Time For Some Changes!

Today, WordPress came out with the new theme! How do you like the new look? I’m not exactly sure about the background color.  What do you suggest to match with those little pinkish white blobs on the top.  I’m not much of a color matching person.  I do alright for clothes but I don’t know.

So this is just a short post to say that if you see things missing, I’m working on that gradually tonight.  I’ll also be putting in new pages to replace the missing widgets at the side bar from before.  I had been wanting to make a change and this theme felt extremely right.  It doesn’t change much from before but I like the colors and its a cute design.

I’ll be working out the appearance and organization in the next day or two.  Feel free to drop me a comment or email, tweet (whatever works for you) to tell me what suggestions you have? I’d love to hear some design layout feedback 🙂

Posts will still be going up as I have a few Burlington ones planned and a movie review as well!

I’m working hard to make this look prettier, please forgive any problems you may see.  I’m deciding what to keep and give up, but the end goal is to make this better than before 🙂

Have a great Thursday evening!

Daily Prompt: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Today daily prompt: You need to make a major change in your life. Do you make it all at once, cold turkey style, or incrementally? 

Changes.  Its funny because my last post was just about something that came up.  Something that means change, to me its definitely a potential good change.  I am going to be vague for the fact that I really don’t want to jinx it.

Its also been something that’s been on my mind for the past while. I’ve been wanting to write a post about it but after about 5 different drafts and never actually finishing it, its come to this one where I find has the perfect timing.

So for the answer in the question, I usually like to do major changes in my life bit by bit.  I’m a person that worries a lot about everything so I think a lot about what needs to be done.  The more thinking and analysis I put in it, I start getting overwhelmed.  I always want to do things all at the same time. Make these changes straight out in one shot.  However, I’m always too slow to realize it and my wonderful boyfriend always is the one that wakes me up and over the years together, he has taught me that sometimes, I can (and should) take things step by step and with that, I can probably end up seeing  a clearer picture.  It won’t be 1,000 problems to solve at the same time but rather you know, 5 problems each time and eventually the path will light up.  It won’t just be a immense lump of chaos.  Chaos is the word for doing cold turkey major changes in my life.  I guarantee you that.  My mind just goes way off and my body responds with overload with actual random bawling.  I’m not a person that cries often, but put me in these seemingly dead end scenarios and man, I just burst out in tears in the most stupid situations.  I’m learning to admit these things and balance my emotions a bit more.  Its a long term project but so far, its been alright.

However, I have put a lot of thought into my life and my future.  What direction I should go with my career and whether a change is needed.  I have been doing this slowly but analyzing each possible option and right now, I’m happy that it is going in the right direction with online courses and piano exams.  There are opportunities out there and I’m ready to grasp it.

Over at Positive Outlooks, I saw a quote today:

If you feel like your ship is sinking, it might be a good time to throw out the stuff thats been weighing it down. Let go of people who bring you down, and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you. — Unknown

I’ve written about the “let go of people who bring you down” part before (HERE).  However, friends are not the ones I need to change.  I know the friends that I keep by my side who are awesome and always there for me.  But that job and my future…some days, it seriously feels like my ship is sinking and its taken me a while to figure out what is weighing it down but I’m about 80% certain I know the reason now.  Let’s hope the new changes I’m opting to bring in is going to be the right choice but at the minimum, I know that I will possibly be happier with this decision.

So this sudden potential change that came up, could be my calling.  At least my boyfriend thinks its our push to step forward and see our situation in a clearer picture.  Maybe for once, with the help of my boyfriend, we can make a major change in our lives together cold turkey style.  🙂

How about you? How do you face changes?

P.S. If I rambled, I’m very sorry…my mind is still a bit flustered.  The whole thinking and analyzing is going at full pace in my head.

This is a late entry to the daily prompt.  However if you’d like to join, you can go HERE.  Better late than never, right? Or maybe you’d just like to check out the other awesome entries.