Photography 101: Architecture

Study architectural forms, and also train your eye to look for shots that will translate well in black and white.

Train your eye to look for architectural elements that translate in black and white: sharp lines and patterns, defined shapes, large surface areas, and a mix of very light and very dark colors.- The Daily Post

I rarely like to use effects to spice up my pictures.  Its something about my belief that natural lighting and how you structure the shot brings out the essence of a picture more than effects could.  However, I do sometimes like to play around with black and white in a rare situation.

Regardless, I love using black and white mostly for vintage scenes.

In this challenge, I decide to do something of a compare and contrast. The first is an older building and its now converted into a history centre but I believe it used to be a fire department or something like that.

Old Montreal

Historical Building

In the second shot, its of a more modern looking museum, covered in glass and having the metallic vertical antenna looking design.  I don’t know what its supposed to be but its always been the distinct feature that I like about the Pointe a Calliere Museum.

Pointe a calliere Museum

Pointe a calliere Museum

Its comes to the point that does modern architecture or older ones make a more dramatic effect using black and white.

What do you think?

Photography 101: Landmark

Landmarks are everywhere: iconic places, meeting points, markers on a map. Today, consider a unique point of view as you photograph a landmark.

Once you’ve chosen your landmark, move around to experiment with your POV, or point of view. Today, crouch or lie on the ground to get an interesting street-level angle, or walk around your landmark to examine every possible perspective. – The Daily Post

What is a landmark in Montreal? How about more specifically in Old Montreal? Most of you will know the waterfront and even more of you may have heard of the Notre Dame Church.  That is my star landmark.  However, choosing an angle proved to be harder. One that appealed to me the most? Thats an even harder decision.

Notre Dame Church

Farther away side view

Notre Dame Church

Crouched down by the steps going up

Notre Dame Church

In the open space in front of it with the statue

The morning sun got in the way a little so I tried to hide in the shadows.  My Samsung Galaxy S3 can only do so much 😉 If I didn’t have to rush off to work, I’d probably have tried some effects on it.

What is the first landmark that pops in your mind from your city?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

My inspiration for these photo challenges have really been minimal.

For one, I haven’t been having the ABANDONED feeling as much as just overwhelmed.  Now if we had that word next, I’d have a kaleidoscope of pictures to share.  It would literally blow your mind.

But, we do with what we have, right? So, when I first thought of abandoned, I thought of this:

Kowloon Walled City Park

Kowloon Walled City Park

Kowloon Walled City Park

Kowloon Walled City Park

The ruins and remnants of what used to stand here.  Of course, its not so much abandoned because its turned into a city park and you can still walk the grounds of the rich family that used to own the place back in the days in Hong Kong, when conditions were pretty bad.

The second thing that comes to mind is looking out of the waterfront of Old Montreal, where the old flour mill stands.

Pointe du moulin

Old grain storage facility in Old Montreal

This grain storage facility grew as the Old Port grew from 1920 till now, however all the activities have moved somewhere else and it now stands abandoned.  Although I do believe they have other projects for it which I’m not completely sure of. My information is probably inaccurate as I’d have to research that a little more. Still, the building is old and rundown and sure looking the abandoned part 😉

This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned. Check out more entries HERE!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (2)

I don’t usually do a second post for the weekly photo challenge but today when I was doing some shooting of Christmas decorations around my work area, I saw this beautiful reflection that I had to share!



That reflection is of the Bank of Montreal building in Old Montreal with beautiful Christmas stars decorations on the front.  Isn’t it so beautiful?