit of the bachelorette party.  Its nothing crazy, right?

Let’s continue!

After going home at some funky after midnight hour, I finally went to bed somewhere around 3:30am and caught a few hours of sleep before waking up.

Saturday was a busy day.  It included getting the material for the door games and putting on nail polish.  I never put on nail polish before this week, so I did a test run earlier in the week before doing it for my friend’s big day.  I used this Dynamite nail polish called Wine Bar.  It was a dark hue of reddish-purple.  I really like it 🙂

By the evening, I had packed up everything and headed to pick up the bride and then to the hotel as we were all staying over there to make sure we would be up at 5am for everything.  Plus, we had to be there to see the hair ceremony.  Chinese traditions start way before the wedding day, in case you didn’t know.

The hair ceremony was really thorough in this one.  Usually you just get a good luck woman to do it.  In the sense that they need to be in a happy marriage and have kids.  I think thats the general idea of the criteria. I’m not very good at this stuff but I’m really interested in it.  And I know Day’s also would be!

The bride to be has to go shower and wash her hair and change into new everything from underwear to pyjamas before the ceremony.  Plus, she gets these cute slippers with the words wife on it.

"Wife" slippers

“Wife” slippers

They set up the table like this:

Wedding Hair Ceremony

Hair Ceremony Setup

And then they do the hair brushing with 3 strokes and pin that little green pine leaf into the bride to be’s hair.  You need to leave the candles burning till the end and not move it.  Plus, every single item has a meaning and this wonderful woman who did this was telling her what each thing meant.

Wedding Hair Ceremony

Explaining what everything means

And then it was time for some eating of the glutinous rice balls. These were made by a man there and it had three flavors: Lotus paste filling, lotus seed filling and black sesame filling.  They were super good and they had these cute napkins also with the double happiness symbol!

My *empty* bowl and the double happiness napkin

My *empty* bowl and the double happiness napkin

Sorry about the empty bowl. It was really good! I just didn’t think about pictures until afterwards. *blush*

Thats what the night before the wedding looks like 🙂 Behind the scenes and all! The groom to be also gets the same thing.  The details on that, I’m not sure about.  I never even knew that men had to do it until on Saturday.  We learn new things everyday, my friends!

After this, we all got ready for bed but didn’t actually go because we had to help prepare the centerpiece setup and I had to go write up the rundown for the door games and ended up going to bed at like 2am or 2:30am, plus we had the late night timing of the changing gowns process. Actual sleeping didn’t really happen till like an hour later and then the alarm rang at 5am the next morning…

And thats to be continued tomorrow with the actual BIG DAY (and its going to be a long post)!

I’ve been super tired so all these posts have been drafted so slow.  This one is late as it is but tomorrow! I’ll get some more stuff up! 🙂

How are you enjoying these Chinese wedding traditions? Did you know about this before? Have you ever attended a Chinese style wedding?

My Friend’s Wedding Part 1! :)

I’ve been MIA all weekend.  Nothing went up here and nothing was drafted. I saw no movies (maybe one), no baking, and absolutely no reading.

It was all for a great thing: one of my longest friend’s wedding! The wedding itself was planned and done in almost 6 months which is a pretty short time to plan for as it had 200 or so guests.  I don’t know the exact number.  The last week was a crazy roller coaster.  I’m sure the stress I felt in getting the few little details I had together was just a speck in the amount she had to deal with.

Her wedding turned out to be a mega success in my eyes.  It was a reception but it also included all the little details of a Chinese wedding. So, what am I going to do? I’m going to share a good part of it.  One, because I had  A LOT of fun and two, it was just a lesson in how to do a traditional Chinese wedding in a western setting which I find is pretty interesting.  Plus, just a secret between us, I need to fill up some space while I get my sleep back at par.  6 hours of sleep between Friday and Sunday is a hard hit.  My body is physically not in bed but my mind is there… Its at times like this that I know that I’m not 18 anymore 😉

Can you all guess what is in Part 1 of Wedding?

Yup! Thats right! We’re talking about pre-wedding celebrations and its a little thing called Bachelorette Party.  I had the wonderful task with the two bridesmaids to put together. Oh wait, did I forget to tell you that I was maid of honor? First time ever! 🙂 I guess thats what happens when you’ve known someone for 2 decades, right?

After our little rehearsal for the wedding, I learned the song we were walking to, met the best man and my walking down the aisle partner and the general idea of what was going on for the ceremony. I ended up also learning that I had a maid of honor speech and that I was the witness.  The first one being a lot scarier. I’ll talk about that part in another part 😉

Back to bachelorette party! After a crazy week of setting this up, everything was settled and we had 8 girls (including the bride).

Our first activity was dinner at a little restaurant called Le Cap Vert!

Le Cap Vert Sangria


Le Cap Vert

Grilled Chicken Breast

The meal was okay. The Sangria was decent but the best thing about this restaurant was that after my crazy calls throughout the week changing the time and amount of people, they still remained extremely patient and kind.  During the meal, we got to know each other a bit and talked a little about this and that with everyone.  It was super cool and I got to know some pretty awesome people.

After that, we started walking to our final destination but ended up sidetracking to get some dessert at Dairy Queen. I didn’t eat anything since I can’t but here’s the girls waiting/ordering for theirs.

The girls ordering and waiting for their orders at DQ

The girls ordering and waiting for their orders at DQ

Its my personal rule that I don’t post pictures of friends except when I get their permission so I only have backs. Bachelorette parties in winter usually is not so much sexy clothing but rather heavy coats 😉 It may be March and a tad warmer on that day but it was still a bit chilly at night.

Our last stop for the night was to something that was a first time experience for the whole group.  Special, eh? Trying new things and doing something we haven’t done before.  I’m sure you know what it is 😉

I only know one of those clubs in Montreal and this is possibly the most famous one.

Le 281

Le 281

Proof that I was there at le 281

Proof that I was there at le 281

No pictures are allowed there!

We had our fun but I’m supposed keep what happened inside a secret. What can I do? Some of the girls are on my Facebook and this is connected to it.

All I can say is that: Don’t go in with expectations derived from Magic Mike.  Hot guys with beautiful bodies (Eye Candy!!!)  were all over the place and the drinks were fabulous but the on-stage performances were not quite the same. Lets just say, I went home and turned on Magic Mike to enjoy some full-on awesome sexy guys! 🙂

Still, it was super fun with the girls! They were fantastic and awesome! 🙂 We had a good laugh and we spent a great time with the bride and thats what counts, right?

Before I leave and continue with the next part scheduled for tomorrow! I’m going to show you what I wore, you know, shameless selfies 😛 and its my new shirt! Excuse any lack of clarity or energy, I had alcohol after effects and it was like 2am.


Happy Monday! Recommendations to continue soon 🙂 Along with Part 2 of this awesome, *sleepless*, and fun weekend that I had! 🙂