Another season of Shitfest is finally coming around. This time around, I was a lot busier than usual. Not sure if thats actually possible but I reviewed Bad Girl Island. It was a fight between this one and Piranha DD. Although I brushed that one aside, I promise I will get a review in for it eventually after the mountain of movies before it is reviewed ;). Back to business though, Shitfest has been fun as always. Remember to check out the other posts and take some pointers from our group right here that went ahead and dived into some horrible movies for everyone’s benefit.

I had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks to Eric for putting this together as always 🙂

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Bad Girl Island (2007)
Director: Stewart Raffill
Cast: AnnaLynne McCord, Antonio Sabato Jr, James Brolin

Movie producer Michael Pace (Antonio Sabato Jr.) dreams up a story where he saves a beautiful woman (Annalynne McCord) from the ocean who doesn’t remember anything and after, sees them hooking up with his good friend. When he wakes up, he gets news that that same friend goes missing mysteriously when his boat shows up empty. With this wonderful piece of inspiration, he gets himself a screenwriter and a director, Terry Bamba (James Brolin) to shoot this movie. When Simone (Annalynne McCord) enters the room, Michael knew right away that it was her that was perfect for the role. As the filming starts, mysterious things start happening and Michael starts to believe that maybe there is something wrong with Simone.

Intrigued anyone? IMDB and all these other sites say its a sci-fi…

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