Strawberry-Raspberry Popsicles

Summer is coming up really soon. First day is this Friday (I think).  Honestly I’m losing track of everything.  Things have been moving crazy fast over here. Lets backtrack to the last recipe from the past weekend. Maybe you want to make some cool and fruity popsicles for the upcoming season!

I don’t make popsicles often but here we go!


Bought a new rack of popsicle molds for this!

But I still made a batch with the ones I bought last year!

Crayola Popsicle Molds

Crayola Popsicle Molds

I don’t really understand why I don’t make them more.  I mean, its just so simple and technically the freezer does most of the job.

Plus, making them at home is just so much healthier and you can make it into whatever flavor you want.  I was inspired by a recipe video for Strawberry-Basil Limeade Popsicles from FitSugar.  If you are interested in that, HERE is the video of the original recipe!  Because I lacked certain ingredients and between my boyfriend and I, we’re not huge fans of basil or lime, we swapped in raspberries instead.

Here’s the recipe:


4 cups strawberries

1/2 cup raspberries

1/4 cup agave nectar

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup wild berry juice

1. Put all the ingredients into the blender.

2. Blend it until it has the consistency of a smoothie

3. Pour mixture into popsicle molds.  Be sure to leave some space at that top as it will expand as it freezes

4. Put in freezer for 3 hours or more.

After all that, we get this!


It tasted super awesome except maybe just a bit on the sour side.  You might want to not go all berries or use blueberries? I think the wild berry juice would’ve been better if it was replaced with lemonade to give it a smoother taste.  I’ll try some other combinations out.

If you’d like some spiked ones, they suggest to add tequila to it 🙂 If not, I had tested one out last year right HERE.

Do you like to make/eat popsicles in the summer? What flavors do you like?

Fridays, Girls Night Out and Fun Music!!

It seems that last week I had a really awesome thought that since weekends, my views are slow and everyone is out having their fun, and I’m a blogging addict so I’m going to take Saturdays to talk about my randomness! Its going to be a weekend thing for some to read up on whats up in my life (even though there might not be a lot) and sharing some music, cool YouTube vids or whatnot.  Its a chance for me to take it easy trying to write a review and just switch things up a bit!

Yesterday was totally awesome time with my friends.  We may not have ended up in the originally planned male strip club, but it was such a fun night as a girls night out celebrating Sunday’s bride to be’s (almost) last night of being single.  We all dressed up a bit in nice cocktail dresses and whatever layers to keep us warm as the night progressed and met after work.

We then went off to grab some dinner and wrap up on the final details and rundown of the wedding on Sunday.  We decided to go try out Pino Restaurant.  We started off with some drinks! I got a Mojito! I’ve been on the search to find a good one in Montreal…



Then dinner came! I had a very good Fettucine Salmonata!

Fettucine Salmonata

Fettucine Salmonata

And some of the dishes the girls had!





After the restaurant, we went off to private KARAOKE! I’m forbidden to release any of the photos publicly as per my friend’s request.  I respect that but it was really fun.  Among the many songs, we sang some LMFAO Sexy and I Know It, and some Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way because those songs are always easy to sing and gets everyone in.  We did some Bruno Mars The Lazy Song! One of the girls got us to all get up and then BANG! We were dancing to Gangnam Style! WOOHOO! And we ended off the night with a perfect song with everyone in doing Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling! Time flies by because before we knew it, we were in there for over 2 hours and sang so many awesome songs.

Next stop! More drinks on the terrasse at Cafe Via on Crescent Street 🙂 Very comfortable place to sit and their drinks were quite delish!

I started off the night with Slammer…



I love cocktails and this one had gin, southern comfort, amaretto, orange juice and grenadine (is that what you call this in English?).  It was super delicious and the gin stood out in this drink.  Awesome stuff!

Then we went for second rounds and I got another cocktail called Naughty and Spice…

Naughty and Spice

Naughty and Spice

This drink was quite fruity and the alcohol actually was not very apparent.  We all know those are the most lethal.  It tricks you into thinking that its nothing.  This was more simple and had Bacardi, ginger ale, pineapple juice, apple juice (and something else?).  Super good drink!

We all live on the suburbs so at around 12:30am, we realized we had to catch our last bus and paid and ran off literally.  Thank goodness we made it on time 🙂

This morning was actually quite good.  I’ve been relaxing a bit before doing all the stuff I have planned.  And I actually found some nice music to share from an independent YouTube artist that I like quite a bit.  Sam Tsui with his first independent album! I helped out with his Kickstarter project and to see that this song was so awesome makes me even happier!

“I got a little confession that I don’t know what I’m doing, but if you want you can play along, maybe I’ll wait to find out that when I do it, until I do I’ll keep going strong.  Make it up as I go, Make it up as I go!”

Have an awesome Saturday (or weekend)!




P.S. I’m up at 6am tomorrow to get ready for the wedding to meet up at 7am at the bride’s house so I don’t think I’ll be very active here! Maybe I’ll do a quick post…we’ll see how it goes 🙂

Week 10: Staying Hydrated!

I have this issue.  Part of it has to do with weekdays when I`m at work and the washrooms being on the 4th floor.  Its drinking water.  I can`t really take so many bathroom breaks so I lower my water consumption.  From morning till evening on the weekdays, I probably get about 3 cups of water in.  Most of the times, its even less.  When I get home, I get maybe another 2-3 cups.  Working out has made me drink more but its never at par with 8 glasses of waters.  So this week`s goal is to keep liquids flowing into my body.  Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages not included, of course!


Hydration: 6.5-7 cups of tea, water, juice, protein shake with vanilla almond milk!

Not a bad start for a new goal, right? If I can even keep this up for the rest of the week to get into the habit of it. I’ll be pretty happy about it.  Today, my boyfriend decided to join me for a part of my workout.  Mondays are always the crazy long workout day, so I chose to do the Workout Mashup (that I love so very much). I also figured out how to do the Jump Lunge Mountain Climbers properly 🙂 Plus, I realized my endurance to do burpees are higher!


Hydration: 6 cups of tea, water, apple juice, mango juice and protein shake with almond milk 🙂

Due to the playoff game, the workout eventually had to start in middle of the 3rd period.  I chose to work out my glutes and my abs! I did two rounds of glutes exercise with Tone it Up’s Spankin’ Booty Workout.

I wanted to die at the end of the 2nd round.  It doesn’t look particularly hard but when you add everything together, its so painful.  Whats really good is that it has a very smooth movement from standing exercises to kneeling then onto the back.  I followed this through with the Slender Abs Workout.  I did one round of this and it was already too much for me.  The worst are doing Cinch Ups.  Apparently my body doesn’t not move like that.


Hydration: 5 cups of assorted drinks like tea, water, milk with protein powder, juices.

Day OFF! Date night with my boyfriend to see Ironman 3! (Check out my review HERE if you missed it!) This month’s movies are going to be very time sensitive in order to catch everything we want to see 🙂


Hydration : 5 cups of water, tea and almond milk

Playoffs night yet again! I ended up losing most of my hope halfway through so I wandered off to do chores and then went to do this Love Your Arms Workout! I did the full 3 rounds.  It wasn’t particularly hard but by the 2nd round those Swaying Angels started getting a bit tougher and by the 3rd round, even the Bow and Arrow was feeling hard to complete.

After that and the game pretty much ended, when my boyfriend also didn’t want to see how the game would ends, we went off for a 30 minutes “after dinner” walk.  Dinner had passed for a good 2 hours before we actually go out but we probably walked for longer than 30 minutes so I guess its not too bad 🙂 It felt good! The air was a tad heavy because it didn’t rain when it was forecasted to but at least it had a nice breeze.


Hydration: 5 cups of tea, water, almond milk Perfect Fit smoothie, juice

Tone it Up has scheduled in these workouts below!

2 rounds Sunseeker Workout

2 rounds Surfer’s Paradise Workout

I deliberately avoided this exercise on Tuesday because I LOATHE the Pacific Paradise…and I never understand the point of using surfboards as your platform because I don’t have one here.  I have a very normal floor. Plus, I don’t live down south so I don’t know how to surf either. However, I decided to give it a go finally.  Actually it was pretty fun once I figured out how to do it.  The most fun and slightly challenging had to be the Kiwi Kicks 🙂  It feels  like a long time that I pushed through and completed the same exercise as Tone it Up puts out.  I even followed their advice and had a Perfect Fit Protein Smoothie made with almond milk and peanut butter.  It was SUPER delicious!


Hydration: 5 cups of water, juice, almond milk

Somehow the day became more hectic than I expected and I ended up getting in less hydration than my normal weekend day.  I also had to celebrate Mother’s Day and get flowers and bake and all that so no workout today.  Postponed to Sunday 🙂 Plus, my muscles were still in some crazy pain from Fridays workouts so it’ll be good!


Hydration: 6 cups of tea, water, juice, almond milk with Perfect Fit

My boyfriend decided to join me for a cardio/body weights workout together. Since he was being so nice, I gave him a few choices to choose from and he picked this one…

…which he soon regretted by the time we hit the squat jumps.  Squats-Squat jumps-lunges juiced us out real good.  By the time I had to do the burpees, every single one felt like my legs were burning and it took every ounce of energy to jump.  However, I did keep it up and did 2 full rounds.  I was going to give up on the 3rd but I ended up doing it but had to cut out the alternating lunges because my knees would probably not take it well and did 10 burpees and 15 pushups.  Everything else I did in full to end the 3rd round.  I know that I’m out of shape for some of these when I did this in 32 minutes.  I will try to aim for completing this in 25 minutes eventually!

Week 10 means that the weekly workout roundups are worthy of their own tab on the top along with their own category, which means that if you ever are interested in trying out any of the workouts, you can find them there easier 🙂 This week was tough and although hydrating myself didn’t hit the 8 glasses of water any of the days, the effort I put in showed and I felt better just from aiming to keep that up.  It’ll be a constant focus! Its important to my health to really drink more fluids a day.  Before we move on, my two fave workouts for this week that I’d recommend is No Nonsense Circuit and the Tuesday combo with Spankin’ Booty and Slender Abs Workout! They are both challenging and efficient.  I’d give honorable mention to doing Friday’s Surfer’s Paradise because there were some workouts that really great to do.

NOW, ONTO NEXT WEEK! I might end up doing only 3-4 workouts though…with my friend’s wedding coming up on Sunday and Friday being her bachelorette party, its going to be tough to get in a lot more than that.  However, I will try very hard! After all, I do need to fit into that dress and take some beautiful pictures to show everyone! 🙂