Valentine’s Marathon: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975)

I’ve posted multiple times about our fellow Peanuts cast, whether its during my Christmas marathon with A Charlie Brown Christmas review to January 19th’s Happy Saturday Charlie Brown Medley.  I’ve even posted about Linus and his security blanket for a weekly writing challenge.  If its any that I’ve learned, this is a perfect choice for my Valentine’s marathon.  This one randomly got picked and came in 3rd to celebrate Valentine’s.  Its nice to break all the giddy romance and rom-coms before it with a family-friendly animation.

be my valentine charlie brownThere were 3 short TV movies in this DVD.  The focus being Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. I’m not exactly sure how known this is but seeing as it is with Charlie Brown, its always a lovable option for these wonderful festivities of all sorts.

So the first one and the main feature is Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. Its about the time around Valentine’s Day and the Peanuts gang is looking forward to giving and receiving all sorts of goodies.  Linus wants to express his admiration for his teacher with a box of chocolates.  Snoopy runs off to play Cupid.  Of course, we have Charlie Brown waiting to receive a Valentine’s card and hoping that he’ll receive one from the little red-haired girl.  Its an adorable time with the Peanuts as always. I think all Peanuts TV movies are worth a watch so if you haven’t seen it, I hope you get to soon.

Second up, we are followed up with You’re in Love, Charlie Brown.  Its where Charlie Brown learns through a course of events that he is deeply in love with Heather aka the red-haired girl, especially after talking to Linus. After that one, we have the final feature called It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown.  This one goes into Charlie Brown learning that he has to escort the red-haired girl to the ball and give her a kiss at the annual ball after their football game. May I add, a fitting option seeing as it was Superbowl yesterday.  When he embarrasses himself at the game because he misses all his kicks due to Lucy pulling away the football every time.  At the ball, he finally has his first kiss.

Peanuts gang is always sweet, funny and awesome to watch.  Don’t you agree?

Happy Saturday with Charlie Brown Medley!

I would love to wish EVERYONE  a happy Saturday! Take this for a workout or for just a little moving around or to wake you up on this fine day!

I also know that there is a good amount of you that are Peanuts fans!

Enjoy and HAPPY SATURDAY! Lets kick off this weekend in style! Smiling, dancing, tapping our feet, swaying, clapping..whatever works for you 🙂

Christmas Marathon: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

charlie brown christmasA CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS

A lot of people probably already know this one.  However, if you don’t, I will still do a short little summary.  Christmas is just around the corner and Charlie Brown sees that everyone around him, his friends and family seems to have lost the Christmas spirit and is influenced by the commercialism of the holiday.  In need, he seeks out Lucy’s “psychiatric” help and she advises him to direct the Christmas play.  Because of this, he tries to get everyone to have Christmas spirit with a little tree that he buys.  Little does he know that this will bring everyone together and helps everyone find the true meaning of Christmas.

This is one of my favorite Christmas movies, however, I just managed to get it last year.  The Peanuts gang always puts a smile on my face.  Linus with his security blanket and how he manipulates it in every way possible so that Lucy can’t take it away. Schroeder with his musical talent and love for Beethoven and Lucy trying to get his attention all the time is just adorable.  We also have Snoopy and Woodstock that tries to be Santa Claus and his little helpers.  We have the one who brings the most commercialism and its Charlie Brown’s little sister, Sally with her material and monetary desires.  This is a cute flick and after so many years, its held up quite well to the general audience.

My DVD also had the short TV flick called Its Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown.  That was quite fun as well.  Part of the Peanuts gang are all preparing for the school play and everyone is working hard to practice for their parts.  While Charlie Brown tries to save up enough money to get the red hair girl a pair of gloves as a Christmas gift.

Who is your favorite in the Peanuts gang?