Week 18/19: Vacation and Sizzling Heat!

Lets start by Week 18! I pretty much took off that week mostly because I was on the road and well, I pulled something in my shoulder and my tricep at the same time and it got worse during the vacation.  I had to skip out on that Sunday’s 2km race.  I did try to do some of the Beach Yoga routine but that didn’t work too well.  I did do a whole lot of stretching and walking around for shopping at Kittery outlets and sightseeing!

Now, my arm is getting a bit better so this week, I need to get to working out! This week I’m taking a break from Tone It Up though and I’m going to research and freestyle Week 19 🙂


My arm was a lot better today.  I did want to workout but my boyfriend advised me that since its just the first day it felt better, I should give it one more day to rest up just to not strain it again.  Reasonable and logical, so I did that!


I started up my workout a bit late tonight but I had an idea of which ones I wanted to choose from.  In the end, I chose to do this one!

I only did it once through, mostly because my arm wasn’t really up to it yet.  I felt like it was starting to be too much so I was a probably a better choice to stop.  I’ve never been one to be good at normal burpees.  I can do about 15 normal burpees before I need a break but somehow these side burpees were crazy hard and well, I guess because I had to do them on both side, I did do 10 on each side before I started feeling not too good so I kept those at 10 reps (each side)  even on the way down the ladder.  One of these took my 20ish minutes to do.  I had to test run a few Turkish get-ups before I proceeded to the actual workout so that took a little more time. This was an awesome workout.  I look forward to the near future (hopefully) when I can do it 2 times! 🙂

At night, after a nice shower, before bed I did this Sweet Dreams Yoga Sequence from Fit Sugar. I can tell you that I slept like a baby.  I didn’t even want to get up the next morning.


My monthly chiro session today after work! I need it so bad! My back and shoulders have been killing me.  Even my neck started off getting some pain too.  The yoga I started doing was helping but I needed some more routines.  After chiro, I never push too hard so I decided to do some Yoga.  I chose try these Yoga Poses to get rid of back fat which you can find HERE.  Lots of balancing involved and some were pretty intense!


I took today off.  Low energy and plus, yesterday’s yoga moves was a bit intense and I felt it.  So I decided it was wise to take a little break.


Summer cold kicking in by the time I got home.  It wasn’t too bad until insomnia hit me at night.


After sleeping 3 hours, it didn’t help my cold at all.  I woke up feeling pretty much like absolute rubbish with cough and sneezing.  I cancelled all activities and stayed in to wait for the Internet installation guy to come upgrade my Internet.  Might I say, as I’m typing this the network is going all crazy.  I did feel like I needed to try to sweat it out and energize myself before, so I did this little 5 minute workout from FitSugar.

I did energize me! I can tell you that much.  For the most part, I tried cough meds all day to keep myself all good and well.  Very effective! I would definitely recommend to do it when you are full on healthy.  I might even consider it as a Saturday morning workout before a morning jog or something 😉


That weekend workout plan went down the drain the moment I woke up with a massive sore throat.  It was no joke.  I wanted to rip my throat out of my body and I tried everything the moment I woke up: warm water, rinsing my mouth with salt water, sleeping.  Eventually I woke up, ate a bit, drank lemon honey water and then it helped a lot more.  Slept some more and drank about 10 glasses of water just in the morning and went to get rid of toxins a whole lot.  That was my Sunday. Which is also why I didn’t do my usual personal post for Sunday.  Felt like I should mention it here, I was really determined to get rid of this damn cold for the next day!  I did look up some Yoga moves to help with my congestion and did a few of them.  You can find them right HERE! It did help a little bit…

OVERALL…This week was all new workouts! If you want something intense, I recommend the Double Ladder Workout.  If you want to relax, try the Sweet Dreams Yoga Sequence before bed.  If you want something to wake you up at the start of the day before you take a shower, do the 5 minute Energizing Workout and you will be ready to charge through the day 😉

 This past week was not productive at all.  I did get 3 days of workouts in, even though they were light workouts.  The effort was there and I wanted to but with a lingering tricep pain at the beginning of the week and then my summer cold knocking me down, it was the best I could do. At least after a full day of running around and waiting to see a doctor at a walk-in clinic today, I have been given antibiotics and ear drops to counter an ear infection. As this post goes up, I am going to take a nap and rest up to let my body heal.

Hope everyone had a great start of the week! : Stay healthy!

Week 14: All about the Abs!

I love working on my core and this week’s daily challenge is for our abs! My goal is to eventually get some 4 pack or 6 pack.  I think that’ll look quite awesome! So, lets start off this week.


Today’s goal was 30 minute jog and doing the butt exercise from Tone It Up followed through with our daily challenge of today’s being 100 squats throughout the day.  I never do the jogging stuff so forget about it.  At my job, there is no chance I could start doing squats, so after taking a really long walk with my boyfriend like 45 minutes or something, I took a break and then did 100 squats straight through.  After that, I took another little break and instead of that same exercise every week, I switched it up and did the Brazilian Butt Workout featured by a fellow blogger, The Haute Bunny that I found on Pumps and Iron’s workout roundouts a month or two ago.  That workout owned me big time.  It murdered me after one round.  I had to stop even though it was supposed to be 3 rounds.  Just to give you a quick idea of the rundown of one round, here it is:

  • 20 Plie Squats
  • 20 Donkey Kicks per side
  • 20 Fire Hydrants per side
  • 20 circling Donkey Kicks per side
  • 20 Frog Jumps
  • 20 Side Lungers per side
  • 30 alternating Split Jumps (here’s where it starts going downhill)
  • 30 Alternating Sliders
  • 30 Hip Lifts
  • 20 Lunge Kicks per side

For the full workout, please click the link above!


Man, another rainy day! I decided to take a day off since everything was in pain from either stress or just yesterday’s workout.  I did manage to get the daily challenge done! 50 Lunges each leg! I broke it down into 2 times of 25 each leg during our evening planning for my vacation with my boyfriend.  First few days are generally planned.  Now for the 2nd half!


I really hate to say this but I had to postpone tonight`s workout another day.  I tried to do the daily challenge and it proved that hurting my wrist wasn`t good.  So I did 15 burpees and called it a day to give it some rest.  The daily challenge was to do 50 but I took the better option.  I will try to make up for it on the weekend when there aren`t any daily challenges.


My wrist is all better. It just needed a little rest.  I went straight for the doing 3 rounds of the new workout St. Tropez We`re On Our Way.  You will see the exercise on the left.  It was a full body workout that was pretty intense.  It had awesome warmup exercises, same as the ones I use for dragonboat and followed through with some double duty moves that was really fun.  In between of each round and then 2 times with a 2 minute break in between, I did my daily challenge of 5 times of 2 minute planks.  The last one really killed!


Since I missed out the awesome tough combo workout day on Wednesday and I wasn’t in the mood for the workout they had planned, I decided to do 2 rounds of Pura Vida workout.  For the daily challenge, it was to do 20/20/20 TIU Tummy Tucks.  I can’t do them midday but I sure can get it in during the morning before work.  Then I snuck them in before and after my workout.  These still get painful to do by the 3rd set but at least I feel that my strength as improved so I have better muscular endurance.  A step in the right direction! 🙂


Today was crazy! The weather being perfect helped motivate me to go crazy cleaning for a good part of the morning.  Eventually at 2pm, I managed to take a break and do a cardio workout from FitSugar.  I’ve been wanting to try out some workouts and simples recipes from their site so I found this one HERE!  It starts off with a light cardio warmup then lower body stretch, then jumps into the actual workout with burpees, jump squats, squats, pushups, jump rope, ab work, tricep dips (not in that order). It was totally awesome!

Originally, I had planned on a really long bike ride (like 30 km) but because I got caught in doing chores ( I know its not normal), I ended up waiting for my boyfriend and we walked to do groceries and then we went out for another walk in the evening after dinner 🙂 It was just too beautiful outside to not make the best of it.


I took it easy today since my muscles were screaming in pain! My legs were feeling extremely weak from so many days of working out.  I’m seriously considering to lower it to 4 days a week workout.  Sounds about right 🙂

However, I did not just sit around and do nothing.  I ended up doing an hour (and a bit more) of DDR, plus I did some stretching throughout the day to help the muscles.  It was nice to do some indoor cardio and move around!

OVERALL…This week was pretty good.  I managed to get in 5-ish days of workout.  I balanced cardio and strength training.  At this point in time, I can be positive that I won’t reach 100 miles by the end of next week. However, it has upped my normal amount of cardio.  Plus, this week was all about the Abs and I did all the daily challenges and even kind of made up for the burpees by doing some here and there throughout the weekend. My abs are feeling fantastic and starting to look a lot better.  I need to keep pushing hard and adding more cardio, plus focus on full body workouts.

This week, I definitely had the most fun with Brazilian Butt Workout on Monday.  It was only one round and I wanted to cry.  I look forward to the day I can do the full 3 rounds and not have to stop because I couldn’t do the move at all.  One day it’ll get there! Second one was the new workout, St. Tropez.  It felt awesome and its the one that has caused me to feel so much pain in my legs.  However, I did try out the FitSugar cardio workout on Saturday and that one was pretty sweet too.  I can’t choose which one is better but they all fit a different purpose.  Try it out if you’d like 🙂

Oh…one more thing! This week, I rounded up 16.3 miles, tallying up to 72.8 miles done! 27.2 miles to go before I accomplish the 100 miles by summer.  Who knows? Maybe the weather will be in my favor and I’ll manage to get in lots of cardio 🙂 We’ll see, right?

Hope you all had an awesome Monday (even when it doesn’t feel that possible some times)!