TV Binge: Scream (Season 2, 2016)

The second season of Scream has finally concluded a week or two month ago . Just in time for Halloween. With the franchise features and everything, it actually caught me by surprise that the season wasn’t done earlier and in turn, this missed the Halloween month although I did binge it over the Halloween weekend. I mean, it was a true binge. If you missed my Season 1 review, you can check it out HERE. There’s quite a few haters for this series and honestly, at the end of Season 1, I kind of grew fond of it. Now that I’ve caught up with all the Scream franchise, I started this up wondering if I would enjoy it the same way. Plus, a fun note, all the episodes are named after actual horror movies, which is a nice touch.

Scream (Season 2, 2016)

Scream TV Series

Creators: Jay Beattie, Jill E. Blotevogel, Dan Dworkin

Cast: Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, John Karna, Carlson Young, Tracy Middendorf, Amadeus Serafini, Santiago Segura, Anthony Ruivivar, Sean Grandillo, Tom Maden, Bryan Batt

It has been a few days since I finished Scream Season 2 (when I first started writing this up) and I am just completely deeply in love with it (still am). Scream has its flaws but compared to the first season that took a little while to really pick up and get their characters in place, despite some obvious teen cast troupes, Scream 2 started off really strong and only got better as it reached mid season. The reintroduction of a new killer in the twisted Brandon James mask is still unnerving to see and just the reaction of the killer and the brutality in the kills are pretty intense. Not to mention, we continue a few months after the events and we learn that Emma has had a breakdown and went away to seek psychiatric help and is back in time for the new school year and ready to embrace all those judgemental eyes from the nobodies in school. We see that because of what happened in the last season, The Morgue Podcast is taken over by Noah and he has pegged them the Lakewood Six. In the last season,  (Spoiler Alert) we ended with the reveal that Audrey was part of Piper’s plans and was involved in some way. In Season 2, we start right off with Audrey being regretful of it and actually quite in the dark because the killer is back and starting off by threatening to reveal her involvement with the previous events, making Noah’s assumption of a partner with Piper becoming viable, what Audrey didn’t know was there was someone else in the equation.

Scream (Season 2)

The old cast is back with their own set of problems. Coming back from something as traumatic as being chased after by a killer is something that is pretty hard to handle. Everyone is healing in their own ways even if they don’t acknowledge it as healing. To be honest, I’m still not a huge fan of our main “heroine” here. The final girls are talked about a lot here. Another horror reference. It is one thing I love very much about how it is rather “meta”. I never know how to use that word but the Scream franchise itself plays on that a lot. Having someone who is fascinated by serial killers which is Noah in this one, a final girl which is Emma is this one. There is always someone with secrets and someone who is preppy and slutty but maybe is a little more, like Brooke. Brooke remains one of my favorite characters in Scream 2 because she has depth and actually acts kind of human in light of the return of the killer and everything that happens. There’s also Bex Taylor-Klaus who plays Audrey that I think the series has done a good job with but I already elaborated on her above. Oh wait, and of course, there’s Kieran. Also a disposable character in my book because him and Emma are getting tiring to watch. He kind of is around but isn’t. They have this relationship strain because of what happened in the last season. They continue to try to cast suspicions on him, as well as everyone else on who the partner could be. No one is left out in Season 2 on being the accomplice especially in the eyes of the police.

Scream 2

With that said, we need to look at the new additions because those are really exciting to talk about, for the most part. Stavo (full name: Gustavo), played by Santiago Segura is a great character. The young actor himself does a wonderful job. Stavo has so many layers. He is quite dark and doesn’t help that he is super creepy and says the weirdest things but we all know that the most suspicious person is rarely the person responsible. Plus, the thing he develops with Brooke is awesome! I don’t “ship” a lot of characters nowadays but them, I love to actual bits. On the same line of creepiness, Kieran’s cousin, Eli makes an appearance, played by Sean Grandillo. His role isn’t that huge but he is a pretty sketchy guy as well. He is always doing stuff that borders the grey areas. I only wish he had more camera time to build his character more. Eli felt a little wasted at times. Next up, a new character significant for a mention is the psychology brainiac, obviously paired up with Noah as love interest, Zoe, played by Kiana Ledé. A very good character also but somehow, the whole relationship thing for Noah took an interesting turn and then took a weird one which I started to not like Noah just a little. Zoe is a key part of the new cast and her character has some great moments. And also, did I mention that Stavo is the new sheriff’s son and the sheriff is a character I’m slightly on the fence about. I started liking the connection the story gives him in the second half but for the most of the first half, I question his judgement.

Scream TV Series Season 2

We can’t really do an overview of a TV Binge without looking at the killer, right? I’m going to admit that Scream TV Series has taken me surprise even in the first season. It is gory at times and really creepy. It builds a nice suspicion. The killer is crafted so well in this series. I know that this is still a teen series and there might be some things left to be desired but in reality, this one focuses a lot on the fear and building up the backstory of Brandon James and last season’s Piper and now, the accomplice. The question remains: What is the connection? And this is even above who did it. I think it becomes a little more obvious nearing the last few episodes if you look closely at the details and the events of last season and the dialogue between Emma and Audrey in the final few episodes of Season 2 leading up to the final reveal. However, it took me by surprise and that is really all I want to say about it because then I’m heading into spoiler territory and I don’t want to do that (even if I want to talk about this series so much, that I got my husband to binge watch it also.)

As a final note, I loved Scream Season 2. There are some flaws but a lot of the character chemistry and story building and even having a nice lead-up for the next season makes it have so much to look forward to. And if you were wondering, I was alright with the Halloween Special because it paid homage to the original Scream. I was waiting to see when things would kind of converge a little and I’m happy that it did. Plus, as out of place as the Halloween Special was, I thought it still had a lot of cool and creepy moments. But that’s just coming from me, who gets scared easily.  On that note, I’m happy that Season 3 is renewed currently for 6 episodes (which is half a season is what I’m guessing and hopefully will have more if the ratings are good). I’m going to keep my eye on it.

TV Binge: Scream [Season 1]

I finished Scream somewhere in the beginning of December to give myself a little break to clear my mind from writing to holidays.  I have no idea how the TV series of Scream became my choice since I’ve only seen half of the actual movies itself.  Maybe I was wondering how it would turn out.  It is full of teens and let me be honest with you, I like watching teen shows because it usually ends up in my enjoying watching dumb teenage choices and hey, it could be a nice tribute if they did it right.  Oh, and I wanted to try a new TV series genre (kind of) so here we are!

Let’s check it out! 🙂

Scream [Season 1]

Scream TV Series

Creators: Jay Beattie, Jill E. Blotevogel, Dan Dworkin

Cast: Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, John Karna, Carlson Young, Amadeus Serafini, Jason Wiles, Tracy Middendorf, Tom Maden, Amelia Rose Blaire, Connor Weil

What starts as a YouTube video going viral soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town’s troubled past.-IMDB

 TV nowadays is a little predictable. I’ve come to terms with it. With that said, Scream is somewhat in the teen horror genre and with anything related to high school matters, there comes a specific group of people that needs to be there.  We have the jock Will, beauty Emma, sexy Brooke, douchebag Jake and smart/nice girl Riley and obviously the bitch of the group goes to the opening death of Nina. We have a lovely triangle between the jock, the beauty and the new creepy transfer boy, Kieran (who happens to also be the sheriff’s kid), which makes all the better than Emma starts getting targeted by a mysterious person that keeps killing off the people around her, and that’s until she learns that her mom was the love interest of a serial killer when she was a teen.  It doesn’t quite end there because Emma reconnects with two of the not so popular teens in her grade and one that used to be her good friend: Audrey and Noah and they start teaming up to help her find who is behind all these killings before she gets killed, especially when it hits really close to home for both of them also.

Scream TV series

I don’t think there are any spoilers so far.  Scream is not a bad series.  Its predictable as hell and you can probably see a lot of stuff that will happen.  However, what works is that while its a serious story, they never make you take it too serious especially with Noah’s inserts of how serial killers work in typical horror movies and making it like one.  Its a fun show and its not a long season either, plus there are some decent twists that it slowly convinced me, especially in the second half that this is worth a bit more of my time. Some times it really just needs those few pros to keep me watching a show.

Scream TV series

I love, love, love this trio.  Emma, as the main girl, takes a little time to warm up to.  She’s a little frustrating and super sporadic and sometimes, the things she does doesn’t quite make sense.  But, the script gave her time to develop and really come to terms with certain parts of her personality and I think it worked out okay. However, as with many times, I never quite like the main character as much as I like the supporting roles and my favorite goes out to Noah and Audrey as a best buddies team-up.  They are played by John Karna and Bex Taylor-Klaus respectively. I like on-screen nerds (and maybe nerds in general) but this guy is so freakin’ adorkable especially with his knowledge of serial killers and such. The best part I think that pulled me in for the first episode was the video below where they ironically talk about how slashers can’t be made into TV and then the first body is found. What a way to start a show, right? On top of that, you have Audrey’s sarcastic humor that really brings a new tone to the show, especially when meshed with Emma’s soft character that builds up to be much stronger by the end.


Moving along, I’m not a huge fan of love triangles but they have proved that they have their worth.  While I don’t think any of them are drop dead gorgeous like Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley in Vampire Diaries which is the key reason I watch that show anymore (not of late actually), something about this series isn’t even about the triangle. The character of Kieran is mysterious and his and Emma’s story really adds a little kick to it.  Am I in love with this ship? Not exactly.  By the end, I bought into it a little bit more. but Kieran does have a charm to the character that I think can work with some development in Season 2. Now the ship I do like surprisingly and would like to see happen is between the kind of more stupidly naive characters who does have quite the development during this series and that is Brooke and Jake.  There’s a potential growth to their characters, that makes their empty characters actually not all that bad to watch. I guess its the idea that the bad boy and bad girl roles have the most space for character development and I really enjoy that in my series (if you haven’t noticed yet).

Scream TV series

Overall, Season 1 of Scream is decent. After the first episode, it takes a while to build back the excitement I had initially but in the second half, they do redeem itself a little bit more. There are some decent amount of blood fests and some little jump scares and the kills aren’t all that bad.  Plus, the idea behind the killer and all that is pretty good. After how they ended Season 1, I’m intrigued as to where they take the series in Season 2.

Have you seen Scream the TV series?