YOU are Wrong!

That sentence as irritated me a lot at work and today, I almost lost it…ALMOST being the key word here.

This post could’ve gone a whole different path and I still have that draft here somewhere but I will refrain.  So here is me doing this in my way and sharing some music that I’m currently listening to as I fume quietly and using all my  EQ that I have inside of me to control the rage of yelling if that rude and disrespectful client calls again and continues being rude and saying things in an accusing tone of voice…

Some Hong Kong Pop/Rock music, whatever you’d like to call it…this helps me 🙂

I will go home and do some intense workout to get rid of this frustration and anger.  Maybe play some piano and watch a happy movie.  Maybe drink a glass of sangria to make me feel all happy and bubbly 🙂

A Word A Week Challenge: Celebration

After long thought, I decided to use this celebration at Clearwater Bay as the focus for A Word In Your Ear’s A Word In A Week Challenge. Join this challenge HERE!

If you have followed my Hong Kong month, after that wonderful lunch at C-Jade Kitchen, we hurried off to Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club. You usually had to members to get in but we managed because my mom’s best friend’s brother is a the manager and they  had a stall to sell stuff that day.  So, we had a chance to visit.  It was at the Marina.  This event was to celebrate their 30th ANNIVERSARY. The theme was Magic Wonderland.  It was full of Alice in Wonderland themes and backdrops.

It was pretty nice event with lots of fun little things to do.

So here you go, an idea of what there was at this beautiful event.  They had boards and even ones where you could stand behind backdrops and take pictures along with backdrop decors along paths. Down near the water, we saw all the yachts parked there.  As the day drew to a close, there were people on their actual yachts.  There were two boats opened for visit: one was the police surveillance boat and the other was one that all brown…I don’t know the purpose of this one as they asked us to take off our shoes and the line was immense to go up, so I didn’t.

Back at the main grounds, we had little mascot animals everywhere: cow, duck, monkey and actual human disguise with a swan, peacock and the guy up there is probably some wild animal, leopard perhaps.  I’m not quite sure.  What do you think?

As any events, they had guests, first up was Bubbles Lady up there who made the biggest bubble.  I feature that up there along with bubble tiaras and all sorts of interesting tricks.  The second guest was the feature of this event, a magician called Ryan Joyce.  He’s up there in my gallery with this twist of hula hoops.  He also showed us a few tricks.

The event came to a close at 5pm just as the skies started getting dark and the winds hit us extremely hard.  I’d say that we were lucky, wouldn’t you? The skies graced us with decent weather all day for this celebration.

A Word A Week Challenge: Flower

I absolutely love flowers and shooting flowers are one of my favorite things in the world.  I just love it.  Seeing as I’m making November a Hong Kong themed month, I’m going to share with you for Sue’s A Word a Week Challenge with the word FLOWER the ones I saw on my trip.  You can see her challenge on this link here.

Enjoy the colours of Hong Kong expressed in FLOWERS!

What do you think? I personally love the lotuses a lot.  I find they are beautiful and elegant flowers.  The pink ones are also seen in purple and white on some of my other pictures that I didn’t show here.  What about walking by a shoe store that promoting their store with flowers made into the shape of high heels as an accompaniment to the shoe display.  Quite original, right? I thought so!

More of Hong Kong coming very soon!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Last night I went to the Train:California 37 Tour at the Metropolis with some friends.  I love Metropolis in general as a venue because it brings the crowd together and its always fun to be part of such an amazing crowd who is not scared to move and sing along with the performers.  Train was AMAZING! I think we (as the audience in whole) impressed them with all the cheering and screaming, our collective sing a longs that projected loud and clear to them.    If you are a Train fan, do go check out their tour if you have time if they visit near you, I highly recommend it.

Now back to the point of this post, when we go to a concert, there’s always MOVEMENT of some sort (especially when I’m referring to Pop/Rock Band, that sort of genre, etc).

There’s plenty of movements with the band themselves, the guitarist, drummer, lead singer, so on and so forth.

There are all the performers: band members jamming together with their music crew on the trumpets, etc.

There’s interacting with the audience in general, giving out autographed shirts.  They are an generous band and super well at working the crowd.

Train gave away shirts, got some of the audience up to do chorus for one song and then another girl to do the duet of Bruises.

In the very end, they even chose one girl in the crowd who sang all their songs an autographed guitar.

Check out how we welcomed TRAIN!

(This photo was after the first song when they beamed the light on the crowd.  Amazing effect it had for my shot!)

We were an amazing crowd from start to end!

We all had our hands in the air, screamed the loudest we could,  sang along to as many songs we all could.

At other times, we clapped to the beat, moved our feet or just simply danced with the music.

This is definitely one of my best concert experiences!