Double Feature: Annie (1982) & Annie (2014)

double feature

Welcome to another double feature!

This time we are looking at adaptations and how well the 1982 Annie and the 2014 Annie compares. I have never seen the Broadway musical so I can’t compare to that experience.

Annie (1982)


Director: John Huston

Cast: Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, Carol Burnett, Ann Reinking, Tim Curry, Bernadette Peters

A young orphan girl’s adventures in finding a family that will take her. – IMDB

Annie is a movie that hear of a lot but never got around to seeing. Its quite weird since I love musicals a lot and watch and rewatch them throughout the year. Annie is a really fun movie especially with the subject it deals with like an orphan waiting for her parents to get her at the orphanage run by a mean woman. However, Annie is never a sad movie buy rather a very charming one although sometimes the long runtime might be where it suffers a little. The songs are fun and catchy which is pretty important since this is a musical.

Aileen Quinn as Annie is a great choice. She truly comes alive on screen and makes us believe in Annie who is a positively bright ray of sunshine to everyone around her. She appreciates what she has and fights to protect those in need and knows how to find a way to stay hopeful no matter what. Her fascination with the world around her under Warbucks care is really cool to watch. However, the orphanage kids are all very fun to watch. My favorite two songs are the scenes with them for Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile and Its a Hard Knock Life.

The 1982 Annie is almost destined for success as it does have quite the brilliant cast. Albert Finney plays as Warbucks, a billionaire who believes in making money and capitalism until he meets Annie who opens his eyes to what he is missing. Daddy Warbucks is great and it goes all the way to creating memorable characters in his bodyguards, Punjab and The Asp. While I haven’t seen Ann Reinking in anything else, she also has such a wonderful role with Grace Farrell, who plays the private secretary/assistant and really forms a bond with Annie.

There was the surprise of seeing Tim Curry as Rooster. I absolutely love Tim Curry because he has an art of naturally capturing all the roles he does so incredibly well. The same applies for Rooster who really doesn’t have much depth other than being the greedy brother. Of course, we can’t forget the mean and yet very entertaining Miss Hannigan played by Carol Burnett, whose voice reminded me that I hadn’t seen Horton Hears a Who in forever and should soon.

Overall, I love Annie. I’m not a fan of the length and some of the songs I didn’t really care for but overall, it was a lot of fun.

Annie (2014)


Director: Will Gluck

Cast: Quvenzhané Wallis, Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale

A foster kid, who lives with her mean foster mom, sees her life change when business tycoon and New York mayoral candidate Will Stacks makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes her in. – IMDB

The 2014 modernized remake of Annie was a shorter affair than the original. While it still held some nice songs and changed the orphan to foster kid and even readapted the songs to work with that. They took out some songs and added some new ones. However, the songs are still decent and delivered for the most part alright.

Other than still liking the kids and wishing their role still was more, Quvenzhane Wallis truly does stand out as Annie. I haven’t seen Beasts in the Southern Wild yet so this is the first movie I have seen her in. Her modern parallel to Annie and Sandy being a beautiful Hachi dog was really great and possibly the best part in the movie. At the same time, while Rose Byrne and Jamie Foxx are both great actors. I can’t say that I particularly loved or hated them. They were okay however, also at moments felt awkward.

While Cameron Diaz has had some comedic roles in her career and even as someone who doesn’t always like the roles she plays, her role as Miss Hannigan was just way over the top and just too much that many times, it felt annoying. The same goes to the shallow character that is the equivalent of Rooster in the 1983 version but now is the PR guy for Warbucks to help him become the New York mayor which is played by Bobby Cannavale. I remember watching this guy before and him doing some other movies where I did like him but I honestly can’t remember anymore what they are.

Something about this remake felt like it was lacking some charm that the original had. Even if we put the comparison apart, there were some great moments in this movie and some nice choreography however, it did have a lot of moments that didn’t work well either.

I Want to Punch “You” in the Face, but…

No no, not you!

I mean 90210! As late as I am with TV series, its my latest TV binge watch series! It may have ended but doesn’t mean I can’t get all crazy and want to punch someone because I’m still watching the final season.  Especially when it comes to HIM!

liam 90210

Liam Court (played by Matt Lanter) in 90210

A few episodes ago, I was feeling so bad for Liam.  If you think your life was bad, you have to check out his.  He gets ALL the crazy chicks, and even those that are now normal, he got them when they were crazy.  Then, I start thinking, its because all the characters, despite being now in college phase or just out of high school in whatever stage in life, they are all still acting like they are in high school.  Really? Is that what happens when you are rich at a young age with trust funds? OKAY, not the point!

But then, that also makes me realize, WHY I actually want to punch his (very handsome) face? Because he also makes a bunch of dumb choices! In no world are the choices he makes, mostly relationships (especially casual, sometimes serious), makes any damn sense! He may have hooked up with a lot of the girls in the 90210 series itself but right from the start, I knew he was the best with Annie. Let me present her to you if you don’t know her!

Annie & Liam Season 5

Annie & Liam Season 5

The script for this has been pushing them on and off together but its obvious the connection is still there! Which makes it all the more frustrating when I’ve really bonded with her character for some reason in Season 5. And like anything you spend extended amounts of time with, even the most meaningless things start having some meaning.

Especially when Annie starts fantasizing about it like this!

liam annie kiss1

And especially when they always are so passionate when they are together!

liam annie kiss


The frustration of it all! I want to punch him in the face, but…then I don’t really want to.  I could just stop watching it, right? But then, you know I’ll be right there tonight watching another episode or two 🙂

I never understood the appeal of these series but sometimes, they just drag me right back in even when I lose hope because I feel like its not going anywhere.

Overanalyzing, right? I know!

Was this supposed to have any meaning? Meh, probably not! It was just to release some funky frustration and man, those are some hot kisses that I’d like to remember 😉 It sure makes me feel all sexy just watching it!

Happy Thursday everyone 🙂 This was absolutely meaningless but if you stuck around, I’m very happy you did!