I’m Back!!! :)

Two weeks went by really fast and this just a quick post to say that I’M BACK!!! 🙂

My first time cruising was an interesting experience and by the end of it, it turned out pretty great.  Alaska is full of breathtaking scenery and I have over 2200 pictures sitting around from visiting Seattle and Alaska.  Once I sort those out, I’ll be doing some posts on it.

I just arrived this morning on a red eye flight and fixed up my stupid phone that died 2 days ago.  Thank goodness, it seems like its just a battery issue.

While cruising may prove to be not so great in some aspects like my intention of reading a lot didn’t quite happen, I did end up going to work out A LOT! So a few little happy things plus I got to spend a lot of time with my mom and some time to just relax and meet some new people on the boat and have a drink and chat. All very fun and relaxing and that was the point of this vacation! 🙂

I’m off to get some rest since I’m working on about 2-3 hours of sporadic sleep coming back.  Just give me a few days to get some posts drafted and done, etc 🙂

Lots of cool stuff coming up especially since I’m coming back to Montreal right before the big events start and I’ll be running around time trying to check a few of them out!

Enough rambling for now….things will be back to normal probably around Wednesday!!! I’m all rested and charged up! 🙂