Grand Prix Weekend!

This past weekend was tough. Lots of sad and tragic news.  In Montreal, it was also Grand Prix weekend. Much like usual tradition, I went out to walk around the events in downtown after work on Friday evening with some friends. There are usually cars on display, free tasting, loud music and lots of people.

People with fancy cars bring them out and same goes for some nice motorcycles.

Grand Prix on Crescent (and Peel)

As we were waiting to cross the street to the festivities, this motorcycle caught my eye. I have to say, its unique.


Heading into the festivities is always a surprise even if we always know its going to be packed with people.  What was nice was that the sun decided to show up despite it raining almost the entire week. It was definitely cooler than usual and the weekend only got chillier.

Grand Prix 2016

This year, the cars were sparse but here are the ones that caught my eye between the two streets and the cars parked in front of Ritz-Carlton Hotel for what I assume is a function. This year the star was McLaren.

Palm Bay Free Sample

Palm Bay Grand Prix 2016

I usually don’t try a whole lot of stuff but apparently I could try Palm Bay which is a sparkling alcoholic beverage. The one I got was the Cherry Lime flavor. It felt a little like drinking Smirnoff but with a bit more zest because of the lime flavor in it. Its not too bad. Probably not my choice beverage based on personal preference but if I was back in my university days, this would be totally what I’d go for.


Grand Prix 2016

No idea who the band was on stage but they were definitely rocking it out. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of the artists they choose but this year was alright. I enjoyed it! Although, we only walked by and didn’t really stop to listen or anything.

That was Grand Prix! We took a short walk and the other street was mostly Porsche’s and its there almost every year so nothing special. There was lot more VR gaming booths this year for racing stuff.

Its always a fun little event to go to just to get in on the action a little even if we don’t go see the actual race. Its also a good reason to hang out with friends since everyone has work and/or school, and whatever other obligation that just limits the time we have to see friends more frequently.

Montreal International Auto Show 2016!

Its the second year in a row that we’ve gone to the Auto Show.  You can check out last year HERE!

This year, we had my usual food event buddies come along with me to this show.  We’re all having plans to acquire a new vehicle so its a good place to be able to test out how the car looks and feels and just have a comparison as to what specs meet our needs and not.  That was our primary goals.  My friends were seeking a different vehicle size than we were so there were many times that we just went to do our own thing and look at what we needed to get done.

Before I start talking about the cars we are debating in our life, lets take a look at some highlights (modified/race/more higher priced cars) that we really liked.

There’s always some really nice cars to look at.  My husband’s favorite is the Corvette but he equally loved the Pagani and the BMW M4.  There was also the Ferrari LaFerrari which was tucked in the back of the showroom floor so it wasn’t a really nice photo.  Its the reason why I didn’t add it in.  I’m a fan of the normal stuff.  Nissan GT-R is my absolute favorite but it had a ton of people around it so the picture was bad.  I think the Pagani also looked really nice along with the lovely purple of the Camaro.  Dodge Viper is always sleek and sexy while the Fiat convertible looks really sharp and classy.  Basically what I picked for this exhibit above are some pretty appealing cars to me.

Now on to some more serious talk.  I’m not sure if it’ll be educational but take it as a discussion.  I’m hoping some of you might have some good insight to share with me.

Buying a car is not a small task.  Its been on my mind for a little while. The debate comes down to how long my husband can stretch his current car for. However, his car is also manual transmission making it really hard in the winter for me to go do groceries.  Currently, I’m borrowing my mom’s car and she is great for helping me and letting me do that. But it is time to get serious about it.  I’ve only ever taken about 3 classes of manual transmission when I first took driving lessons and I wasn’t very good at it.  Its one of the reasons we’ve been talking about getting me a smaller car with automatic transmission.

The first car we talked about was the little and cute Nissan Micra.

Montreal Auto Show 2016

Nissan Micra

Don’t be fooled by Nissan Micra being a small car.  What impressed me the most and hasn’t quite removed the desire to give this one a fair chance is that despite its small trunk size which is actually pretty comparable to its car size or class (whatever you call it) above it. When I sat in the Micra, it was really spacious and comfortable.  I didn’t feel cramped up and everything was accessible.  The feeling was  pretty good.

Now, Nissan Micra is a good choice for me if its just for basic needs but my husband also wanted me to look at the car sized above this one, Nissan Versa Note.

Montreal Auto Show 2016

Nissan Versa Note

Nissan Versa Note actually checks all the boxes I’d need and even more.  A plus to this one is that it can easily be our next main car if my husband’s car doesn’t make it in the transition between his car and the car he is considering highly for this car show to see (coming up later on in the post). The reason for it being more suitable is that my husband is tall (over 6 feet) so the Micra becomes restrained for him while Versa Note is much more acceptable and in the comfortable area.  There are other fine qualities but I’m not here to be a Nissan salesman so lets move on to my husband’s point of coming to this show.

The car that we saw last year on the floor but not available to get in and take a seat was the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen.

Montreal Auto Show 2016

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

I’m not completely sold on Volkswagen and it has nothing to do with the whole diesel issue.  Just future costs and what not that could be linked to it.  Plus, this car is at fault with all the same cars in its categories for one thing: It compensates the front seats spaciousness and the trunk’s capacity for the passengers’ leg room.  Basically if you get a car like this, we can’t take passengers unless I’m driving and even then, it can get tight. Its not Volkswagen’s fault but its something I’d hope could have a midpoint where it can all be balanced, but the world doesn’t work like that.

Our second car that we had looked at to replace my husband’s current car also in debate is Kia Forte5.

Montreal Auto Show 2016

Kia Forte5

This car is more about the durability that worries me than that of its space.  It still suffers the same issue as the Volkswagen and it doesn’t even offer as much space in the front seats.  We’re not knocking it off our debate list but both are on there for evaluation when the time comes to change his car.

For my car, we also went through some cars that seemed interesting like Honda Fit.  My conclusion on that initially is that I’m not completely thrilled by this one.  However, last year’s show had an upcoming release (just like the VW SportWagen) that was available to try out in the Honda and it was the HR-V.  Its not exactly the car I’m looking for but I was curious about it.

Montreal Auto Show 2016

Honda HR-V

I’m not going to lie that after sitting in some of the smaller size cars and feeling like there was comparable space than this one was a little underwhelming especially being at the SUV level (or was it something in between, I’m not quite sure).

The Montreal Auto Show for us was much more focused this year.  We skipped the Lamborghini hall because it was probably going to be the same thing and the lineup was huge plus we wanted to be goal-oriented so that we wouldn’t be mixed up like how we were when we got back last year. There are some nice cars which we’d never mix up but for what we were looking at, we stuck with the general size of what we both wanted to look at and worked from there.  Its definitely not an immediate plan and everything I’m saying up there is based on first impressions.  My homework now with my husband is to compare what the car offers and how it would benefit our needs and costs and what not before making that final decision.

Man, I’m feeling all grown-up talking about this! 😉

Montreal Auto Show 2016 was an eye-opening experience. There was lots of nice cars and a lot of normal everyday cars for people coming to the show for different needs.  The reps were really helpful.  Actually, they felt much more abundant this year than last, making it easy to find someone if we had any questions.  It was an enjoyable experience 🙂

Fast Five (2011)

Moving right along with the Fast and the Furious franchise. Here is the Fast Five review written in 2013 in anticipation of Furious 6 movie! I fixed up a little bit of the mistakes here and there. Overall, this is one of the posts I’ve liked the most that I’ve written. Fast Five is also one of my favorite movies in the franchise. Its just pure fun and awesome! 🙂

fast five

What did you think of Fast Five?

Tranquil Dreams

I’m a huge fan for (most of) the Fast and the Furious movies! This comes when you date a guy who is crazy about anything related to cars.  Fast & Furious is just all about adrenaline and cars and whatnot.  Its nothing to be raving about sophistication but its usually a fun ride, although there are a few exceptions in the franchise that I’m not exactly a big fan of but whenever I hear of a new one coming out, it always gets me all excited! With Fast Six just around the corner, my boyfriend gave me a choice to rewatch Iron Man 1 &2 or this…and I guess I was more into this at the moment 😉

fast five posterDirector: Justin Lin

Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Ludacris, Gal Gadot, Tego Calderon, Don Omar

After rescuing Dominic…

View original post 743 more words

2015 Montreal Auto Show!

On Sunday, I went to the Montreal Auto Show after having wanted to go for the last 8 years or something.  Every year, its held for a week in January at the Palais des Congres in Montreal. I’ve never been either because of timing problems, lack of company or just it being during the time my work deadline is massive.  This year, what was supposed to be meeting my boyfriend’s friend ended up being our little date, which is absolutely fun because we’re planning way ahead for our next car purchase.

There really is nothing to say more other than to show off the car pictures, right?

Psst..I’ve set it up so the four bigger photos are the most memorable cars for me (on a non-affordable level) but our main goal was to look at hatchbacks and crossovers.

It took about 4 hours to get through the Montreal Auto Show.  The highlights was seeing the Canadian supercar, Magnum MK5, which is from Quebec. Plus, the concept cars were all pretty interesting from Nissan BladeGlider, Hyundai Intrado, Toyota FT-1 Concept, etc.  My boyfriend was saying that FT-1 Concept is supposed to replace Supra and thats my fave car ever! So, it was pretty nice to see it there. I was also pretty impressed with the Honda HR-V. And then there was two rooms with somewhat tuned up classic vintage cars (where the girls are posing next to it) and it felt like we had entered a club or something, which was a change of atmosphere from the main show rooms.

Did I tell you my second fave car is Nissan GT-R? So yeah, it was great to see that one also.  And my boyfriend’s crazy love for Corvette has kind of affected me also because that car is plain sexy!

The car we do look forward to checking out next year hopefully is the VW Golf TDI which only had display but we couldn’t sit in and get an idea for.  I’m guessing that means I’ll be there for 2016 Auto Show also 😉

It was a pretty fun experience and just next time, I’d bring more snacks so I don’t starve.  Oh, and don’t go on the last day of the event or on weekends if you can,  because then you are fighting with kids to sit in the cars.  For us, it was last minute decision so next year, we will plan ahead and avoid this situation.

Have you been to Auto Show? Where was it? Are you a car enthusiast?

Need For Speed (2014)

Need For Speed is one of my most anticipated movies in 2014.  It sounds a bit ridiculous, right? I don’t have any high expectations for it and I’ll explain what I mean in a little bit, not that I think anyone else has any higher expectations than I did either.  Still, as the weeks after it opened went by, I started to think that I wouldn’t go see it but on Monday, my friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go see a movie and he was paying, kind of, since he works for a company that offers sweet deals on things such as Cineplex.  After a rather rushed dinner, I went off to go catch Need For Speed!

Two movies in a week! Now, I can see my 2014 movie watching picking up 😉 Let’s check this out!

Need For Speed posterDirector: Scott Waugh

Cast: Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots, Dakota Johnson, Scott Mescudi, Rami Malek, Ramon Rodriguez, Harrison Gilbertson, Michael Keaton

Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) is a up and coming star in his hometown of Mt. Kisco where he took over his father’s car shop.  He keeps it going with a bunch of his buddies who are all great at what they do.  Tobey Marshall is also known for his great street racing skills.  When Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper), a wealthy businessman and also a professional racer challenges him, it causes some trouble that lands Tobey in jail for two years.  When he comes out, he skips parole and drives across the country trying to catch the eye of Monarch (Michael Keaton), who is the guy who sets up one of the biggest street race competitions so that he could get the last spot against Dino in hopes to have his revenge.

Need For Speed

Before I tell you what I thought about Need For Speed, I really think I should clarify why I didn’t have high expectations for it even though I anticipate it so much.  Point is, Need For Speed is based on a video game and a very arcade style racing game on top of that.  It could easily turn into the Fast and the Furious ripoff and it could be hurt by my assumption that it has a low budget (which I might but I haven’t researched it) and well, the actors are all that known, at least not by me.  BUT, BUT, with all that I said, Need For Speed is my most favorite video game and to see it get a movie even though there isn’t all that much of a storyline is just the most awesome feeling. I loved the trailer and it reminded me of the game a lot.  So, you know what, I’m totally on board with the concept.  The lack of a thorough storyline from ALL the games gives it just that much room to weave a decent story.  I love to give chances to movies and for Need for Speed, anything!

Need For Speed

Now that I’ve professed my love for Need For Speed, you all want to hear what I thought, right?

Here it goes!


I totally had so much fun with it! I’m going to say it right now that you have to really like the Need For Speed franchise to love this.  I saw this because I’m not exactly sure if Need For Speed comes in normal viewing in theatres but we had 3D and let me tell you, watching it in 3D was set in a way that it was like when I was holding the controller and playing the game. Obviously, without the mad skills, Tobey Marshall has because I’m a really bad video game player.  I mean, in NFS, you don’t see the cars get fixed, you see them roll in and roll out and they are transformed.  If you look really closely, some of the tracks actually look like the tracks that the game has: the set up and the lighting and especially the blurred effects when they are going fast. Some of the camera angles were shot to have that effect of feeling like being in the car and behind the wheel.  Seriously, it was so fun!

Need For Speed

Now that thats off my chest, let me take a deep breath to calm myself.  Need For Speed is no masterpiece and you know even when you watch the trailer that its not.  Its a guilty pleasure flick.  Its meant to be fun and entertaining wrapped with a little bit of drama to add some purpose to the character and the overall storyline.  The story itself is actually pretty thin and at some times, I even questioned why certain things went the way it did but still, with a movie like this, I’m willing to overlook it and take it for what it is.

Need For Speed

Its actually pretty funny because I’ve never actually watched any of these actors except for Dominic Cooper in Captain America and Mamma Mia and well, we have Michael Keaton (who I could not figure out his name until the credits rolled). Thats horrible, right? And no, I haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet so no I don’t know Aaron Paul.  My favorite character in this has to be Michael Keaton as Monarch.  He brings this different weird but pretty enthusiastic vibe to the movie and he pops up some random moments.  I have to also admit that when Aaron Paul first entered as Tobey, I wasn’t totally liking the way he talked.  He has this calm, silent husky voice and theatres don’t have subtitles so I was really focusing to understand it all but very soon, I totally connected with his character and he has awesome chemistry with his buddies who were the comic relief along with Imogen Poots who was somewhat cute and feisty at times.  Somewhere before we reached the middle, I just believed that Aaron Paul was perfectly cast for this role.

need for speed gif

Honestly, admitting that I love Need For Speed makes me feel like how I express my profound love for the Resident Evil series but you know what, I’m a fan and I’m going to buy the movie when it comes out.  Plus, it just revived the urge to play hours on hours of Need For Speed. Did I tell you that between my boyfriend and I, I think we actually own all of them except for the newest one? I’ve played only bits of the PS3 ones but I’m working on playing through all of them on my free time and even though its at a slow pace, I’m halfway through Underground 2!

If you are a fan of Need For Speed, this is definitely a must-see.  Don’t get all nit-picky about the story and just enjoy the thrilling ride this movie has to offer and it can get pretty fun.  It might be predictable in some parts but before you know it, maybe you’ll start cheering Tobey Marshall on also 😉 Just to give you an idea of how much I liked it: I would be down for a second one (although I doubt that would happen ever).

Are you a Need For Speed fan? Did you see this movie? What did you think?