Week 11: Getting Better and Payoff Motivation!

This weekend, it proved that I could still fit in the dress and I looked decent in it also :).   All the hard work and pushing through all the crazy sickness that kept resurfacing on and off didn’t stop me from working out intensely and also changing the way I ate a bit.  Everything together made me really happy that all the effort I put in wasn’t in vain because I was happy with how I looked in the dress.  Thats already saying a lot, because I rarely am pleased with how I look as physical appearance.  My body always acknowledges when it can just break out and destroy me.  Thankfully the next day was a holiday so I stayed in to sleep over excessive amounts (my boyfriend is shaking his head and saying its not enough) and relaxing to get rid of the massive cough and cold that came back.


Sleep, cough, Ricola, True Blood Season 4, Bates Motel catching up…that was all that my Monday had. Then Nyquil at night to knock me out! Workout plans banned from my boyfriend and Star Trek plans postponed to Wednesday as well!


Most of the symptoms seemed to have subsided today so I felt that sweating a bit might help get some bad toxins out of my system so I did the new workout.  It wasn’t too too intense and it was a relief to actually be active.  This week’s new workout is called Santorini Bikini Workout.

The last two exercises in this was probably the toughest although by the 3rd round it was pretty tough to do a full 20 reps on each side for the Seahorse Sizzler.  Pretty good exercise for someone like me getting out of some crazy sickness. 🙂


DATE NIGHT! Star Trek: In Darkness movie night for me and my boyfriend.  Check out the review HERE if you missed it! We enjoyed a hot dog and some fries at the theatres before the movie and then came home and got ready for work.  Relaxing day that we both needed 🙂


Back on my workout! Today is a somewhat relaxing night.  After some grocery watermelon and various fruits lifting, I’m ready to do some strength training with Malibooty Workout. I hate working that problem area because its so painful but it had to be done.  I’ve done this one before and I’m neutral to it.  This time, it felt extremely hard but I did all 3 rounds 🙂


After evaluating my health condition, I felt I was ready for Dragon boat practice.  Dropping to part time means that I actually have to go to some practices.  At the basin, I got in 2 kms (2.5miles) of jogging/walking.  Then I did some lunges and squats and running on spot a few times to keep my heart rate up before practice.  Practice was an hour long and it felt great to be at the basin and back in the water! My love for dragonboat will probably never diminish and I’m aiming to go again next week.


Another dreary rainy day! I just wish that it would stop raining on the weekends so that I can get out and do some cardio.  I was hoping

to do some biking this weekend but now, I guess it’ll have to be postponed. I ended up doing an hour of DDR, which is aerobic dancing so I’m using that as their 3 miles of cardio as per their dance class 🙂 Since my muscles were all still very tired from dragonboat practice, I took the day off from strength training but instead went on to clean the kitchen!


I took two days off earlier this week so it means that I have to do a workout today! I went for a 2 mile walk with my boyfriend.  After that I came home to double workout. I started off with one I’ve done before called the Sexy Legs Workout from Tribesports. Following this one, I did one from Pumps and Iron where Nicole revamped the original 8 minute Abs into her 2.0 version. You can see that along the left side.  It was super intense and my abs literally wanted to kill me by the end of it.  I never felt them contracted like that before.  I think if I keep this up, I’ll be having some pretty intense abs going on. Now, if only I could control my eating habits, then maybe that six pack might be possible 😉


I ended up actually getting in 5 workouts in this week. The sickness at the beginning of the week feels so far away now (maybe thats because this week feels incredibly long and you can look HERE, to know how I felt on Friday).  It really didn’t help that the weather was gloomy all the way through.  Thank goodness by Sunday evening, we started getting the sun peeking out!  As an update, I did 13.5 miles of cardio this week.  I’m still off track from the expected 17ish miles but I’m positive when the sun comes back, I’ll be able to do a lot more cardio.

This week’s recommendations has to go to the 8 minute Abs 2.0 from Pumps and Iron because it really kicked my ass and I guarantee you I will work hard to do it more often. Its slim choices this week for new workouts but there are aspects I like and dislike about the New Tone It Up workout Santorini Bikini.  There is definitely a good level of challenge 🙂 Give it a shot if you’d like to have some fun!

On to a new week! I’m loving feeling healthy and good! Its going to be awesome! I can feel it! 🙂

Happy Monday!

A Few Rainy Days, TV Addictions and Delicious Meals

Sorry for the late weekend personal post!  I spent a lot of time hemming and hawing at figuring out what to write today but here it is…

This past week has been all about water falling down onto the earth.  My grass is waiting to get mowed as it gets longer and longer after a whole week of rain.  My trees are patiently sitting there awaiting its next trim so that it looks all beautiful and round, instead of having a bad hair day.  The best part in all this is that my flowers are all budding.  After looking at Marilyn’s gardens with her colorful irises, I was longing for mine to eventually bloom as well.  It probably might happen next week. YAY!

These beautiful flowers have started blooming though. They usually end up covering the whole tree with wonderful pink flowers.  Its always nice when the yard is looking extremely green. I snuck out in the pouring rain to get a few pictures of it!



I started on Thursday with trying to catch up on all the season finales that are happening.  I am TV addict.  I have a queue list for ones that are waiting to be started, another one for currently in progress but a season or two off track or just finished, and another one to keep track of the ones that are up to date.  Now there is even a list of upcoming fall season new ones to track.  This season has to be pretty good.  Its just about ended for most of them and I’m already done with New Girl, Vampire Diaries, Bates Motel (as of last night) and Elementary (as of today).

new girl tv series vampire diaries tv series bates motel tv series elementary tv seriescriminal minds tv series grey`s anatomy tv series

Next up is Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy.  I’d still need to search up whether they have their finales out yet but I’m excited. However, those ones are going to take longer since I only watched a few episodes and maybe Grey’s Anatomy, I managed to get to midseason finale and then I stopped.

Whats nice is summer is the time to catch up on all the miscellaneous TV (like Glee, The Mentalist, Grimm) and some already ended ones (Flashpoint, Gossip Girl) plus the awaiting to start list (Arrow, Sherlock Holmes, Downtown Abbey, The Following, Once Upon a Time, and more) since I only watch True Blood during this time.  Can I just say I’m super excited? There’s still a few weeks but its my guilty pleasure.

true blood s6

There is nothing deep about it and most of the time, I get frustrated with Sookie’s ugly disgusting accent but Bill is officially batshit crazy and Eric is super hot to look at.  Now, if we get in a few more stupid comments from Jason and then get Alcide back in the pictures, I think I’m ready to watch vampires and werewolves crazy go on ;).

On top of all these, I have about 4-5 Hong Kong series to catch up with and months upon months that I’ve fallen behind on those dramas. Maybe the occasional Taiwanese series since I’ve heard of a few that are interesting and silly fun 🙂 Lots of TV planned..now I just need to find the time.

Yesterday after dragonboat practice, I went out to dinner with a friend at our neighborhood joint which is a very good little homestyle restaurant of Chinese French fusion food.

Garlic Shrimps with Rice and Salad

Garlic Shrimps with Rice and Salad

Tonight I went there again to celebrate a meal with one of my long time friends.  Here are some pictures of what I had and the dessert is my boyfriend’s 🙂

Beef and Vegetable Soup

Beef and Vegetable Soup

Fried Chicken Leg and Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

Fried Chicken Leg and Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

Cheesecake with Ice Cream

Cheesecake with Ice Cream

This place is called Mrs. Amigos.  The owner is a super nice lady and the staff is agreeable and friendly. I love going here! If you ever are in the Montreal area, I urge you to drop by for a meal.  They may be a small joint but they offer very delicious food 🙂 I love the dinner meals like the one I had.  The shrimps were super delicious and the chicken leg with spaghetti is one of my absolute favorite meals EVER!

Plus, I was with great company.  We had a lot of chats and laughs throughout the night.  Nothing beats hanging out with awesome times with friends 🙂 It certainly made my weekend!

How is your weekend so far? Sunnier than ours in Montreal? Maybe more relaxing? Any weekend addictions? How about TV series other than my growing list that you’d recommend to me? I’ll always find a way to fit it in…