My Weekly Adventures: Recharging

Welcome to this Weekly Adventures! I’ve been in recharging mode before the crazy April work month starts. I took a day trip with the husband and then just finished off a few days off this past week. Its been all about recharging (and burning some of my leftover vacation time from last year).

Ottawa Day Trip – Shopping Haul

I was super stressed at the beginning of the month and needed a day out of town as a little refresher. After some debate, we ended up doing something familiar to us and headed to Ottawa for a day trip. It was the normal rundown with a stop at Rideau Centre, a stroll through Byward Market and then a grocery run at T&T Supermarket. Above is a little haul that I had.

Sugar Marmalade & Herbal Jelly

Sugar Marmalade

I have been having these skin breakouts (hence the partial reason there has been no vids) and changed up my skincare routine and eventually gave up and went to Sugar Marmalade to have some herbal jelly which technically helps counteract the effects. I haven’t had it there but it was done pretty well.

A Beautiful Bouquet & Old Navy Haul


This last Saturday was the first day of a 5 day weekend and the first mini vacation in a while. I celebrated by buying some tulips at the florist to revive some springtime feeling in the house. Its a pretty nice mesh of colors. Its a nice burst of colors as well.

Old Navy

After that, the husband and I went for a little shopping time together which sparked by buying some cat snacks and accessories because its our darling cat’s 9th birthday. We did end up seeing that Old Navy had opened there and caught a decent sale. I managed to find some pants for half price and for a buy one get second one half price, a t-shirt. Mine was the Sonic the Hedgehog, which I think its so awesome.

A Date with my Mom

Casino de Montreal Buffet

Casino de Montreal Buffet

Casino de Montreal Buffet

To kick off the time off, I had promised my mom a few weeks ago to take her to the buffet at the Casino de Montreal so that’s what we ended up doing for lunch. I’ve never been there at lunch so it was interesting to say the least. The selection was alright and the food was pretty decent as well. Although I couldn’t eat any of the desserts other than the meringue and biscotti, the last platter is my mom’s and she enjoyed it. There was pancotta, creme brulee, lemon cake roll and a sugar tartlet. We did end up going to play some slots and walk around a little before heading back home. It was a nice afternoon out to say the least.

Ultimate 2000s Blogathon Done

Finally, the last thing that happened was the almost 4 weeks of Ultimate 2000s Blogathon concluded officially yesterday. If you missed any entries or didn’t know it happened and wanted to see the reviews or check it out, you can find all the links to the entries HERE.

Cute Kitty Pic

That’s it for this Weekly Adventures!
I had a good time recharging and probably will have a few more days to recharge to fill in a week off combined.
It’ll be nice since April is going to be the hell month!

Day 4 (Part 2): Breakfast Buffet and Dyart’s Truck Stop & Restaurant!

Its Saturday and I promised part 2 recap of Day 4 to go up!

Remember that beautiful spacious hotel room that I had at Bangor for Hampton Inn? To top off that fantastic deal, we even had free breakfast buffet.  My boyfriend prefers sleep over breakfast all the time so I went down by myself to get some breakfast before we left to hit the road for Bar Harbor!

Hampton Inn Bangor Maine

Day 4 Breakfast 🙂

I took what I could eat of course.  They had a lot of pastries and some fried potatoes and all sorts of other food.  The choice was pretty good.  They even had a waffle maker 😉 This was what I took ham, scrambled eggs and croissant with some Fruit Loops for the road ;).  I took an apple and some juice for my boyfriend since he still had to eat something before he left to have some energy to drive.

After that whole puffin boat tour, when we got back to Bangor, it was time for dinner already 🙂

Did I ever tell you that my first date with my boyfriend was at a truck stop that existed when we dated and recently closed called Hawgs? I know I know, some girls like candlelight dinners, but that place had some pretty amazing food and we had a great time.  I guess after that we love the casual dining experience and we saw this place in the travel guides and Jonathan actually told us that we had to try that.  So we went to Dysarts Truck Stop & Restaurant!


Dysart’s Menu


I had been raving about lobster rolls and they had it so I took that!


Lobster roll with Fries. I put the ketchup on before I took the picture 😉

This was SO delicious! Man, I want to make some lobster rolls for myself soon. *drools*

My boyfriend took the Steak Cheese Melt Sandwich (not sure the exact name). It looked like this:


Steak Cheese Melt

He liked it a lot too 🙂

We were both starved so we didn’t talk too much but I think we both agreed it had some pretty awesome food and I’d highly recommend it if you are in the area! The service was pretty good too 🙂

This plate wasn’t too much so my boyfriend still had space for a dessert! He took a Chocolate Cream Pie with Graham crust.  Who knew it would be so huge?


Chocolate Cream Pie with Graham Crust

It was really good but he couldn’t finish all that.  It was such an awesome meal 🙂

Since we are on the topic of food, let me redirect you to Day 5 and our last day’s recap and my breakfast that morning at the hotel looked like this 🙂

Hampton Inn Bangor Maine

Croissant, Egg Pattie, Sausage Pattie, Hard-boiled egg

The rest of the stuff was for my boyfriend. I got him so yogurt to change it up a little and some orange juice.

Now we’re all set for the road.  We have a long day ahead of us for Day 5 (and our final day).

Check back on Monday for the Day 5 recap on what we did 🙂