Music Obsessions – Christmas Special 2019

Music Obsessions (19)

Welcome to this year’s Christmas Special for Music Obsessions! We will be getting right down to business as we take a look at some Christmas song covers that I’ve found were pretty decent over the past month or so.

I’m going to not go and talk too much about any of these choices and just let you all listen to it and enjoy! Today’s a day to celebrate and probably not a lot of you are sitting by the computer or looking at the phone anyways. I just wanted to share some Christmas music and take it easy!

Silent Night – Boyce Avenue

Dueling Pianos Jingle Bells – Jon McLaughlin

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Voiceplay

Oh  Holy Night – Claire & Dave Crosby

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Pentatonix

That’s it for this Music Obsession Christmas Special!
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Valentine’s Day Finale a la Pinterest/Music Obsessions! :)

I’m still taking in how we’re halfway into February already! I don’t usually do much for Valentine’s but it does give me this awesome excuse to sit around and watch lots of romantic comedies.  This year’s marathon will be updated and you can check out the complete list of reviews in the menu under movie.

Usually, I do these special posts and piano covers.  I’ve been extremely lazy at those because it takes time to practice and record over and over and over again in the middle of the night when its all quiet and then have to upload and all that stuff.  So none of that, I’ve put together a Pinterest therapy crossed over with Music Obsessions post Valentine themed!

Strawberries and Cream Heart Cake

Strawberries and Cream Heart Cake

Pink Chocolate Berry Oreo

Pink Chocolate Berry Oreo

i just really love you

There you go! A little mix of some cute love quotes and Valentine’s baking choices.  I have to actually do those one day.  AND… a ton of music obsessions 🙂 If you like any of the Pinterest stuff, just click on the picture and it’ll go straight to the link.

Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day spent with your loved ones! 🙂

**Psst! For those reading this, the next week is going to be Academy Awards/Oscars week.  I’ll be watching as many movies as I can nominated in various categories.  I’m not sure how many best picture ones I’ll get in but any ones nominated, I’ll try to see what I can get access to 🙂 Remember to drop by again!**


Family, Food and Fun Updates! :)

This weekend, my aunt and uncle dropped in from Toronto.  The last time they visited was for my graduation in 2009 to catch up and see how Montreal has changed.  I can’t say that Montreal would be very impressive with all the bad publicity but home is home, right? Still, spring is well on its way with an (over)abundance of rain.  The tulips are all out.  Just waiting for them to bud and bloom 😉 Seeing them keeps reminding me that I need to start my herb garden very soon.

Enough of my rambling! The past week was pretty cool. I survived my massive deadline with an impressively little amount of sleep and overtime hours.  Still, at least thats over so I can breathe and I have a ton of blogs ready to be drafted for the coming week. Although I haven’t written as much, I have thought about launching a long term movie project, just thinking up how to approach it.

Back on track, one of my many revelations that almost resulted in a very long rant post (which I might still do) sprouted from work and this quotes sums up how I am trying my very best to get over what happened.

not worth our time

So far, its been pretty unsuccessful which leads to a second point, where I’m thinking long and hard about making some changes in my life, especially in the work and career area.  Sure, I just bought a house so there’s discussion on the whole financial aspect of things.

Now that we’ve landed on that topic – my house.  Remember my bathroom that I talked about last week with that soothing blue.  Here’s what it looks like:

blue bathroom

As for the house, we just managed to get the den painted also but we are held behind because one of the rooms has some bad plastering issues from the previous owner that my boyfriend and his dad are going to have to fix before painting more.  As random as it seems (but so me), I thought this picture was so cute which shows all the colors we’ve used so far.

Colorful Paint Rolls

Colorful Paint Rolls

Another really awesome thing this week was that I went to go see a movie all by myself.  Maybe, a bunch of you think its not a big deal BUT its my very first time and I experienced the power of a playoffs game in Montreal and an empty theatre.  I went to go see Brick Mansions (review will be up tomorrow) and I walked into an empty theatre 5 minutes before the movie started and a few people did file in afterwards. We’ll leave the rest of that story for later.

Friday was the day that my aunt and uncle arrived and on Saturday night, I took them out to my favorite restaurant that I’ve mentioned on various occasions, Mrs. Amigos.  With a bigger party this time, including my mom and my boyfriend as well, we all got to try different choices on the menu. We started with some mussels which I didn’t get a picture of but here’s the rest:

I had the Garlic Shrimps which was delicious.  I shouldn’t have but I tried a little bit of the souffle (which my stomach didn’t quite like afterwards) but my taste buds did 😉 Everyone enjoyed their meal a lot and that made me really happy.  If you ever come to Montreal, I highly suggest this restaurant

What do you think? Delicious? Feeling hungry yet? 

Generally, thats what my weekend consisted of but before I leave you and go nurse this ridiculous cold that came over me and I’m just sneezing and runny nose non stop for the past day, I’m going to share some music, a cool video movie/story and a quote 🙂

I’m going to start with the cool video from Wong Fu Productions called A World Away.  It has hints of Another Earth but in a narrative of love.

Its really awesome! The background music is nice and the dialogue is good. What do you think about it?

Now for some music! I love Boyce Avenue and they just had this Billboard article on them that I’m super happy for them because they deserve every bit of it.  They are just so talented.  I love the song Say Something.  The few that I actually really like the original but their cover is beautiful.

And then we have an original from Alex Goot, another very talented singer who has a new album to be released soon.

Listening to music always helps me clear up some of my thoughts and I think after hearing some news regarding my life and the ones around me. This quote that I read earlier today wraps up how I feel about life right now.

be grateful

I always talk to my boyfriend about how a lot of the newer generation feel they are entitled to everything they have without really putting in the work and effort but if time and life experiences (in my short 28 years of life) has taught me, we aren’t entitled to anything.  I’m thankful for the people in my life, thankful that I have this space and that you all drop by and hang out and that I’ve “met” all of you.  I’m thankful that I have a job and even if its never the best, but it could also be a lot worse.  We have what we have and everything that happens has a reason and in the end, we all learn something from it. Maybe you interpret it the same way, but thats just my view on it!

Now that I’ve gone all preachy.  My nighttime cold meds are kicking in and my eyes are closing gradually so I will end this now.

Sleeping Cat

Good night from us to you!

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!

P.S. I may be sick but I’m back and I’m going to make up for my lack of movie reviews and baking 😉 It feels awesome to be able to sit down and write again. By the way, if you have time, check out my new blog, Days Nights and Daydreams because I have a new segment there and I should have another one coming up soon also 🙂 I’ve been trying to put more energy into building that one also. While I adjust, please stick with me!

Toronto Finds (Take 3) and more!

This week just started and its been pretty awesome!

I went really chill with Toronto and managed to survive the weekend, eating/drinking and shopping for about $250, which is absolutely amazing, seeing as I used to easily spend double that amount.  I’ve tamed myself a bit 🙂 My self-control was in full mode.

Still, I think I managed to get some good stuff…

First up, lets check out MOVIES!



I snuck in my Les Miserable 25th anniversary soundtrack.  They were on sale at Pacific Mall so I grabbed World War Z and Pain and Gain Blu-ray. I already saw World War Z and if you’re interested, you could check out the review HERE! As for other movies, last time in September, I had wanted Unbeatable but they weren’t available yet.  This time, I managed to get it.  Special ID is the new Donnie Yen movie (YAY!) and Floating City was the buffer to make the deal look better and I realized that Netflix just added it.  Feels a bit like a fail but thats okay.  Ending off is one of my long time faves that I’ve been wanting to add to my collection and Costco in Ontario had it for a decent price: Anne of Green Gables 🙂 No one does Anne as well as Megan Follows.

Next up, Costco also had some pretty awesome deal on books so I grabbed these ones!



I’m a mega fan of  Amy Tan. The Joy Luck Club is one of my most favorite books and even the movie wasn’t such a bad one, in my opinion, but I haven’t seen it in ages. I will though, then I’ll review it.  As for Jodi Piccoult, I loved My Sister’s Keeper so I thought I’d give this one a chance.  I’ve read some good reviews of it.

Hmm…I actually think thats all I bought, other than a bunch of food that I ended up eating before taking any pictures.  It was mostly Dim Sum from T&T Supermarket and some Egg rolls.  Groceries, you know? I’m sure you don’t need to see that!

If I ended it here, this would be kind of a pathetic post so I figured I’d share some of my surprisingly quick arrivals 🙂

The first is something that I had bought on Groupon for a Photobook and I managed to finish it right before the deadline! It didn’t come with a lot of long hours looking through pictures and making hard choices for the layout.  It was supposed to be a surprise gift for my boyfriend, but he’s way more decisive than I am, so I asked him to help me and that really sped up the process!

Photobook cover

Photobook cover

Random inside pages

Random inside pages

Excuse my messy desk and all those newspaper snippets my mom likes to stick under the glass on my table! I’d say it looks pretty cool! The pages all of different layouts and pictures, its pretty  much the highlights of all our trips: summer vacations, day trips, weekend getaways, for the past 5+ years of our relationship.  I actually dug out a lot of pictures that I completely forgot I had and we had a good laugh while putting it together.  Fun times 🙂 That flew from Malaysia (according to DHL tracking) to here in just a matter of days, arriving on Friday (but I was out of town) so I got it on Monday.

Next up, yesterday’s one delivery turned into TWO! WHAT?!?!?!? Apparently all those random things I get over the months all came one by one. I had bought speakers from Groupon for my cellphone since I enjoy listening to music when I shower or work around the house, plus, its light and portable.

Veho Speakers

Veho Speakers

I listened to it for a bit and it seems pretty decent.  For the price I got it at, I wasn’t expecting anything grand and it turned out alright.  Always a plus!

I also ordered a shirt from These Quiet Sounds, which is also a clothing company owned by one of the Boyce Avenue brothers, Fabian.  I was curious a few weeks ago and went to check out the site and totally fell in love with this tank top! BUTTERFLIES 🙂

These Quiet Sounds Tank Top

These Quiet Sounds package

These Quiet Sounds tank top

Here’s what it looks like!

I LOVE IT! I was a bit nervous because the fabric they used usually makes me look fat but hey, it looks pretty decent to me.  Maybe it was the 400 crunches I did before I tried it on, but I’m going to take the positive side of this: I probably toned my body up.  Just have to make sure I keep doing it, right?

See, the post didn’t turn out to be that pathetic, right? I actually have one more package that should be on its way for a Kickstarter project.  After that, everything will calm down as I prep for Christmas gifts and crafts.  Then it’ll be my turn to send things out! Plus, I have to try to keep all expenses minimal…I’ll do a big reveal in December after the Nanowrimo November craze has passed!

Things are going back to some form of normality! I do have a movie review going up soonish, maybe tomorrow, maybe later today. I have a few movies on Netflix expiring on December 1st so I have to get those watched: Dead Silence, Children of Men & Martha Marcy May Marlene. Whether I get all those watched, I have no idea but I’ve read some positive reviews each of them so I’m going to try my best to see them all.  3 movies in 10 days sounds very doable in my mind at least.

Okay! I’m done rambling on! 

Any of the three, you’d suggest me to see more than the others? How’s your Nanowrimo going? Do you like to support Kickstarter projects? Have you started thinking about Christmas gifts already?

Halloween, Heavy Winds & One Life!

Randomness, I know! Thats what my personal posts are about.  That about wraps up what this week felt like.

Nothing much happened for the first part of it because my life was absorbed with work.  Thank goodness that I had watched 5 movies last weekend so my movie marathon didn’t drop off. It held up pretty well 🙂 I’m quite proud of it.  I tallied up an awesome 21 movies this year. I watched some amazing ones, some that had a lot of potential but didn’t fully perform and some just downright was horrible.  I think the best ones had to be the thrillers: Hard Candy and 5150 Rue Des Ormes.  Lord of Tears was my highlight as it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.   I also feel a bit more knowledgeable about the whole Michael Myers thing now.  Maybe next year will be Friday the 13th series or Nightmare on Elm Street.  Its a year away, so who knows what’ll happen, right? Thanks to everyone who dropped by, liked, commented and read it, gave me more recommendations, etc.  You all are fabulous and amazingly awesome!

Now that my sappy part is done! Lets move on!

November not only marked the start of NaNoWriMo but my goodness, we had crazy heavy winds on Friday.  I was sitting there freaking out my huge evergreens were going to topple over.  That would’ve been a disaster.  One of the neighbors actually had that, but they were lucky that it just fell sideways and brushed against their car shelter frame.  I’m guessing they were happy that they had the car shelter up or else it would’ve been their car.  The winds were howling and whistling and making all kinds of crazy noises.  I recorded this on my way home.  Its pitch black but still, you can hear it…

I hate the dark so yeah, that was kind of creepy.  Plus, one gust of the wind shifted my foot and almost made me trip.  Falling flat on my face would’ve been slightly embarrassing and painful, right?

What better when I got home but to cuddle up with my darling kitty and watch TV 🙂


On the note of that, I started watching a series this week and well, catching up to its current season.  I should be watching the new fall season but I’ve been wanting to check this out for a while: Once Upon a Time!

once upon a time poster

I just finished Season 1 yesterday! Let me tell you, it was pretty good.  The whole concept is cool.  I think the best character has to be the man who plays Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold. He kicks some serious ass and I can see his character having some serious potential for the most character development. I’m just a bit angry because they kept killing off the characters I like.  Funny enough, as I was loving the guy who played Huntsman, I read that he was the new guy casted for Fifty Shades of Grey.  LOL!

jamie dornan

I can picture him doing Christian Grey.  I have no objections, although I doubt I’d actually go see it in theatres anyways.

Moving on…

Yesterday night was our annual Halloween party at my boyfriend’s sister’s place.  She has these awesome parties every year and its the one time of the year where I get completely wasted.  I’m still experiencing slight migraines as I type this up.  Her husband makes these crazy punches, plus this year she tripled my apricot brandy sour when I first got there.  Either way, lets not dive into my alcoholic lifestyle.

The theme this year was CINEMA! Hell yeah, right? Right up my alley! Unfortunately, I learned that apparently my most favorite getup was just one: Alice from Resident Evil and I already did that last year.  After rummaging around last Sunday on a very urgent costume run, my boyfriend ended up getting a new costume and I came up with a very improv version of Princess Mononoke! Until yesterday, I realized that I forgot to get face paint and the stores had already closed so it wasn’t done too well but still, I tried.

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke!

I didn’t take a lot of good pictures so huge thanks to my boyfriend’s sister.  She let me borrow one with my boyfriend to share 🙂

I have no idea what happened but I like this pic :)

I have no idea what happened but I like this pic 🙂

Silly dancing ;)

Silly dancing 😉

We were a crazy group yesterday: Hannibal Lector (my boyfriend), Black Swan (my boyfriend’s sister), Killer clown/It (not sure which but that was her husband).  Their friends also came as Saw, Exorcist, Gremlins, Addams Family, Dick Tracy, Rambo, Dracula,  the Queen of Hearts (I think) and Avatar.  There was one I wasn’t sure what it was, above my knowledge of films.  I had to try to learn some new names and had some nice chats.

This is getting a tad lengthy so I’m going to end this with some music! As most of you know, I’m a huge Boyce Avenue fan.  I’m happy that they are getting so successful and now they are even more awesome because they are giving back to society.  The new single they released is 100% for charity.  I love the song: the rhythm and the lyrics all very meaningful. Its called One Life.  They just posted up with a collab with a lot of Youtube artists and the video is amazing!

Since its for charity, makes it even more meaningful to buy it.  Hope you like it! 🙂

I have to go vote at provincial elections now! Exciting, right? *rolls eyes*

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Giving Thanks Even More and Lots of Food!

I know, lame title! You already know about the highlight of last week: Boyce Avenue Concert! If you missed that post from earlier today, you can check it out HERE!

This weekend was Thanksgiving weekend in Canada! YAY! Long weekend means so much more time to do lots of stuff! I did talk about doing some stuff on my Pinterest post on Friday night! Guess what? Apparently, whenever I post about doing something, I end up actually doing it more than when I just write it up on my notebook or post it on my fridge or something.

Friday night was nothing special but consisted mostly of watching Pretty Little Liars! I’m on Season 3 now! Its getting more than relaxing intense but intense intense! Other than Pretty Little Liars, my guilt of sitting around doing nothing kicked in some time around 10pm and I got straight to work and did a ton of chores for the next two hours.  Nothing to really post about there..unless you want to see my wonderful laundry hanging skills 😉

Saturday was pretty cool.  I actually got in a lot of sleep.  One of the 10 things I wanted to do! It doesn’t make up for the past 2 weeks of not sleeping a lot but its getting there.  My boyfriend and I got woke up earlier than usual and we managed to do a shopping run.  I picked up 2 horror movies at Walmart for $5 each: The Descent Original Uncut (my review HERE of it with US ending) and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. I also got a indie horror film called Frozen, which I did manage to watch yesterday night as well.  The review goes up next week 🙂 I’m still processing it a little.

I promised you food, right? Last night, I went all out and decided to make a crazy meal, which my boyfriend had to step in to help out nearing the end since I have this weird frustration that sets in when I cook for a while longer and things start going crazy.  Panic, I guess….he never understands why I’m a completely different person when I bake…I’m sure some of you do, right?

Here it goes!

First up, I made an Autumn Sangria in the afternoon to let it sit and soak up the fruits a bit.

Autumn Sangria

Prep for Autumn Sangria

The recipe that I used is this one HERE! This is how it turned out 🙂

Autumn Sangria

Autumn Sangria!

This was really strong in my Chinese alcohol intolerance level.  For one, the bourbon tastes very strong and its what soaked into the fruits mostly, so the fruits were delicious, especially the apples.  Second, if you expect citrus like the normal sangria, this one hits the spicy level a little more.  Definitely more autumn with more fruits from this season and a cinnamon sticks (preferably), I only had ground cinnamon so I added a hint of that to the mix.

Moving on, for the main meal, we made a little twist of the Avocado Basil Pasta featured HERE!

Avocado Basil Pasta

Avocado Basil Pasta

We cooked a bit of topping since I’m not really good with raw foods.  Also, we added in some leftover italian sausages and made a side of potatoes. As much as it may not look that great, it tasted pretty awesome 🙂

Sunday morning came around and I was in an extremely happy mood to make some pancakes.  I mixed the batter and my boyfriend helped make it. They were these Pumpkin Pancakes right HERE!

Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes!

I’ve never made pancakes non-Bisquick style so this was a pretty good trial.  Plus, they tasted SO GOOD! Whats Halloween or Autumn recipes without pumpkins, right?

After that, we headed off for a nature trail in the Eastern Townships for the afternoon.  I have to sort through about 200 pictures from that but the post will be going up soon.  Here’s a picture to give you an idea!

Marais de la Riviere aux Cerises

Marais de la Riviere aux Cerises

I already remember to be thankful everyday for the great things in life that I have but its also a weekend for me to reflect how to be better at being thankful and grateful for all that I have. So far, this weekend’s been pretty epic.

One more day to go! Before I leave you, here’s a nice video about What to Eat for Happiness from Popsugar Fitness! Enjoy!

Just in case you ever need this, with Halloween around the corner! Lets train in case we get hit by a zombie apocalyse (and to insert a bit more Halloween in here)!

I’ll definitely try it soon 🙂 Tell me how it went if you try it out!

Stay happy and healthy! Thats what I’m grateful for: just being alive, being blessed with what I have, and especially meeting all of you in the blogosphere! Thank you for all the love: likes, comments, follows and just simply visiting! Its been a great year so far on Tranquil Dreams and there isn’t enough thank yous to express how grateful I am and how much I appreciate all of you! 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend! Drop by again! I have a lot prepped for next week 🙂

Boyce Avenue Concert!

The past Tuesday, I went to see Boyce Avenue on tour.  Its been 2 years since he has come to Montreal for a show and I was super excited to head there even though I’d been to two previous concerts of theirs before.  They were the reason of how I managed to learn about the whole world of independent artists that were on YouTube.  They are a great band and make incredible covers!

I went straight after work and met up with a friend who wanted to experience the concert ambiance, even though he didn’t know anything about the band itself.  The line up outside was massive, as I approached it, the end of the line had already turned the corner and was just about to turn the next one as well.  Soon enough, the line did move forward.


The show had a good while before it started even after we found a spot to watch the show.   Unfortunately for me this time would be the time where my height challenged situation was to my disadvantage because some very tall audience decided to squeeze right in front of me.  Still, I managed to snap a good amount of pictures.

The first opening act was by an artist that I did not know about.  Her name is Madilyn Bailey and she has an amazing voice.  I loved her music and energy.

Madilyn Bailey Boyce Avenue Concert

Madilyn Bailey

She sang a few covers and a few of her own songs that she wrote.  Because of the crazy lineup, I didn’t get her album but once I got home, I took care of that right away and I’m desperately waiting for it in the mail.

After her, came the very young and more known (to me), Megan Nicole.  She also had two young men, apparently from another group as her accompanying music on the guitar and drums.

Megan Nicole Boyce Avenue Concert

Megan Nicole

They brought a very amazing vibe into the show and got us all pumped up and ready to get going for the main act to follow: BOYCE AVENUE!

Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue

For a good part of the show, I used my smartphone to take pictures but when that died nearly the final 30 minutes, I pulled out my DSLR and start snapping up the best pictures that I had of the show.  Only deal was that the heads were still in the way but at least all the pictures turned out a lot better.

As you can see, it was impossible to get them all in one shot most of the time and two of them were a lot easy to catch than the third, but still, I tried.  Regardless, the concert was amazing! I love being around others who share the love and enthusiasm that I have for them.  They are so talented and they even sang two unreleased songs which sounded great!

The best moment was definitely when they rolled out the piano and sang Broken Angel! For some, you know that Broken Angel has a special meaning to me and connects me to some things that I’ve been working on.  No, I did not burst out in tears in public 😉 The song was still fantastic and I loved every minute of it!

I was going to post up videos from the concert but the bass affected a lot of the sound quality so here’s a YouTube video to give you guys a taste.  I’ll put two just so you get an idea 🙂

Isn’t it just awesome? Well, head over and watch a few more of their videos or check out Broken Angel if you didn’t catch my post last year about it 🙂 That sound is slightly on the depressing side and not really something I want to put up here on this beautiful weekend! It is one of my favorites of theirs though!

This concert made my week, not just Tuesday night! I can’t wait for their next time they go on tour because you know, I’ll be there! 🙂

I was going to just do one personal post on it but this was too big of an event for me to crunch into one little post…so one more post to go up later today!!!

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

Versatile, Very Inspiring and Liebster!

Oh goodness! How did I let this happen? Somehow over the course of almost a month, I piled up 3 awards and haven’t answered them.

I’m sorry to the 3 bloggers who nominated me.  Its been a bit hectic over here and I wouldn’t want you to think that I’m slacking off or whatnot.  I’ve just been tired and trying to catch up and just getting back in my groove.  Thinking about these awards made me quite happy actually.  I have a lot of stuff planned for the blog and as much as its slowed down this week, my mind never stops for what comes up soon.

Lets start with the longest unanswered award from Mike@ Mikes Film Talk who awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award! I love getting this award (fourth time now) and accepting it (even though its really late) because I admit that my blog is versatile and covers so many different subjects.  Thanks so so so (times a million) much for this award.  I know I’m really late (like 3 weeks or something).  I really appreciate it! Its means so much to me!


This award comes with rules like all of them:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Include a link to their blog.

3. Name the bloggers to whom you would like to pass the award and send them a link to tell them you’ve selected them.

4. Finally, tell the person who nominated you seven things about yourself.

I’ll get to the nominees and sharing my facts later…I want to thank everyone first 🙂

Second award I received about 10 days or so ago was from Joe @ Joe’s Musings for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Now talk about being speechless with this.  Needing a few weeks to just digest it.  Moi? Inspiring? VERY inspiring? I don’t even think thats possible but at least Joe thinks so enough to pass this on to me. 🙂 Thanks to Joe so extremely much and I ask him to excuse my tardiness with accepting this.  He is the extremely inspiring one here.  Always writing the best pieces and sharing his fiction and creativity.  You have to check his blog out if you haven’t already.

very inspiring blogger award

The rules for this one is as follows:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Nominations and facts coming up in the end and now for the 3rd award, which I received earlier this week!

This most recent one is from Natasha @ Film and Things for Liebster Award. She is totally awesome and I thank her a whole bunch for this awesome award.  Also, you might want to know that she’s going to start filming her own short movie soon called Once Bitten, Twice Shy.  Just to mention that Mike@ Mike’s Film Talk will be part of the cast in that 🙂 Exciting stuff, right? Plus, she also just started a 30 day challenge where she’ll answer 30 questions each day regarding movies.  You know what’s even cooler than that? She covered the Udine Far East Film Festival with other members (I think that were part of her university) and had the chance to interview some awesome directors!

liebster award2

The rules are to give 11 facts about you, answer 11 questions then nominate 11 people! Simple enough, right?

Lets answer these questions first!

1. What musical artist are you listening to these days?

Sara Bareilles, Jon McLaughlin, Boyce Avenue, Green River Ordinance, Taylor Swift, Straight No Chaser

2. If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why?

Tiger! Its my calling 🙂

3. What do you say when your (or someone else’s) kid asks you why the sky is blue?

I don’t communicate with children very well…so I’d probably nudge my boyfriend and ask him the same question for him to answer…

4. Favorite Food?

Gingerbread cookies


5. If $$ were no object, where would you travel on your next vacation?

Santorini/Bora Bora/Maldives

6. How do you like your eggs?


7. Favorite Reality TV Show?

Property Brothers/Chopped/Kitchen Nightmares

8. What was your very first job?

Packaging clothes

9. What book is on your nightstand right now?

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass…although the book I’m reading is in my bag instead

10. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Gossip Girl, 90210, OC…teenage drama so that I can be happy that I’m not rich and not create my own drama 😉

OH and Magic Mike/True Blood..for shirtless hot men

11. At what age is your earliest memory?

Probably age 4 at Japan Disney on the Snow White ride because it freaked me out!!!

So, did you learn a bit more about me? Or was it just all  expected? There’s more though, with all the facts added up for the 3 awards, I’m due to give you 25 facts (which I have no idea what to write)…so here it goes!

1) I’m putting together my friend’s wedding video and I have no idea what music to use…decisions decisions (Any ideas?)

2) I’m excited to go tomorrow to my first ever bachelorette party in honor of my friend’s wedding on Sunday

3) I’m really happy that the weather is getting warm again

4) I can’t believe its also season finales for shows…I still have so much to catch up with.

5) Many people say that I look mixed.  I think it was more when I was a baby.

Baby Kim...ignore the timestamp..

Baby Kim…ignore the timestamp..

6) I need my brain to become more efficient so that I can memorize all my pieces for my piano exam which I want to take this coming winter.

7) I am on a constant search for nice flowy dresses for whatever season!

8) Once the weather gets hot, I always want to go to the beach..even if I never really go that often.

9) I love listening to Chinese music from the 1970s up to 90s (maybe even before that).  After that, it kind of goes down the drain. Two different eras with different style of music showed below 🙂

And I have to insert one with my favorite band Beyond, who disbanded a good while ago..but they are total awesomeness!

10) Yesterday I started watching this ridiculous movie called Killer Klowns from Outer Space

11) I still owe everyone the review of the 4th Die Hard and I feel bad about not having done it but the boyfriend hasn’t been in the mood to finish it…so I’ll probably watch it soon by myself to write it up this week.

12)  I don’t really like planning out my days because when I do, something else always happens to get in the way

13) I’m trying to do another piano cover but I haven’t quite decided what song.

14) I can’t constantly write movie reviews.  Its really hard to do it every day sometimes. I praise those who own pure movie blogs because you are all amazingly awesome

15) I’m learning about the power of being an introvert right now.

16) I love hiking, walking, biking and working out. Pretty much anything active, especially tree adventures 🙂

17) My first console is the Nintendo DS Lite and it makes it so much better because I earned my own money to get it.

18) I have an addiction to Tetris and Bejeweled.  Don`t let them near me because I won’t/can’t stop

19) On PS3, I can only play Move games or Little Big Planet.  Anything else gets too complex.  Or maybe racing games as well 🙂

little big planet

20) If you haven’t followed me for very long, I LOVE Dr. Seuss.  I can read the stories all the time out loud to myself and it’ll make me feel super happy!

21) I collect Disney plushes.  I buy one or two to every new Disney store that I visit.



22) I’m slightly height challenged at 5 feet 3 inches tall.

23) My goal this summer is to revamp my backyard and learn how to garden so that it’ll look like before my dad passed away.

24) I’m taking a break from dragonboat this year and dropped to part-time so that I can finish up all the exams that I’ve dragged out for too long

25) I’m thinking right now that I’ve bored you all with too much information about me and I’m happy this is the last point 🙂 I’m not one to talk too much about myself

Now we’re at one of the most important part of this post: THE NOMINATIONS! I really don’t want to choose so you know what, you choose which one you want! I choose YOU! Yes, YOU!

If you home several different subjects on your blog, then you get the versatile blogger award.  If you write inspiring quotes and aim to be positive and inspire others in any way, then Very Inspiring you are! If you are a young blog with not too many followers or just recently started up for a few months or a year or what not, feel free to take the Liebster award! I’m giving it to anyone of you who drops by this blog, has liked or commented or follows my blog.  If you just happen to drop by, then its fate or destiny or whatever you call it that has lead you here! So feel free to take it 🙂 Just remember to link back and follow the rules! You know you all deserve it!!!

A GIGANTIC THANKS TO MIKE, JOE AND NATASHA! Remember to check out their blogs because they are super awesome!!

Thank you to all of you for sticking around till now! I tried to make it as entertaining as possible 🙂

Mix Tape of my Life

Daily Prompt: Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.

I love music and I don’t share that nearly enough here.  When I saw this topic, I knew I needed to go through the jukebox in my head and give you the mix tape of my life in 10 songs.

This is in no specific order and it’ll be multilingual..just a note in advance. For the foreign language ones, I’ll try to do a translation of the lyrics so at least you can understand  the message I would like you to get from it.

1)In the Dark- Tiesto feat Christian Burns

“When it seems
Like the world around you’s breaking
And it feels
Like there’s no one else around you
And it’s quiet
There’s a silence in the darkness
And it sounds
Like the carnival is over”


2) Dare to Believe – Boyce Avenue

“It’s feeling like the time’s run out
But the hour glass just flipped itself over again
The sun is slowly sinking down
But on the other side a new day waits to begin

If you dare to believe in life
You might realize that there’s no time for talking
Or to just wait around while the innocent die

No more
We’re gonna lose everything
If we believe all the lies
I may fall but I swear that I’ll help you believe
No more
This world’s running on empty
And there’s no reason why
You may fall but I know that you’ll help me believe

We’ve been in the dark for way too long
But when we turn around
We see a light shine through the haze
So forget about who was wrong
Because I’ve never been more ready to turn this page

If you swear you believe in life
Embrace forgiveness
‘Cuz it’s all that I’m asking
Or keep holding out while the innocent die”


3) S’il Suffisait d’aimer (If Loving was Enough) – Celine Dion

Translation of the chorus:

If loving each other was enough, if loving was enough

If we changed things a bit, just by loving to share

If loving each was enough, if loving was enough

I would make this world a dream, an eternity


4) Beautiful Day – Ekin Cheng

“Only need the sun to be bright and companions are strong, Its a beautiful day”


5) Vanilla Twilight – Owl City

“But drenched in vanilla twilight

I’ll sit on the front porch all night

Waist-deep in thought because

When I think of you I don’t feel so alone”

6) I Really Got Hurt – Jackie Cheung & Ivana Wong

For the breakups in my life, few but once profound, song starts at 1:00

“Outside the window  its getting dark, The music is getting quiet, my heart starts to think of you.


The lights are growing dim, the music is getting quiet, the cotton candy in my mouth has melted away

Outside the window its getting dark, I’m getting bored, my heart starts to think of you.

The phone rings, you want to talk, I thought that your heart was thinking of me again.

How come your voice has become cold and distant? You have changed, you have changed.


The lights are off, the music has stopped, I can’t stop the tears from falling

The sky has started to rain, I’m not happy anymore, My heart really hurts now.”


7) Broken Angel – Boyce Avenue

We already went through this song with my previous post When Is It Okay.  You can click HERE if you haven’t read it.


8) Little Moments – Brad Paisley

For my relationship which is going strong, almost reaching our 5 years together in less than 3 months.  And this song, both my boyfriend and I know it reminds us of the relationship, especially giving directions.  I’m horrible at that…

“I know she’s not perfect but she tries so hard for me
And I thank god that she isn’t ’cause how boring would that be
It’s the little imperfections it’s the sudden change in plans
When she misreads the directions and we’re lost but holdin’ hands

Yeah I live for little moments like that”


9) So Long – Zooey Deschanel

For my best friends and the future friendships…

“Because it’s been so long since I made a friend like you

Some like to be alone, independent, and on their own

All alone I guess their free

But not me”

“You test my nerves, it makes me stronger, Can you bother me a little bit longer?”


10) Totoro – Joe Hisaishi

Joe Hisaishi is the man behind the magic of all the musical scores of Miyazaki movies.  When you look at his expressions when he plays this song (or any other score), you can feel his passion for his work, the energy that it brings him.  Thats what I want my future to have.  My best friends and my boyfriend and my family are the foundation of my happiness but to find and do things that will make me fully passionate in what I do is something I strive for.

To join this daily prompt, you can go check it out HERE!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Silhouettes are the outlines of an object.  Many times we get that through having a brighter or more brightly lit background and it contrasts the closer images to be darker.  I really like these effects in pictures but then I don’t use them a lot because you can’t have silhouettes of everything and not see the details and the actual image, right?

Saying that, I do have a few that I’ve taken.  Some are from past festivals that I’ve been to and one was from this summer.  I had posted a similar picture in a previous post about my trip up north of Quebec to Saguenay Lac Saint Jean region.  Its probably one of my favorites shots I’ve ever taken.

Silhouette of the crowd on Formula 1 Weekend at night in 2010


Silhouette of my neighborhood park with the sunset during an evening stroll with my mom


Green River Ordinance opening performance for Boyce Avenue Concert at Metropolis

A snapshot of the silhouette of one of the band members!


An evening walk at Vieux Chicoutimi in Saguenay Lac Saint Jean region this summer.

Don’t you think sunsets are just the most beautiful? The silhouettes it creates are also the most enchanting and attractive, calm and peaceful.  All sorts of great feelings!