Weekly Workout Recap – Week 4: When Everyday Life Takes Priority

Four weeks in and its already starting to feel like things are going downhill quick a la slippery slope style.

With that said, I had anticipated that it may be a lull this week. Its not really an excuse but I had another cavity filling session that I had mentioned previously in my Weekly Adventures and the whole numbing my jaw thing really knocks out my motivation and makes me feel all loopy.

Still, lets just see how it went down.


Rest & Recording
For those of you who know, I co-host two podcasts and one of them had our biggest episode yet with the sheer material to cover today. Nothing like a 2 hour recording session to push back the entire evening schedule. It was a fun show and if its already released, I’ll have the link right under here.


Another rest day (unfortunately) due to cavity filling after work and then hours for the anesthesia to wear off.


Booty (2 rounds of 20 reps)
Single Leg Deadlift (each side)
Weighted Sumo Squat
Single Leg Squat + Kick (each side)
Side Plank Lateral Lifts (each side)
Inner Thigh Openers


So many rest days this week.


Legs (1 rounds of 20 reps)
Stationary Lunge (each side)
Squat Up Downs
Side Lunge (each side)
Side Plank Inner Thigh Lifts (each side)
Tuck Jumps


A beautiful weekend brought in a little landscaping in the garden. It took both time and a lot of strength to get it all done so skipped on the actual working out for garden labor. Gardening update tomorrow and you’ll see it all!


Hiking is official back tentatively every other week meaning this Sunday was a hiking day. We headed out to Parc Regional Mont-Ham and the post is coming up soon once I sort through the pictures and put them together.

Hike was 6.9 kms in total and took us 4 hours to go up and down. This is a pretty intensive hike as there is a lot of rock climbing and steep uphills. However, you will see in the post that is coming up in a day or two that it actually takes you to the summit with a cross planted there and its a true 360 degree view. Worth all the energy and hard work! 🙂

Thats it for this week!
I’m starting to stray from the Tone It Up Bikini Series a little.
However, life does take priority sometimes especially for my own well-being (even if its not physical exercise).
Next week is less crazy hopefully so I should be able to get back to running as long as it doesn’t rain everyday.

Weekly Workout Recap: Week 2

workout recaps

Hello everyone! Week 2 is here! I’m actually updating as I go along every day so its becoming a really nice journal log that you all get to see at the end of the week when I finish the Sunday workout during cooldown. A pretty nice cool down (after stretches), I’d say. Its been only one week and maybe its the mindset that I’m being more active than I had been so its putting me in a much more positive mood about everything.

If you didn’t catch my first week for this segment revival, you can find it here.

Tone It Up Bikini Series goes on for 8 weeks from what I remember so we are heading into Week 2. As I do these workouts, I’m also making sure to start building up the routine for next month so that I won’t stop although I’m debating whether to stick with a regular month of Tone It Up for fun and see how that goes. Less rambling this time and let’s start Week 2!

Bikini Series – Week 2

Booty (2 rounds of 25 reps/move)

Bridge Openers
Down Dog Booty Lifts (each side)
Squat Up-Downs (each side)
Booty Band Shuffle (each side)
Standing Booty Lifts (each side)

Arms & Abs  Rest Day

2.3 km walk at lunch

I know how this routine is supposed to be a hardcore 8 weeks thing but seeing as I haven’t worked out a ton and my wrist was starting to hurt from either gardening or some exercise thing, I decided to take the Arms day off just to recuperate and prevent any possible injuries, because that would just make everything worse.


Run: 23:53 mins for 3.97km
I did a little longer run. Ended up skipping the 5 toning moves.

Abs (2 round of 25 reps)

Ball Rollout Equipment issues, changed to Push-ups
Mountain Climbers
Ball Pike Equipment issues, changed to Oblique Twists
V-Sit Crunch
Toe Touch

Total Body HIIT (2 rounds of 25 reps)

Single Leg Deadlift + Row (each side)
Squat Jacks (30 seconds)
Bridge + Chest Press
Bikini Walkout + Tummy Toners
Jump Rope (30 seconds)

Cardio Abs + Arms (2 rounds of 25 reps)

Plank Jack
Knee to Elbow Crunch (each side)
Bicep Curls
Forward to Lateral Raise


Rest day! (kind of…)
No 5K run/walk due to resting up for tomorrow’s hiking day trip.
No 5 moves as well as did 4 hours of gardening (gardening update tomorrow).


This was a pretty good week. I kept up with a lot of the daily workouts and pushed through the more tired days, which helped to give myself a lot more energy. The running was also really good since I did a good pace that I was happy with. I’m starting to eat healthier as well. Definitely a great second week. I’ll check back next week with another update!

Getting into Shape 2018: Weekly Workout Revival


Hey everyone!

Its been at least 5 years or more since I wrote a Weekly Workout Recap segment. And that really is because the last few years, its been a horribly unhealthy and health ridden days. It killed my motivation and whatnot. I did do a ton of running and zumba in 2015 in preparation for the whole wedding thing. I feel like I did at some point revive the segment trying to get back into the groove of things, but it didn’t last for the above reasons again. Either way, my lack of health and fitness has lately really affected how I feel about myself so weekly updates, WE ARE BACK!

I’m not tracking by the balance and losing weight. My goal is to just feel good about myself and feeling toned and strong. I don’t necessarily feel that how much I weigh will do that, actually I never have, because if I build muscle, I’ll gain weight but it’ll be good weight as opposed to just building more fat. Either way, I’m trying to eat a little cleaner and less processed foods. The past year, I’ve tried to get back into the groove of things with my sheer desire and wanted to create my own little workout thing and the indecisiveness made it just take too long to start and then too late to begin without sacrificing the little sleep that I get. Then I tried to just keep to a schedule but things always got in the way, finally went back to my go to with the Nike Training program and I just couldn’t stay motivated, mostly because the workouts felt like they were out of my league and then I’d be in too much pain to do the next one in the schedule without risking injury.

Anyways, its already a pretty long story but point is, back then, I started out being super motivated when I did some Pumps and Iron or Tone It Up workout so I’m going back to where I had started and trying to complete the Bikini Series for Tone It Up which just started. And to stay accountable, I’ll share the workout progress. If you want to join in, they actually have a TIU app which tracks your fitness goals and has the daily workouts and 5 toning moves that changes every day.

tone it up app

Bikini Series – Week 1

Monday (didn’t jot down the moves so just working with memory for Monday and Tuesday)
Arms (2 rounds of 15 reps)

Bicep Curls
Shoulder Pulses
Reverse Flyes
Squat Presses
–can’t remember what the last thing is–

Total Body (2 rounds of 15 reps)

Reverse lunges with curls
Bikini Walkouts + Tummy Tucks
Squat Jacks


Didn’t have time for 5 Toning Moves
Ended up doing a 1.5 km walk at lunch

Total Body (2 rounds of 15 reps)

Walk 2.5 km at lunch

Single-Leg Deadlift (each side)
Weighted Chop (each side)
Side Plank Crunch (each side)
Plank Row (each side)
High Knees (30 seconds)

Pushing through my own lack of motivation and got a late quick workout in despite getting home late from the dentist and having a late dinner. The small triumphs are what builds habits in my mind. 🙂

Yoga and Abs (2 rounds of 15 reps)

Bikini Walkout + Plank Jack
Shoulder Taps (each side)
Rock the Boat (each side)
Seated Side Opener (30 seconds each side)

HIIT & Abs (2 rounds of 15 reps)

Squat Jacks (30 seconds)
Mountain Climbers (each side)
Toe Touches
Squat Jacks (30 seconds)
Down Dog Booty Lifts (each side)

(extra: do 30 seconds mountain climbers after each round)

Arms & Cardio

5KM Run & Walk (or as my Nike running app says 4.69km)
Total time: 33:15 mins

(2 rounds of 25 reps)
Shoulder taps (each side)
Plank taps (each side)
Bridge & Press
Bent-over Row
Cross-body Curls (each side)


This week was a lot of making myself get back into the groove. I don’t think that realistically working seven days a week even if its just 15 minutes sometimes works but I’m going to try my best and also start adding in not only the 5 daily toning moves but also some Tone It Up workouts. Thats the plan for the next 3 weeks until the Bikini Series is done. Week 2 of Bikini Series is out. Check it out HERE. Arms and abs have always been my weakness so those double duty things like walkouts and Down Dog Booty Lifts were the hardest workouts of this week that I needed to really push myself to complete. For the record, I don’t have resistance bands, or I might have them but I can’t remember where it is. So just to not murder myself, I did some of these just normal without the added resistance. I’m pretty happy with just staying on track for week 1.

That’s it for Week 1 recap!
It definitely feels both painful and awesome to be working out again.
Can’t say that I’m particularly in the groove since most days I still want to just not do it but end up finding some motivation.
Let’s keep me accountable! And well, tell me if you are working out to stay fit as well. Let’s encourage each other!

Week 17: Summer and Outdoors Fun!

Another short work week is upon me.  Once summer starts, there is so many more options to staying active and its all about balancing everything out.  Somehow this year, group activities with friends have decreased leaving me time to insert individual activities or say, going out with my boyfriend and/or mom. Plus, this week, we start preparing for our summer hiking season as we usually do for vacation time! Let’s start! 🙂  Tone it Up is doing two a days, which means two workouts a day, usually cardio with body weights/strength training of some sort.  I’m going to try to follow along but no guarantees 😉


Our first hike of 2013! We did it at Mont St-Hilaire.  I’ve never done it before but the hiking paths there are not bad in difficulty but the viewpoints we saw were quite blah.  Nothing really worth the hike in my opinion.  Maybe if we did the longer hiking trails it would’ve reaped better end results.  I don’t know! It was a very suitable one to start the year and this time, even my mom joined us! 🙂 Definitely was fun! Our legs are just a little bit more ready for more hiking, although I need to be careful because I almost had an accident and sprained/twisted my ankle.  Thank goodness its fine 🙂


After the hike from Monday, my right leg was screaming in pain.  I think it had more to do with the fact that I almost twisted it rather than the walk but I soldiered on and did the Stars & Stripes Cardio Workout once.

 Its actually pretty tough, especially 25 burpees. My max I can do continuously is about 15, then after that I need to do them in fives and pause before finishing the next five. This one felt good at the end of just one routine.


My ankle started hurting today more than before.  I think it has to do with the hiking mishaps that happened.  Seeing as I had a somewhat busy evening getting rid of the rhubarb, I managed to get in the Beach Yoga workout at around 11pm.  Very close to bedtime but its yoga so it tends to relax.  Plus, its been helping with my back pains so I’m happy to do it whenever 🙂 Any yoga online routines you would like to recommend?


I spontaneously decided that I’m going to take a day off! Especially since I plan on going to dragonboat practice tomorrow since I might need to race in the Montreal Challenge next weekend…its would come in handy to get myself back into the rhythm and connect with the team 🙂


DRAGONBOAT! I managed to pull through everything at work and make it to practice! It was raining on and off and crazy humid.  I took a 1km walk before practice.  The actual practice was an hour long and drained me.  We did 6x100m sprints consecutively.  It got me back into having a better feeling on how to do the starts, then we did a relaxed 2km.  Since I can only paddle on Sunday (if I do), I would be part of the 2km so it was an awesome practice.  Drained me completely!


Due to yesterday’s practice, today had to be a day off.  With prep for vacation such as packing and printing and drafting and editing, I really didn’t have time to do anything else.


VACATION TIME! Today’s plan is driving and hiking:) We did a view scenic stops and went to hike on the Bald Mountain Trail. It was a fantastic hike 🙂

OVERALL…this week was great. I did two outdoor activities that I love: hiking and dragonboat. I would definitely recommend trying it out if you get a chance. Other than that, the Stars and Stripes Cardio workout was really fun and effective. Not too bad, right? I managed to do 5 days.

Next week is vacation. I haven’t decided whether to do a roundup or not. I’ll be staying active and relaxing. 🙂

Week 6: Pushing through Fatigue and Pains!

At my last week’s update, I went through a very sickly Sunday which made me break my Core Challenge that I had wanted to.  The week started off at about the same note and it was learning to push through the fatigue and pains (and mild sickness).  Coming out of that and finding the motivation to workout!


This is usually a workout day but I decided to swap it with Wednesday because I was in too much pains (girl problems…).  Plus, the work day was stressful to the max with lots of obstacles and challenging clients to deal with.  All in all, I sat around and finished a movie with my boyfriend. That review is HERE! Then, continued onwards with this 90s popular Hong Kong TV Series that I used to love 🙂 The days when there were NO cell phones and when your vehicle broke down, you had to stand around and wait for another car to drop by before continuing on with action.  Real obstacles 😉


Rain is continuing on for forecasted the next few days, meaning the schedule workout for this week, I’m going to move things around in hopes that this weekend will give me time to do some outdoor workout planned for this instead.  I’m going to follow one of the two on Tone it Up planned for Monday and put it for today.  Its the Your Wild Child routine.

And then I follow it up with the Cocktail Dress Workout. For these ones, it was supposed to be 4 sets for Wild Child and Cocktail Dress Workout.  I matched them up but did 2 sets each.  Still it was an intense workout.   My core is going to scream in pain along with the rest of my body.  It was great match with cardio to start it off and then body weights, followed with some strength training/(more) body weights for the whole body.  It was fun and a great way to start the workout week 🙂


Restart of  Core Challenge Day 1! Matched with those awesome 8 Double Duty Moves I had last week which left me in agonizing pains for 2 days afterwards. I only managed to get one set of those moves in though since I started working at 10pm which is pretty close to going to bed.  That core challenge is a killer though, always leaves me with some mega contracted abs.  Its makes me know that I worked them hard 🙂


Tonight, dragon boat practice is back.  Its sad to see that it’ll only be 2 more practices after this one or something like that of indoor.  Then my routine needs to be adjusted with this extra hour (actually 2+) as everything shifts to occupy the commute and warming up time for something else.  I’m definitely going to miss it.  However, life does take a front seat and the online courses and assignments won’t complete themselves, piano history won’t enter my brain by themselves.  We did 2 sequences of 8 times 20 second intense and 40 seconds active recess then went to 4 times of 30 seconds intense and 30 seconds active recess (70%).  Along with some killer body weights/cardio outside that required a whole lot of body coordination in between the sequences.  Finally we ended it with 4 times of starts. It was a refreshing practice 🙂 Very efficient but I didn’t have time to do Day 2 of Core challenge.  Guess I’ll have to restart again…


Snowstorm in April! We’re Canadians, its supposed to normal (thats what the radio said).  At least it says that it’ll be 10+ Celsius afterwards.  Today’s line up is cardio with Jump Your Heart Out Workout.  I ‘ve done this one before but its fun so I don’t mind doing it again. I did it once for a warm up and to bump up the heart rate.  Then, I followed up with the 3rd try and Core Challenge Day 1!

Its been a crazy day and I need this! Its been a challenging day and its made me tip over to make certain decisions and pick up my act.  If I didn’t do that, I’d either want to punch something or just wallow in self-pity.  I don’t do that now so I resort to something that helps me release all the stress and anger and depression that ever feel.


I was going to go for a run but seeing we have snow on the ground. I won`t do the jog, instead I changed it to a home circuit challenge I found on Tribesports: The Leg, Chest and Core Blaster! I only did it one time. I’ll do the full challenge as I train more. Those squat hops were a lot harder than I had expected… next week I’ll try to do the whole thing 😉

Core Challenge Day 2 HAPPENED! It was painful and I can picture tomorrow being even more painful but I can already feel them and at the end of this, it’ll be good 🙂


I spent a good many hours working on doing taxes all day! This was a nice break when my brain refused to turn anymore for the numbers.  Core Challenge Day 3 was great and painful! During half way through each of the planks, my abs were ripping in pain! Thats the only exercise planned today! Afterwards, Take it Easy (physically)!

Overall, this week has been interesting and fun! The Wild Child Workout was really fun and I’d gladly do the full sequence again. It was a great cardio workout.  Now, I also have new goals to accomplish to complete the actual challenge for the Leg, Chest, Core Blaster next week! It all felt awesome! 🙂 Continuing on to Week 7! And its all planned out!

Week 4: Join a Tribe! Count those Calories!

My Fitness Pal has really driven me to log what I exercise and what I eat daily.  Some days I win, some days I lose on paper.  Still, the goal is there, whether its slow or not.  My end goal is to be healthy and fit, not to lose excruciating amounts of weight. Last week, in the exploration for the Core Challenge, I joined Tribesports without really knowing what it is.   I haven’t managed to join a tribe yet but, its a pretty cool site for taking challenges to stay fit and you can choose to join tribes when are find the right one.  I haven’t yet as I’m still exploring how everything works.


Tone it Up has started their Drop 10 Challenge and with that, they have these jogging HIIT workouts of some sort.  Seeing  as the weather hasn’t really gotten that much better even though its on its way, I didn’t do what they proposed. Instead, I went to Tribesports and searched up some challenges to take.  First, I did the Sexy Leg Workout:

And then since that only took 15 minutes, I searched for another one and found Abs and Legs Mini Circuit:

Both of these were awesome fun. On the first one, I hate the Wall Squats by the time I did it in the 3rd time. And for the second workout, by the time it was on the last set of leg raises, my legs were hating me for the torture.  I did complete those challenges, so it makes me rather happy 🙂


I had a temporary job day at the Montreal Gift Show doing some sales rep.  It pretty much is standing and strolling a lot since it was a n incredibly slow day.  However, work and workout is different so after cleaning and chores I got in a 30+ minute workout moving up the Tone it Up Wednesday routine to today with some cardio doing mock jump rope (since mine is still unfound) and some body weights in between with a little workout called Jump Your Heart Out.  It was pretty challenging. I mean after the first set of jumping, I gave my legs a break and decided to do some jogging on stop and around the house and jumping up and down the stairs.


This was a crazy day.  I started up at 5:30am and running to pick up my mom from the airport from a red-eye flight from LA after her South America cruise.  Don’t you love her life? And after work, I had to rush off to do the take down for the gift show which ended at 8pm.  My exercise for the evening was 2 hours of lifting and packing 🙂 With ending up eating dinner at almost 9pm, I had to skip the workout or else I would never had gone to bed.


Due to work and my weekend getaway with two of my girl friends, I had to cancel dragonboat.  I spent the night burning a CD for the roadtrip, packing, cleaning, running all over the place and sudden last minute to renew my phone plan and get my new phone.  The plan was to sleep at 11:30PM tops…but you know these things never really work out the way it was intended.  So an hour later I hopped into bed.  No work out sadly….in hopes for the weekend to give me some time and energy to workout!


Woke up at 5:30am. Picked up the girls at 6-ish am.  Waited at the US border for 30 minutes.  Managed early check-in and then ate and shopped and ate and watched TV and ate and then finally slept.  Nope…no workout again! If you count shopping and carrying bought goods as workout, I had a mild one 😉


Feeling guilty about running out to eat tacos and drink a (super strong) sangria for a late night snack with the girls, I (always) wake up early at 6:30am so I got around to doing a workout in the divided area in front of the bathroom sink area.  I couldn`t get to do the intended workouts but luckily, there was one special one loaded up on Tone it Up.  It looked relatively easy and it was called Easter Bunny Workout. It was not obviously! I can tell you that I mastered doing jump squats and landing softly since I didn`t want to wake up the girls who were still in dreamland.  The part that hurt the most was the pushups and I think its because of the hard tile floor for one, but pushups are always my weak spot so I have to work on that.


Does a morning stroll on the waterfront count (with a cup of green tea and croissant)? How about walking up and down the stairs of an aquarium/museum? I was really hoping to get one in when I got back but seriously, getting back to reality was super tiring.  I did have an evening walk with my boyfriend after dinner.  Come on! Give me a break! Its my birthday and I am one year older now.  I get a free pass on that one 😉

The last week was a slight fail.  I only managed to get in 3 workouts.  I had aimed to have 4, but time really took over my schedule. This coming week will be back to normal.  I know I can make it happen! Last week`s workout was fun though.  Tribe Sports really seems like a fun site to check out with all the challenges.  If you are part of it, add me or something.  I`m still learning about it.  I`m going to postpone a weigh-in because I pigged out on the weekend getaway.

However, it may be less exercises, but this week`s workouts were all efficient and intense.  They were a good balance and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I recommend trying them all out if you want to try something new!

On to a new week and new month, more challenges and staying fit ahead.  March work out to initiate everything was a success for the most part and I feel extremely good physically and mentally.  Its been really helpful and even my chiropractor told me that I should keep it up as it would help my back.