Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is quickly becoming a very entertaining actor in my book.  I’ve enjoyed most of his movies that I’ve seen.  Of course, as for some actors, I tend to skip out on the ones I know I will probably not enjoy.  Today (May 2nd) is his birthday according to IMDB and he is now 41 years old. Seeing that I do like him quite a bit for his wit and fun, I decided to choose a movie to watch from what I have and it landed on this flick…one that I fell asleep watching the first time but I believe it was due to fatigue and not boredom.  Lets see which it was 😉

race to witch mountain posterDirector: Andy Fickman

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb, Alexander Ludwig, Carla Gugino, Ciaran Hinds

Zooming into ex-con ex-wheelman taxi driver, Jack Bruno (Dwayne Johnson) we see his choice to lead a normal life in The Stripe of Las Vegas.  While he is trying to cut off all ties from the criminal he used to work for, his life takes an even more dangerous turn when two kids, Sara (AnnaSophia Robb) and her brother Seth (Alexander Ludwig) appear in the back of his cab asking for a lift to the middle of nowhere with a lot of cash to pay the fare.  Strange things start happening as mysterious SUVs start attacking his car and on pursuit to their whereabouts. When they reach their destination, Sara and Seth realize that someone has arrived before them and sabotaged the area. This turns out to be another form of military alien who seems absolutely indestructable.  Jack learns that both Sara and Seth are also aliens and they are there to pick up something that will save their planet as well and they need to get back their spaceship from the Department of Defense.  The Department of Defense seems to be very crooked and they are hot on the groups tail throughout the movie (yes, the SUVs were them) and they are lead by Burke (Ciaran Hinds).  With the help of Dr. Alex Friedman, a UFO specialist, they make their run to a hidden base called Witch Mountain to get Sara and Seth back home.

First of all, this is a remake of a previous Disney  movie.  I’ve never seen the first one so I have nothing to compare it to.  I got this movie mostly because Disney usually makes acceptable family adventure flicks and it has The Rock.  Plus, I had just seen Bridge of Terabithia which had AnnaSophia Robb and I loved that one a lot too.  I need to review it eventually.

race to witch mountain group

Alien invasions movie has always seemed to be a difficult genre to master.  I’ve never watched one that I’ve truly enjoyed.  This one may not completely be an exception.  I fell asleep the first time around and this second time, I started it up at the beginning of a workout and eventually rewinded it to see the beginning again.  When I finally did sit down to watch the movie seriously, it wasn’t a complete downer.  The premise of the movie is decent.  The Rock delivers some good dialogue that gives us some good laughs.  He’s always fun to watch on screen especially when he is driving away in panic and then having attitude here and there.  Its what makes it so fun.

race to witch mountain sara seth jack

Let me just start by saying that I didn’t hate the movie.  But, at not really any point did I find that I was completely attached to the movie. I paused various times to do this and that.  There are parts that are predictable and the characters didn’t really make me love them all that well.  Was it their acting had problems? I’m not even sure.  I had fun here and there. Car chases and shooting and fighting gave this movie adventure and action.  You know what it felt like at some point in time? It felt completely like an  Alien 101 course.


Almost forgot to mention! Remember back in The Woman in Black, I found an actor that I really liked? Ciaran Hinds is in this as Department of Defense head and he is pretty cool.  Pretty bad ass most of the time (well, as bad ass as Disney would allow) and he made me somewhat cringe a bit.  He made the events get a bit more intense.

It sounds like I’m complaining but overall this is an average movie.  I’m not sure I’ll pull it out to watch every year but its not bad enough that I want to throw it away either.  Everyone brings in a decent effort and the story is pretty good.  Its a nice watch when you want some downtime.  I’d love to check out the original eventually though.

Have you seen the original Race to Witch Mountain? Do you like The Rock? Are there any particular performances of his that you enjoyed?