More Awards?! *blush*

I go through phases of awards here. I think after a few that has gathered together, I really  need to get my act together and start thanking everyone! We’re lingering between the past Canadian Thanksgiving and the upcoming American Thanksgiving so maybe its okay during this time to be repetitive and keep thanking you all for the support. As much as I blog because I love it, a lot of you make me keep doing this day in day out.  I already talk to myself a whole lot at home, its either that or I talk to my cat, and she just looks at me like I’m crazy or that I’m bothering her sleep, so its nice when I know someone out there reads my ramblings and doesn’t want to throw tomatoes at me.

I’m trying to remember for the past month..I really don’t think there was any other awards before that, but if there were and I never made a post for it, just email me, tweet me, leave a comment.  I’m getting back on schedule with the blog.  I do this to give you the mention! Its the least I could do for thinking of Tranquil Dreams.

First up, we have Greg at “Destroy All Fanboys” nominating me for the award of The Versatile Blogger Award on October 21st.

5th time!

5th time!

I pride myself in being versatile.  Its something I realized my blog is all about.  food, photography, travel, festivals, movies, music, pinterest, crafts, workouts and books.  You name it and I can probably whip up a post about it some time or another.  Its also the reason I realized that I don’t have time to keep everything under control.  However, whenever I receive one of these, its my boost to remind myself that I’m doing something right and someone out there is enjoying it 🙂

Thank you Greg! Now you have the right to request something you’d like me to post about if you ever want to 🙂 I put his link on the top with his blog.  You definitely should go and check it out because he is awesome! We have gaming and movies and I’m a huge fan of those things, maybe you are too.

Here are the rules:

1. Display the Award on your Blog
2. Announce your win/nom/nod with a post and thank the Blogger who nominated you
3. Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award.
4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.
5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

I will take care of those rules in just a little bit.  I’d just like to mention everyone first. Give the thanks and then you can decide if you want to read even more (at this point probably not so) interesting facts about me but you should scroll down to read the nominees because they have awesome blogs and it took me eternities to narrow it down.

Next up, I received my second of this Versatile Blogger Award from Diane at Tvor Travels! I’ve been following Diane’s blog for a while and she goes on all these trips around the world that make me want to just pack up and leave, but then where would I get all that money and whatever would I do with the boyfriend? Point is, Diane is fantastic and she comments a lot on my blogs.  She’s super nice and her travelogues make me feel like I’m right there plus she has some breathtaking pictures of wherever she goes all the time.  You have to go and check out her blog! Thank you Diane so much! When are you doing the next Travelling Through the Movies segment? I’m in love with that one especially a lot, and you need to check it out 🙂


The rules are similar to the previous one:

– Display the Award on your Blog.

– Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who nominated you.

– Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award.

– Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment (I do pingbacks!)

– Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Last one this month was a fantastic Halloween nomination from Dawn from dawnyhosking with a never before received Most Influential Award.

Excuse me, Dawn? Have I been a good influence? Tell me I have at the very least 🙂 I’ve never considered myself influential AT ALL, but if she thinks it, I’m mega flattered! A gigantic thanks to her! Dawn is a great writer and she shares a lot of her personal experiences along with creative stories.  She’s fantastic and awesomely supportive.  You need to head on over to check out her blog! I know you will love it as much as I do 🙂

The rules are:

1. Display the Award on your Blog.
2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.
3. Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award.
4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded with a comment (or a pingback).
5. Answer each of the 11 questions that your awarder asked, and then write 11 for your awardees.

We will start with these questions which I will also use for the my awardees as well! 🙂

1) What makes you happiest?

Having amazing people in my love that I care and trust! 🙂

2) Do you love the Oceans or Mountains more?


3) What has been a special moment in 2013?

Being part of my good friend’s wedding as bridesmaids and pretty much every other little moment and surviving the bad ones 😉

4) What’s your favourite quote?

– Life is a process: Pity is that is that it cannot be relived but fortunately it doesnt need to be re-experienced either- Wait Till You’re Older

5) Do you like yourself?


6) Do you stay up till midnight on New Year?


7) Something you wish could be done ASAP?

My TESL Course and my Grade 10 piano practical exam 🙂

8) What was your favourite class when still at school?


9) What musical instrument have you tried to play?

CLARINET (in high school), GUITAR (trying to learn by myself)

10) Anything you had wished to have learned earlier? my fingers are more used to piano fingering than this.  The chords are extremely hard to remember!

11) Do you like to do Crafts, Drawing or Painting?

Crafts! 🙂 I used to have a section for that, but I realized its way time-consuming. It only surfaces during Christmas season now!

In order to keep this post concise, those will also qualify for the facts above. However, if you feel like there’s anything you want to know, just ask in the comments, I’ll answer you 🙂

Now for the MOST IMPORTANT part, who to nominate! If they don’t want to do a post for it, I completely understand but I’d like to show a few of you just how awesome you all are!

After some thought, I’m not going to be repetitive and I’ll nominate 15 for Versatile Blogger Award, right here!


Lily in Canada

Rebecca Dawn

My Hong Kong husband


Pretty Little Treasures


The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally

Smashing Through Life


It’s me, Charlotte

Day’s Lee



The Queen Creative

They are in no particular order but I’d love to give them some mention as these are some fantastic blogs (as are millions others out there).  If they don’t want to answer with a post, thats alright.  No pressure at all!

Next, lets go to the 10 who I’ve nominated for Most Influential Blogger.

The Return of Modern Philosopher

The Verbal Spew Review

The Obsessive Viewer

With A Friend Like Gary


The Feeling of Success

The Wine Wankers

The Cinema Monster

Moe at the Movies

50 Year Project

As mentioned above, I’m keeping the same questions as above.  If you’d like to give me an answer, I’d love to hear all about it 🙂

If those answers aren’t good and there’s something you really want to know about me (although I already talk about my life a lot), go for it!

A mega huge gigantic enormous THANK YOU to Greg, Diane and Dawn! They are awesome and you all need to check out their blogs!

Congrats to the awardees! I hope you all know how much I enjoy everything you write and how much I appreciate your comments, likes and constant support!

Super Sweet Blogging Award..Take 2!!

Having a partially baking blog, its always nice to get this Super Sweet Blogging Awards! Huge THANK YOU to DJ Matticus from The Matticus Kingdom for giving me this a few weeks ago.  Sorry for the late reply…I’ve been kind of in a funk…I’m out now! For the most part at least! Its taken two weeks to sort out the mess in my brain.  Happy stuff though! I have never been more proud to accept this award because last week, I did make some awesome Hamburger Cupcakes! Thats about the most creative I have EVER been, granted I was following instructions 😉

The star here is DJ Matticus! If you haven’t visited his blog, well, you’d better head on over.  I have the link right up there on top with his name.  He has an ongoing story that he posts up chapters every week. He writes witty and fun posts and he’s just totally awesome in general!

super sweet blogging award

These are the rules for accepting the award:

1-Answer the 10 random questions or those of your own choosing.
2-Nominate 10 other bloggers for the Award and link their blog sites.
3-Notify the bloggers of their awards.
4-Ask the award winners to answer the 10 questions when they accept their Award.

10 Random Questions

1.  Do you think it’s weird that the Breakfast Club ate lunch rather than breakfast?

Now, we have a Breakfast Club too and I go there for brunch..maybe thats what they were having 🙂

2.  If you had Breakfast at Tiffany’s would you order the eggs or the diamonds?

I’m not really into diamonds but how about some other gems?

3.  Have you watched the movie Layercake?  Thoughts on that experience?

There is a movie called Layercake? I’m not sure I ever want to have that experience….

4.  If you boarded the Pineapple Express, which stop would you get off at?

Wherever James Franco and Seth Rogen get off, I guess.  What is Pineapple Express? haha!

5.  Do you prefer American Pie over pies from other countries?  What is your favorite?

Any pie but American Pie…Life of Pi sounds remarkably better from the looks of it.  I can deal with tigers..we’re buddies! Or how about Minny’s pie in The Help? My fave to watch being consumed but I wouldn’t personally.

6.  If the forecast for the day was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, would you stay inside?

Hell no! I’d be out there with a huge bowl (maybe bucket) and my fork and knife…okay, okay, my chopsticks 😉

7.  Do you slather Space Jam on your toast in the mornings?  Or do you prefer something else?

No Space Jam..not much into eating basketballs.  Some simple peanut butter would do! 🙂

8.  Have you ever had to Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

I hope not! Although, with the right arrangement, that could be fun, to a certain extent…

9.  Do you drink a glass of warm Milk before bed?

Sorry, lactose-intolerant! Skip!

10.  Have you ever had a Chicken Run away from you before?

 Usually I’m the one running away from them! Although, there was once when I was 2? My dad bought me a bunch of little chicks for Easter and they all grew up to roosters…guess what happened to them afterwards…
I’m still amazed at how he managed to stick movie titles in all those questions! How do I match up to that…can I just reuse them? Fine, fine, I won’t be lazy 😉
Lets get those nominations out first! DJ Matticus nominated 10 so I’ll follow his lead 😉
Check them all out! Amazing blogs with wonderful recipes of meals or sweet delicious desserts!:)
Now for my questions to the nominees!
Which one do you like more:
1) Muffins or Croissants?
2) Cake or pie?
3) Chocolate, vanilla or marble?
4) Butter or margarine?
5) Almonds or hazelnuts?
6) Dark, Milk, or White Chocolate?
7) Frosting or defrosted?
8) Coffee, tea, milk to go with your desserts?
9) Pancakes or waffles?
10) Final question: Cooking or baking?
Easy, right? Just have to make a choice! If you don’t want to play along thats alright as well! Just wanted to show how much I appreciated all of your blogs!
Have a fun, sweet and fantastic weekend! 🙂
If you’re in Quebec, lets all wish this province a happy birthday! Although, Montreal is kind of looking mighty bad right now (if you’ve heard about it you’d understand)…Still! Its the provincial birthday and I get a day off on Monday! Its all the better reason to celebrate! 🙂 Plus, we’re getting some crazy hot and humid weather this weekend!

Versatile Blogger Award!

I’m kicking some butt in this Versatile Blogging world…its technically the fourth one that I’ve gotten! Although this one looks different from the last one.  So its the first of its kind 😉 Cool stuff!

Michael at Parlor of Horror nominated me for this awesome award! A Gigantic THANKS to him! He is awesome and his blog is absolutely fun and super cool! If you haven’t dropped by Parlor of Horror, do so right now!  I really appreciate this wonderful award from him.  All this makes me know that something has to be on the right track here.  Versatile seems to work here 😉

As with any award, we always have some rules when we accept.


Here they are (copied from his page):

Versatile Blogger Award – Rules for those who wish to participate

1. In a post on your blog, nominate 10 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award; and link to them.
2. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.
3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
4. In the same post, share 10 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
5. In the same post, include this set of rules.
6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment (or linkback 😉 ) on each of their blogs.

TEN completely random facts about me…I’m really running out:

1) I’m trying to find my career and not just a job.

2) I love sitting in the sun!

3) My cat’s purr sounds like a machine and it puts me to sleep instantaneously

4) I’m slowly turning into a skirts and dresses girl…something thats new to me

5) Finding a pretty summer dress is so hard…stop with pencil skirts designers, I can’t walk in those

6) Shoe shopping is one of the most time consuming and annoying tasks in life

7) The same goes for doing my taxes…

8) I remind myself everyday that what I have to stay grateful for everything I have now: the people in my life, the things I have, the experiences and especially all of you 🙂

9) I can’t get enough of thanking everyone for supporting my blog and I find EVERY SINGLE opportunity to do it 🙂

10) I want to pass this award to everyone! Because you all are absolutely awesome 🙂

It said to be random…and thats what I’m doing! As always, if these facts don’t quinch your thirst for interesting random facts about me, head on over to the awards page or about page and you’ll find info or more links.  Or you can just ask me the questions, I’ll answer them, I promise 🙂

So on with the nominees: ALL OF YOU!

I’m serious..its not being lazy (maybe I am..just a bit).  If you want to take this award, just grab it and link back to this post and its yours.  Remember to follow the rules strictly or loosely..its up to you 😉

Its been a tough week with tragic events that started it off, I think everyone deserves a picker upper and a little something to spice up their day!

Illuminating Blogger Award!

WHAT?!?!?!? Am I reading that right? Illuminating? Moi?

That was pretty much my reaction when I received this award nomination a bit over a week ago.  I talk about movies, books, food, places I’ve been and very little of my blog is about actual illumination but apparently Ankit over at Myself, online gave me this.  I’m stoked and seriously I am! I can think of so many people who are way more illuminating than I am.  In fact, everyone that I read illuminates me in some way or another.  If you don’t know Ankit, he hasn’t blogged for a long time but he has been writing short stories and they are pretty awesome.  You definitely need to check it out.  Plus, he recommended me a very good Indian flick called 3 Idiots which I watched and recommended because it was so good. Huge thanks to Ankit for this award!

light bulb concept

The rules for this one is actually quite simple: In order to acknowledge this award, you need to post the badge on your blog, share a few words about yourself and pass on the award to 5 other bloggers.

A few words about me aside from whats up there? I love everything (but you know that already). I love to see and learn new things and gain new perspectives in life.  See things in a better light and always stay positive. This blog does that for me.  It brings me immense happiness because it makes me do the things I love and share them with all of you awesome people! 🙂

It also seems the right time that awards have now been relocated to an individual page as a drop down category under the About Tranquil Dreams. So click through HERE to find it 🙂 There’s still a bit of restructuring over there but what was on the side bar widgets have been transferred there.

Enough about me…here are who I’d like to pass the award to:

Joe’s Musings

The Life of Jonathan

Peripatetic Eric

Defeat Despair

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

They are all very illuminating and amazing blogs! You should check them out and show them some love!

Thanks again to Ankit and check out some of his short stories and give him some feedback if you have time 🙂

The Liebster Award!

Yikes! Another award! I got this one some time last week from Mike at MikesFilmTalks.  A huge huge thanks to him for this.  I`m not exactly sure I should get this since I`m not exactly a new blogger.  I am learning and young in the sense of actually engaging myself more into the blogging society for the past 15 months or so.  Its amazing fun and definitely another perk is meeting and talking with a bunch of you awesome people.  Mike is definitely one of those fantastic bloggers who reads books at lightning speed and watching a huge variety of movies and reviews them in writing and in little videos.  He has a super fun blog and if you haven`t been there, run on over and head back here after you check out his blog.  I won`t mind at all because he deserves it!

liebster awardI`m looking Mike`s page for this award and I`m not exactly sure what the rules here so I`m going to improvise and say that you need to display the award logo, which I did on the side.  It says there are 11 questions and we have to come up with 11 questions of our own and in turn the nominees we give it to will have to answer those.  Did I confuse you yet? I think I am getting a little mixed up.

However, Mike likes to be different and he asked us to choose to either post a favorite picture and say why we like it or answer the eleven questions.  I`m a bit lazy and tired today so I will post up a picture (or a few).  I can`t just pick one since I don`t think I have a favorite picture with myself…but there are some that I enjoy.

Lets take you on a little journey into my life…

This is a fantastic idea and I am going to say that whoever I nominate should do the same thing 🙂 Post a favorite picture of yourself and take some time to tell us why you like it (a la Mike style). 😉

On with the hard part, the nominations… Apparently this award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers.  I already don`t qualify and plus I don`t know how to check who has how many followers so I am going to wing it and nominate a few blogs…

Hungry and Fit

Laur Nicole Hunt

The Best Beer Ever


Jack Flacco

I love all of your blogs that I like and comment and follow, just I can`t name them all.  I know I`m lazy but here is a few.  If you haven`t gone to check it out, you definitely should.  They all cover some different areas of interest and its all fun and awesome.  Go on over and give them some love 🙂

Thanks again to Mike for giving me this nomination! Don`t forget to drop by his blog and check it out 🙂

Happy Belated Birthday!

I knew I had forgotten on Saturday. I was so happy and optimistic and posted about Charlie Brown for a reason. If you didn’t see my Happy Saturday post, click HERE to see it.

Talk about being slow but I just had the time to look at the calender and hope for something great to happen…since I’m in this horrible pain in my left leg and left side of my lower back from slipping on ice this morning.

It just hit me that Saturday, January 19, 2013 marked the 2 year anniversary of this little blog.  YAY!  2 years went by fast and I really wanted to do something special but I had to rush off to work on Saturday morning.  So I didn’t get a chance….I’ll find another time to give you all some more goodies right after I figure it out (maybe on another milestone).

Ideas have been scarce lately…probably because my brain is occupied by work.  I’m telling you…work haunts my sleep.  I just had a nightmare about not finishing the deadlineS on time.

When I’m on here, I forget my problems, so forget about all that stress from work. This is my time!

First of all, let me…

Thank YOU!

Offering my thanks to all of you is the most important!  You all deserve a huge shoutout and I’m really trying to do that.  I’m going to try to promote your blogs whenever I get a chance.  Whether it be awards, or just how you inspire me in every little way…its coming bit by bit this year.  Without you all, I’m not sure I’d have gotten to where I am now: posting everyday, 281 followers, a few awards on my sidebar, 9,880 total views, etc.  I’ve seen a lot of other blogs get way more in less time but to me, this brings a smile to my face.  It means a lot that you all enjoy what I put up.  Every like and comment and follow really makes my day, especially today when I’m in pain.  It puts a smile on my face.  You all ROCK!

Also, I’d like to give huge thanks to That’s Life And Then You Sigh for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. I received this a few days ago and was thinking if I should take this since its my 2nd time I’ve gotten it.  I am extremely flattered!


Here are the rules:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Since I really don’t know how to give these anymore! In event of my late blog for my blog anniversary, I’d like to give this award to whoever wants it.  Just take it and follow the rules and do what you want with it 🙂

And for the 7 interesting things..I open up the floor for your questions.  Ask away my wonderful friends! Count it as a gift from me to you!

I’m sharing this fun Birthday song to celebrate the late birthday together! I would play it by myself but I’m still practicing hard to get it good!



P.S. After last week of being more relaxed, I’m more charged up this week to bring you all more more more! Also a little update, A Bite of China Project will officially start in February!

The Versatile Blogger Award!

As mentioned in my WRAP IT UP post, I received my third award a few days ago.  Every time I get one of these, its something I never expect, but they just pop up and give me the award nomination.  Thank to lasesana for giving me a wonderful surprise in the form of an award nomination.

lasesana is a very versatile blogger.  She has lots of really awesome recipes.  She posts up 5 minute Spanish lessons and a connoisseur of cycling.  Also she has book reviews.  Lots of other fun stuff there. You definitely should check it out.  I put the link to her blog on the top where I thanked her. So give her a like, comment or follow if anything interests you.

As always, these awards come with a package deal of requirements and here it is:


The rules for accepting this award are:

  •  Display the award certificate on your website.
  • Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever presented your award. 
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers. 
  • Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off.
  • Post 7 interesting facts about yourself

Point 1 & 2 are taken care of, so on to presenting this award to 15 deserving bloggers.  Choices are hard, especially since I really put a huge amount of thought to not overlap my nominations.  Here they are:

1) Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

2) MikesFilmTalk

3) Taking to the Open Road

4) The Kat & The Falling Leaves

5) Colline’s Blog

6) Ron Scubadiver’s Wild Life

7) The Palladian Traveler

8) Chit Chat and All of That


10) Figments of a DuTchess

11) Written in Blood

12) Watch out, World

13) Thirty four Flavours

14) thoughts of rkh

15) My Outdoor Explorations

These are all fantastic versatile blogs with many things that I love.  I recommend them to all of you and I’m sure they will all have something great to check out. They will all get their notification moments after I post this up.

Now, we pull back to the last point: 7 things about me.

1) The places I’d love to visit some time in my life is Santorini, Barcelona/Ibiza, New Zealand, Ireland, and Prague.

2) I have a horrible memory…I need 3 calenders to remember the majority of what I need to do or events, etc.

3) I have immense love for teas, mostly green tea. Dragon Well is my favorite.  This year its been about discovering Rooibos tea.

4) I’m trying to make up for all the novel reading I missed while I was in college/cegep and university, so I always have a book with me wherever I go.

5) I love keeping the tradition of sending out Christmas cards, even if I tend to wait till the last minute.

6) I love the feeling of when the plane lifts off…it just feels so majestic.

7) I have a cat who wants all my attention all the time (like right now)…I think she’s confused herself with a dog some days.

Now exactly sure how interesting all this is, but here are my 7 interesting facts.

A big THANK YOU again to lasesana for this award.  Be sure to check out her beautiful blog!

Have a wonderful weekend!

My FIRST: One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

I’m still feeling a bit dazed and confused right now.  My first award…its been about one year and 10 months that I’ve been blogging and I’ve read millions of posts about others getting awards and it never occurred to me that it’d happen to me…and it has.  Give me a few moments to wrap my head around this…I’m just happy!

First of all, I’d like to thank Aan at Sigoese for the One Lovely Blog Award Nomination.  I haven’t followed his blog for a long time but he has some amazing content that goes up. You definitely need to check it out.

These are the rules below, as copied from Sigoese for the nominees to follow:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  3. Share 7 things about yourself
  4. Pass the award on to 15 nominees
  5. Include this set of rules
  6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs

Seven Thing About Me:

1) I love music a lot: I play the piano, sing, and am learning guitar (very slowly) and I listen to music every single day.

2) My love for Dragonboat is the reason and motivation that I exercise and train.

3) I am a collector of  Disney(Pixar included) movies and Hayao Miyazaki animations.

4) I have a digestive disorder that makes me sensitive to caffeine, lactose, MSG, and a whole bunch of random vegetables and foods.

5) I believe that crafty DIY gifts mean so much more than any store-bought gift.

6) I watch too many TV series that I can’t possibly catch up anymore (Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, The Mentalist, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and some other guilty pleasures like Gossip Girl, etc.).

7) I hate having a cellphone (even if its a necessity) because I see it as a tracking device on my whereabouts.

Now, on to 15 blogs I’d like to nominate:

  1. Thirdeyemom
  2. Lead.Learn.Live
  3. Head In A Vice
  4. 50 Year Project
  5. The Wish Factor
  6. Crazy Train To Tinky Town
  7. Sethsnap
  8. Homemade with Mess
  9. Bucket List Publications
  10. Ali Does It Herself
  11. A Word in Your Ear
  12. Ridha’s Kitchen
  13. Salt and Serenity
  14. Modern Home Kitchen
  15. A Nature Mom

If you are interested in movies, recipes, photography, crafts, travels and adventures, at least one of those blogs will fulfill.  Thanks again to Sigoese for the wonderful nomination!