AWOL by Anthony Renfro

About two weeks ago, I posted the blog tour for a recently released novel called AWOL by Anthony Renfro, writer and fellow blogger of Books, Movies, Poetry.

I’ve only reviewed some short stories written by Anthony before this full-length novel.  Reading the synopsis that he provided, it sounded very intriguing.  You check out the blog tour post here.

AWOL: A Character Lost

by: Anthony Renfro

AWOL Anthony Renfro

A Character wakes up in an empty void facing many doors.  Lost and confused, suddenly, words pop up on the wall.  He realizes that its the author who created him thats speaking to him, apologizing for somehow having him fall out of his story but even more because he’s also forgotten where he belongs.  The only solution now is to go through the doors on the wall, each entering a different story.  The one hope is that entering these stories will awaken his senses when he reaches his own and it’ll all come back to him.  The author only knows the stories themselves but doesn’t quite know how the character will work out in each and what will happen there. The Character picks up his courage and starts with the first door.  The only thing driving him is hope to see his family and get back to his home, even if it means braving all the dangers in these stories. Will he find his way home?

How to start this review?  AWOL is a pretty good read.  It sends off a different feeling because for a good bit of it, it feels like although we are following a character and little bits and pieces of him coming back as he travels through the stories, its like we’re reading short stories.  The ten doors he has to go through to find him home is not guaranteed.  He drops into the first one abruptly and learns a little bit, drops into the second and another thing.  Being chased by different supernatural creatures from vampires, werewolves, monsters, aliens, apocalyptic worlds, etc., he grows hopeful and courageous to just being fed up but still continuing on because although he doesn’t know the end, he knows that all he can is trudge forward and hope for the best.  That’s the character we are reading in this novel.  Each story reveals a little bit, whether its the character’s nature or his story.

At the same time, the stories themselves also pick up in intensity a little one by one.  I have to say that there was one that was so descriptive that I kind of felt a little nauseated picturing it in my head.  I’m just not used to reading stories like this and then my over-imaginative mind pictures it in the most gruesome way possible.  Except, this is a compliment to Anthony because his words express the stories well and the descriptions are vivid.

AWOL is a very good story.  There were some parts that I found a little awkward but nothing that bothered me to stop reading.  Its engaging and the world(s) he has created with this holds quite a bit of mystery.  Although, the question here is whether the character will find his home? The second question is always why our background voice, the author himself, could actually not remember where this character was? Who would have such a funky creative outlet? Except, the readers can only find out as they continue reading and that makes this all the more fun.

AWOL is definitely a book that’s worth checking out. It has some really nice ideas and the way the story is set-up is very good.   Totally recommend it 🙂