Almond Cookies

Almond Cookies.

Chinese New Year is coming just around the corner so Valentine’s Day baking will be put aside.  This weekend will be exploring and sharing the world of Chinese cuisine, kicking off the A Bite of China project and of course, Chinese desserts to bring in the Year of the Snake!

Its the perfect time to reboot this wonderful recipe that I tried out last year! These were some popular Almond cookies, even my mom’s friends, who are fantastic cooks asked me to print them a copy of the recipe 🙂 No one here has actually seen as when I first posted it, I probably had 3 followers.

Hopefully, you will like it 🙂 I have a batch of this in the oven as we speak.  I’ll share pictures of it in another post later on! I need to run off and do some more Chinese New Year preparation errands but just wanted to this first 🙂

Happy Saturday!