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I’m sure someone has thought about this title before for a Wednesday segment. However, its not going to be a fixed segment unless you all love it! I’m just really exhausted from work and can’t seem to find the energy to wrap up a TV Binge post that I’m working on so wanted to do something quick and fun. There will be a reblog later today for the Ultimate 90’s blogathon’s next review by a lovely lady blogger. You can head over to Drew’s Movie Reviews to read it sooner.

What’s up with everyone? What have you been watching, reading, binging, loving, listening and playing?

Watching & Binging


Cardinal (TV Series)

Chef's Table (Season 3)

Chef’s Table (Season 3)



I’m not exactly binging any of these mostly because Riverdale and Cardinal are both going on right now and only updated weekly. Cardinal is a six part mini series (or eight, I can’t remember) so its about to end soon and we’re one part behind. Like it a lot! Riverdale was something I didn’t know was going on. I had thought it was a Netflix Originals which it isn’t so I need to wait for it to be updated weekly and I know myself that eventually I’ll fall behind, no matter how much I like it. Riverdale’s first 1.5 episode was really not doing it for me but in the second half of the second episode, I do say that I like it a lot more now. The twist on these Archie comics characters is very awesome. And well, I love Chef’s Table so I didn’t want to wait to watch the new season.

Watching/Binging Next: Ultimate Beastmaster

Did you see this trailer? Its starting this Friday and I’m excited!


What Maisie Knew The Good Marriage

Not my original intention to read two books at the same time but I just happened to remember that I had bought A Good Marriage on a good deal and it was on my phone the day I forgot my Kindle so started it. So far, I’m enjoying it. It also breaks the order of how I originally wanted to experience Stephen King’s novels. We’ll get back on track and pretend we didn’t skip ahead. What Maisie Knew feels heavy and no, I haven’t watched the movie but will.

Reading next:
The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass

adventures of alice in wonderland

I’ve started this one over two years ago. Its time to finish it and put it away.



Mobile game


Early Access Steam


Playstation 4

In between games right now after a blitz run of Game Warp’s February featured game so just playing some puzzle games. I do have some unfinished games or game in progress but here’s what I’m playing in the background. The Early Access Steam one is a recent start this weekend and only a little over a week old in Early Access.

Playing next: Child of Light/Three-Fourth’s Home/World of Goo, etc
& March’s featured game for Game Warp: Batman – The Telltale Series

And finally, listening or more somehow stuck in my head…

That’s it for what I’ve been doing. Behind the scenes things like this seem a little silly to do to me. However, they are fun!
If you do like it, maybe I’ll make it into a segment.

Hope you enjoyed it!
What are you doing behind the scenes? TV, Music, Books, Movie franchises, Video games?

TV Binge: Chef’s Table (Season 2, 2016)

If you  missed Season 1 TV Binge of Chef’s Table, you can find it HERE.

I’m not much of a documentary girl, very much less a documentary series girl but Chef’s Table is about chefs and creativity and food. To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about the world renowned chefs despite being a food lover. There’s something so charming in learning about how someone pursues what they love. In this case, its being a chef but there’s a lot to learn when looking at someone’s story that can apply even if you aren’t particularly pursuing a chef dream but rather a creative goal. I love listening to someone’s stories and their experience and that is what made me love watching the first season of Chef’s Table. It took a little while to get onto Season 2 but I’m excited! However, keep in mind that I did watch this a little while back and never had the time to write up the review so maybe some details might be fuzzy but it was a memorable series.

Chef’s Table (Season 2, 2016)


Chef’s Table goes inside the lives and kitchens of six of the world’s most renowned international chefs. Each episode focuses on a single chef and their unique look at their lives, talents and passion from their piece of culinary heaven. – IMDB

Chef’s Table is a documentary that truly takes a nice look at chefs. I like the stories and the lessons that they offer as well as the eye-opening creativity. This time, there’s Grant Alinea who decides to create a meal on a table. Alex Atala that takes Brazilian cuisine and Amazonian ingredients and incorporates it into his dishes. There’s Dominique Crenn who serves a menu which is a beautiful poem. Enrique Olvera who takes on the challenge of making known Mexican street food into fine cuisine to show that his culture can have more. Then, there’s self-taught chef, Ana Ros in Slovenia who cooks out of her house and has her husband as the sommelier to make a great team. Last, there’s Anand Gaggan who lives in Indonesia but has an Indian restaurant who took quite the journey to get to where he is now.

I can’t highlight everything and I think their stories are best felt when you watch the series which I highly recommend but these are a few of my favorite episodes. There’s only six so its a little hard to narrow down but I felt the most inspired by these ones.

Episode 1: Grant Achatz, Alinea – “Turning a meal into an emotional experience”

Chef's Table

Usually, the showstopper of the Chef’s Table season is the story of the first chef they highlight. In this case its Grant Achatz who owns Alinea in Chicago. Every chef has their unique approach and his story is one where he turned what he grew up with into something more creative that would break the norms. His history tells us that even the most successful people grow through different people they meet (which is a similarity between a lot of the chefs in this series). They also have doubted their career but found enlightenment through another way. The dining experience at his restaurant is not only for the guests but for the ones cooking it in the kitchen also.


Episode 3: Dominique Crenn, Atelier Crenn

chef's table

Possibly one of my favorite episodes in the entire Chef’s Table seasons is this one with Dominic Crenn, the owner and chef of Atelie Crenn in San Francisco. She cooks with the focus on the importance of memory and telling a story. Her menu is a poem and she serves it with the intention of making the dining experience a feeling. There isn’t much more to say but the episode itself and her story is one that I just fell in love with, especially her food as well.



Episode 6: Gaggan Anand, Gaggan

Chef's Table

Everyone has a hard story of how they became successful in in Anand Gaggan’s case, it was being the best restaurant in Asia. He talks about Indian food being a religion. He takes the ingredients and makes it into something more to emphasize its importance. Other than great dishes, I think his story is one of the most heartfelt as he talks about his support system and his brother. The failures and decisions he had to make to get to where he is now.

Overall, the second season of Chef’s Table seems to have a common theme of not only passion and creativity but also that these chef’s look not only for recognition but to be proud of their culture, their upbringing and to share their story in their food and create an unforgettable dining experience that isn’t just in their taste buds but a complete experience. These are inspirational stories.

Netflix A-Z & TV Binge: Chef’s Table (Season 1, 2015)

Netflix didn’t have much to offer for 2015 in turns of a selection for C and I really wanted to do something from the past year to catch up.  Tranquil Dreams is all about food. I go to food festivals and try new things and figure out how to eat better and all that lovely stuff.  Its something I truly enjoy, so it probably comes as no surprise that I love watching cooking shows.  Sadly, there aren’t really many choices of those cooking competitions and the likes on Netflix.  However, Chef’s Table landed on Netflix not too long ago and its caught my eye. I only knew it was a documentary series when I started it up.  While I’m not huge on documentaries, this one did have me intrigued. You know what? I thought about it and figured why  not do a little crossover of TV Binge and Netflix A-Z!

Let’s check out The Chef’s Table! 🙂

Chef’s Table
(A Netflix Documentary series, Season 1)

Chef's Table

Directors: Clay Jeter, Brian McGinn, Andrew Fried, David Gelb

Chef’s Table goes inside the lives and kitchens of six of the world’s most renowned international chefs. Each episode focuses on a single chef and their unique look at their lives, talents and passion from their piece of culinary heaven. – IMDB

Episode 1: Massimo Bottura
Episode 2: Dan Barber
Episode 3: Francis Mallmann
Episode 4: Niki Nakayama
Episode 5: Ben Shewry
Episode 6: Magnus Nilsson

chef's table

I didn’t know about any of those the featured chefs before watching this series.  Chef’s Table grabbed me from the first episode.  Starting with Massimo Bottura was the perfect way as he embodies creativity, groundbreaking and inspiration.  It was my favorite episode out of the 6.  However, that isn’t saying that I didn’t enjoy the rest because each had their own views and creations that just wowed me.  It takes you into a world of cooking that isn’t just getting normal good food.  Its about the gastronomical experience that isn’t only about taste but about the thought and innovation behind certain foods.  There was a modern or unique take on all of their styles.  Except its not about foods, these chefs take us on a journey through their lives from the foundation of their skills to their achievements, mentality, cooking and creativity concept, what all this means to them and their regrets.  Each has their own personality and their own view on what groundbreaking cooking methods are and what they are trying to achieve as an end goal. Its an eye-opening experience, especially because what these chefs accomplish are really in the most unexpected places.

chef's table


 Chef’s Table is a powerful documentary because it kind of goes deeper to search for these chefs that might not be high key and renowned on cooking competitions or whatnot.  I’m not discrediting the hard work of popular chefs but these guys are in the background and they fell and got up and repeated until they could be where they are.  They aren’t just chefs but entrepreneurs.  Most of them try to break out of an image and some of them find a journey within themselves as they seek their unique style.  The highest passion of anything is expanding the view to what relates to it, its not just in the kitchen but also the source of the food and the flavors and seeking out, experimenting and seeking out those flavors that get neglected.

chef's table

Some chefs like Dan Barber, who breeds food to get a flavor, is equally amazing.  While Ben Shewry also is involved in farm-like outside of the restaurant ideas.  Both these chefs find the source of where the food is and try to make outstanding cuisine. Sometimes, eating can be casual but at the same time, gastronomical experiences are in everything and sometimes eating is also an educational experience of learning about where certain foods come from and how they come about and what you are eating, how its made so that it brings out the best.

chef's table

If my words aren’t enough for you to go check it out, you might also want to know that just watching the plating styles for each of these chefs and their amazing and imaginative ideas on the dishes they create are just a whole new level of food porn. These shots I’ve selected are just the tip of what is to come.  I might not be into gastronomical dining experiences but I can understand the appreciation for it. Especially after watching a documentary series like Chef’s Table, it helped gain a completely different outlook on eating. Plus, some of the chef’s stories struck a chord with me.

chef's table

Overall, Chef’s Table is an amazing documentary series.  Its full of food porn and great chef’s stories.  Its inspiring to watch and astounding to watch the creations.  It takes you on a journey through what the highest level of cooking is and that passion doesn’t stop at that one thing but its about broadening our horizons and views to achieve groundbreaking levels. It may be about food on the surface and man, all the food is fantastic, but every story tells something a little more about the chef and their personality.  It brings up life lessons and experiences that can be related to.  Its a must-watch. I absolutely loved every second of it!

Have you seen Chef’s Table? Are you a fan of documentaries?

Now that I’ve opened up my options for D. What do you think my selection will be?