Japanese Pavillion Evening Tour Route (and a bit more…)

Last post I showed you a mosaic of photos from the Lantern Festival in the Chinese Gardens of the Montreal Botanical Gardens.  Thats part of a whole route called the Evening Route in the Gardens so right after Chinese Gardens, we went on the second route in the Japanese Pavillion.  This place was dark and eerie.  At the beginning, we walk into the path is into some woods full of tall trees with no leaves and there were taiko drum music in the background with synchonized lights beaming onto the trees to the drum beats.  Afterwards, we walked along the path and saw the Japanese garden in the dark with certain areas lit up with various coloured lights over the trees and plants along the path.  It was pretty nice.

After that, we walked back and went through the Aquatic Garden.  That was pretty cool.  We had all these water plants and fountains around us.  Its not the season for flowers anywhere so it was all green but it was still  a new way to see this garden.

Here’s how it looked in the Japanese Pavillion, followed by a few photos of the Aquatic Garden.  Near the end, we caught eye of a two more sets of lanterns in front of the Insectarium of butterflies and grasshoppers.  I thought it was a pretty awesome experience!

Over here in Montreal, we’re getting into the Halloween/Autumn mood.

How about you? Any festivals and events going on?


Montreal Lantern Festival 2012

The festivals are still going on in Montreal. I actually didn’t go to the big ones at all this summer, but I have a few festivals I will be trying to head out to in October.  Hopefully I’ll get the chance!

On Friday night, I went out after work with one of my good friends to do photo shooting of the Lantern Festival at Montreal Botanical Gardens.  I went a few years back but it was so crowded I didn’t even finish seeing everything and left.  This year, we went through not only the Lantern Festival in the Chinese Gardens but also went to see the Evening Tour Route in the Japanese Pavillion.  Due to the huge amounts of photos, I will have to split this into two posts as well. So for this one, the main focus of the event: LANTERNS!

Lanterns are a part of the tradition in celebration of the Midautumn/Moon Festival.  I used to have a little lantern and we’d walk around with it. It was a time for blessings for the whole family.

The lanterns were shaped in various historic characters/people, mystical creatures, and animals.  We had soldiers, the Yellow Emperor (the first emperor of China), Pandas (with baby ones), Cranes, tiger, and various types of common peasants such as farmers, etc. There were the mystical creatures like dragons and phoenix.  Lots of normal lanterns lit all the paths around the Chinese garden where it would lead to higher grounds.  It was very beautiful.  Just the reflection of the lanterns in the water were mesmerizing.  Just look at it!


Colourful, right? Its just so beautiful!