My September Adventures: Halloween Horror Marathon & Festival du Nouveau Cinema Coming Up!!

Weekly Adventures (1)

September is now behind us. Its hard to imagine three-quarters of the year has gone by. However, it is the case. With July being hectic and then August being more of a laidback and recharging phase, September comes back with a little back to normal balance. Getting things back on track, events big and small and such were all in the plans.

Let’s check it out!

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Dreamhack Montreal happened over the weekend of September 6 to 8 at the Olympic Stadium. It had some changes but this venue is still very suitable for this event overall. It was a bustling weekend with a lot of last minute changes that swapped my schedule around quite a bit. However, all the media coverage is over at Game Warp Blog. Everything is live now as we covered Day 1 and 2 as well as the Indie Game Zone. You can find all the posts below:

Day 1 Recap
Day 2 Recap
Indie Game Zone

IT: Chapter Two & Lambcast

IT Chapter Two

We’ve really kept the theatre experience to a minimum this year except for special commitments that lead me to go. This time, it was for Lambcast recording of IT: Chapter Two that gave us the kick in our behinds to go check it out. We really did enjoy the first one so had it in our plans to see the second one anyways (just probably not on opening weekend initially). I’m not sure when we’ll be heading to the theatres again this year but it might happen again, who knows? I’m not quite on top of the theatre new releases as I should be.

You can check out the Lambcast show HERE.
You can find my written review HERE.

Moon Festival


Moon Festival happened on September 13th. Wonderful that it clashed with Friday the 13th because I have to say that it was a pretty okay day compared to the rest of the week prior to that. It was also full of sickness and a lot of cough-filled nights. Either way, I ignored my cold (which won’t go away and seems to keep morphing) and ate some moon cake as well as stood by the window and stared at the full moon for a little while, reminding myself that life is beautiful because I’m breathing and looking at those nice little moments of nature and nightscapes and such.

Friend’s Bachelorette Party – Dinner Out

Ichigo Ichie Izakaya

One of my girl friend’s bachelorette party happened the Saturday on the second last weekend. She had it in two parts: the first was dinner and the second was an after party. Due to some other commitment (see below), I only went for the dinner party which was at Ichigo Ichie (which is the restaurant part of ramen place I like, Yokato Yokabai).

You can check out the restaurant recap HERE.

Festival du Nouveau Cinema Starting Soon

FNC 2019

Much to my surprise, today’s announcements also include a press approval for Festival du Nouveau Cinema! Last year, I only got the 10 vouchers to go see 10 movies which had some pretty great films, with one or two that left a little to desire but didn’t fail on being artsy or creative. It will be exciting to see how many we can catch this year as well as what the movie lineup will be as that only goes live tomorrow (Oct.1). Keep an eye out for reviews during the festival from Oct.9 to 20th!

If you also are going, do tell me what movies have caught your eye so far?

Friend’s Wedding Day + Flowers Help Out


The last weekend of September was all kinds of crazy and lots of fun. Saturday was a day of hunting down flowers at various Costco. Between myself and another friend, we hit 5 Costcos in the morning. We met up in the early after to start making the “boutonnieres” for the groom and groomsmen and men of the families and then went along and made the bride and bridesmaids bouquet as well as a throwaway one. For myself, it was a learning experience since I had never done these before so it was all to help out.


20190929_172358.jpg Sunday was her big day! We started out the morning to help with the door games (if you don’t know what that is, its part of Chinese weddings to pick up the bride, the groom and his groomsmen and other guys go to trials before he can pick her up). Then, we helped out with the set-up and mostly with the flowers to put together the vases. Yet again, I’m not too experienced with this so just helped out with my other friend. The picture on top is the centerpiece at our table with the flower arrangement. It was a ton of fun! I have a few more artsy pics going on Avenue of Daydreams at some point. It was a really fun night but we couldn’t stay as late as Sunday means work on Monday (aka today).

Announcement: Halloween Horror Marathon

As usual, September adventures wraps up with the official announcement of the Halloween Horror Marathon tomorrow (October 1st)! We’ll be doing double features as per the usual set up nowadays. At the same time, I’ll be trying to put in some horror TV series TV binge posts as well as horror book reviews as well. That’s the plan! While some movies have already been watched at this point (and probably/hopefully written up), I would love to hear what movies you suggest or movies you always watch for Halloween marathon and maybe I’ll see if I can add those in or push it up as higher priority on my list (if its there). All update of Halloween marathon posts will be updated on the page HERE.

On a side note, due to the festival approval, marathon might be slower in the middle of the month! I am working to get more posts done in advance but I do have other priorities as well as podcast recordings so I will do the best that I can before October 9th comes around and hopefully you will enjoy it!

Cute Kitty Pic

That’s it for the September Adventures!
Looking back, its been kind of crazy! I thinned out some less important bits.
Mostly two announcements and some recaps!
October is looking less varied but probably much busier, as always when there’s coverage to do!

My Friend’s Wedding Part 1! :)

I’ve been MIA all weekend.  Nothing went up here and nothing was drafted. I saw no movies (maybe one), no baking, and absolutely no reading.

It was all for a great thing: one of my longest friend’s wedding! The wedding itself was planned and done in almost 6 months which is a pretty short time to plan for as it had 200 or so guests.  I don’t know the exact number.  The last week was a crazy roller coaster.  I’m sure the stress I felt in getting the few little details I had together was just a speck in the amount she had to deal with.

Her wedding turned out to be a mega success in my eyes.  It was a reception but it also included all the little details of a Chinese wedding. So, what am I going to do? I’m going to share a good part of it.  One, because I had  A LOT of fun and two, it was just a lesson in how to do a traditional Chinese wedding in a western setting which I find is pretty interesting.  Plus, just a secret between us, I need to fill up some space while I get my sleep back at par.  6 hours of sleep between Friday and Sunday is a hard hit.  My body is physically not in bed but my mind is there… Its at times like this that I know that I’m not 18 anymore 😉

Can you all guess what is in Part 1 of Wedding?

Yup! Thats right! We’re talking about pre-wedding celebrations and its a little thing called Bachelorette Party.  I had the wonderful task with the two bridesmaids to put together. Oh wait, did I forget to tell you that I was maid of honor? First time ever! 🙂 I guess thats what happens when you’ve known someone for 2 decades, right?

After our little rehearsal for the wedding, I learned the song we were walking to, met the best man and my walking down the aisle partner and the general idea of what was going on for the ceremony. I ended up also learning that I had a maid of honor speech and that I was the witness.  The first one being a lot scarier. I’ll talk about that part in another part 😉

Back to bachelorette party! After a crazy week of setting this up, everything was settled and we had 8 girls (including the bride).

Our first activity was dinner at a little restaurant called Le Cap Vert!

Le Cap Vert Sangria


Le Cap Vert

Grilled Chicken Breast

The meal was okay. The Sangria was decent but the best thing about this restaurant was that after my crazy calls throughout the week changing the time and amount of people, they still remained extremely patient and kind.  During the meal, we got to know each other a bit and talked a little about this and that with everyone.  It was super cool and I got to know some pretty awesome people.

After that, we started walking to our final destination but ended up sidetracking to get some dessert at Dairy Queen. I didn’t eat anything since I can’t but here’s the girls waiting/ordering for theirs.

The girls ordering and waiting for their orders at DQ

The girls ordering and waiting for their orders at DQ

Its my personal rule that I don’t post pictures of friends except when I get their permission so I only have backs. Bachelorette parties in winter usually is not so much sexy clothing but rather heavy coats 😉 It may be March and a tad warmer on that day but it was still a bit chilly at night.

Our last stop for the night was to something that was a first time experience for the whole group.  Special, eh? Trying new things and doing something we haven’t done before.  I’m sure you know what it is 😉

I only know one of those clubs in Montreal and this is possibly the most famous one.

Le 281

Le 281

Proof that I was there at le 281

Proof that I was there at le 281

No pictures are allowed there!

We had our fun but I’m supposed keep what happened inside a secret. What can I do? Some of the girls are on my Facebook and this is connected to it.

All I can say is that: Don’t go in with expectations derived from Magic Mike.  Hot guys with beautiful bodies (Eye Candy!!!)  were all over the place and the drinks were fabulous but the on-stage performances were not quite the same. Lets just say, I went home and turned on Magic Mike to enjoy some full-on awesome sexy guys! 🙂

Still, it was super fun with the girls! They were fantastic and awesome! 🙂 We had a good laugh and we spent a great time with the bride and thats what counts, right?

Before I leave and continue with the next part scheduled for tomorrow! I’m going to show you what I wore, you know, shameless selfies 😛 and its my new shirt! Excuse any lack of clarity or energy, I had alcohol after effects and it was like 2am.


Happy Monday! Recommendations to continue soon 🙂 Along with Part 2 of this awesome, *sleepless*, and fun weekend that I had! 🙂