Bacon Avocado Fries!

This past weekend’s experiment goes to having the mission of using up my four rapidly ripening avocados that I bought the weekend before.

A part of it went to making the Avocado basil pasta that me and my boyfriend love a lot. I talked about it HERE when I first made it for last year’s Thanksgiving.

Then the rest went to making two batches of Bacon Avocado Fries over Friday and Saturday. 🙂 These things are addictive!



I found this awesome recipe on Pinterest and you can find it right HERE at The Examiner!

The recipe is relatively straight forward. However, there are a few differences.

  • Its supposed to make 20 but I only could get about 16-18.
  • I didn’t cook the bacon in advance and just baked the whole thing for 5-8 minutes more in the oven

The original plan was to try making the breaded avocado fries but bacon seemed like a nice time to eat something so not good but so delicious in celebration for the end of an extremely long week.

This was delicious.  The combination was really nice because the bacon was crispy and when you bit into it the avocado would just melt. I love those sorts of texture.  Just makes it feel so awesome and tasty! You just can’t go wrong with bacon 🙂

A short little recipe and very simple to make! Love it! I’m definitely going to be making this one again eventually!

Do you like avocado? Any neat recipes that you like? Any recipes you like to add bacon to?