Step Up (2006)

Channing Tatum is red hot now.  Looking at some of his movies, I’ve seen a few here and there.  I never really got into him as an actor, although he has an attractive factor to him.  Seeing as I love dance movies, my boyfriend was shocked when I told him that I hadn’t seen Step Up.  It made it to the 4th movie last summer afterall, maybe it was time for me to dive into it.  Magic Mike proved to me that Channing Tatum could dance, so why not give him a shot at Step Up, right?

step up posterDirector: Anne Fletcher

Cast: Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan(-Tatum), Damaine Radcliff, De’Shawn Washington, Drew Sidora, Mario, Rachel Griffiths

Living in the less fortunate areas of society in a foster home, Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) spends his time earning money doing illegal activities with his buddy, Mac (Damaine Radcliff) and his little brother Skinny (De’Shawn Washington).  After getting kicked out of a party, they end up breaking the window accidentally to the Maryland School of Performing Arts and ends up vandalizing their theatre.  When Tyler helps his friends escape but end up getting caught, he ends up having to pay with community service hours cleaning at the place that he committed his fault.  Its there he meets Nora Clark (Jenna Dewan), a senior class dancer preparing for her final number in order to pursue her dream as a professional dancer.  When her partner sprains his ankle and can’t join her, she needs to find herself a partner but none of the dancers that are willing to help her fit the part, until Tyler offers to help her rehearse as a replacement.  At the reluctant approval with the director of the school, Director Gordon (Rachel Griffiths), they start rehearsing and start to know each other.  As Tyler merges with this new group and sees new possibilities, he also struggles with losing his own friends and their support.

step up rehearse

Wow, such a huge synopsis for a very simple movie.  I watch these movies in abundance and own probably the majority of them.  These inspirational youth flicks are something I watch a lot.  I never expect much from this movie genre (does it even have its own genre?) but just take it as a relaxing time to listen to some cool music (most of the time), some dancing and singing and some silly flirting.  Its always fun when I just shut off my mind of most criticisms.

step up dancing group

This movie had a lot of pretty nice characters.  I actually didn’t really hate on it much.  The only thing I don’t like is that Channing Tatum talked like Paul Walker in 2 Fast 2 Furious, trying to be all tough, I guess.  I don’t know how to describe it.  Either way, he did dance pretty impressively.  Plus, he was with quite the beautiful co-star Jenna Dewan (who I learned on IMDB) is now his beautiful wife in real life.  Ah, romance from acting, right? Nice!  I haven’t seen her anywhere before this but she was good in what she does.  She’s a very elegant dancer.  I enjoyed the supporting cast as well.  Mario played Miles and the guy who makes the inspirational music in the movie.  I love the last song. Whether he actually mixed that song, I don’t know but I loved that final dance scene’s song.  Its in my MP3 on repeat right now. Now I’m talking about music…Fair to say, music was pretty good and the characters were decent.

step up mario and drew sidora

These stories are enjoyable because they are simple.  Its all about inspiring people that its possible to chase your dreams with hard work and a bit of luck.  Its inspiring to watch others succeed in the performing arts.  Of course, I mean, not everyone gets to be lucky and do what they are passionate about.  I will never be the one to believe in dropping something completely and doing this..its how I was brought up, although as I’m learning how to find my passion and do something meaningful with it in my life, these style of movies really become quite charming and fun. It becomes a personal thing…I can’t really see if others will enjoy it as much as I did.

step up channing tatum

Step Up is pretty cool! I would definitely rewatch it when I have spare time.  Its not epic and its not anything fancy, its just a fun dance/music and inspiring movie (if you buy the concept and like this sort of thing).  It worked for me! Channing Tatum does a pretty decent job here (plus, he even has a ballet scene doing plies).  He has a very pretty and talented dancer as his co-star. Its just a nice movie to sit back, relax, listen to some music, watch some dance scenes and  see the inspiration and of course, love 😉

Do you like these music/dance/inspirational movies? I don’t know what to call them.  Do you have a favorite? How about Step Up series, have you seen them all or some of them?

Valentine Marathon: The Proposal (2009)

I took it everyone enjoyed my marathon intermission yesterday.  However, time is flying by and I had to get back on with the marathon with a romantic comedy, The Proposal.

The_ProposalDirector: Anne Fletcher

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen, Betty White, Denis O’Hare

Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is the editor in chief of Colden Books, who is a Canadian waiting for her visa application.  When she left the country without the appropriate paperwork, her visa was denied and she has to be deported.  In a fluster of the moment, she decides to make her long time assistant, Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) marry her.  However, her immigration officer (Denis O’Hare) doesn’t believe them and schedules them for an interview to test them on their knowledge of each other right after they come back from their trip to visit Andrew’s family in Alaska to celebrate his grandma Annie’s (Betty White) birthday.

This is a hilarious flick.  I love Sandra Bullock.  I really do.  She’s an amazing actress and I’ve loved her movies since forever.  I believe I had talked about this back in December when I did the Christmas marathon and reviewed While You Were Sleeping.  I was watching this one and I thought it was slightly similar in the fact that it focuses on regaining the lost feeling of being part of a family.  Sandra Bullock may play a much more stuck-up role as Margaret but she just has this crazy funny moments that just made me laugh out loud.

Aside from that, we have Betty White.  She’s always the adorable and humorous grandma.  Don’t you want your grandmother to be like her? She’s just pure awesomeness.  Okay, I know I know…we also need to talk about Ryan Reynolds.  As much as he was crap as Green Lantern, he does play a wonderful rom-com actor.  And he is quite the handsome and charming man (especially on a physical level, he goes shirtless a few times).

This flick is quite the old and normal type of story line and it can get predictable but the characters really is the plus and leads it to higher ground.  It helps us appreciate the funny moments a bit more.  Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have amazing chemistry to make this all the more believable.  This isn’t any new but its definitely a fun and comedic story that makes you feel good in the end.  That’s all I really ask for in a chick flick.  As much it sounds like I’m not very appreciative of this one, I do love it quite a bit because of its frequent moments to just pop out some random scene that make me roll over laughing.

What do you think about Sandra Bullock? Whats your favorite Sandra Bullock movie?