Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) by Slip/Through Movies – Ultimate 80s Blogathon

Next up for the Ultimate 80s Blogathon is Dan from Slip/Through Movies.  You might also know him as the Gen X side of The Tale of Two Dans. Both these sites are dedicated to bringing in depth reviews on movies, TV and trailers.  They are currently holding The Unity Movie Awards which is asking for your votes on their careful nominations from the online film community bringing you awards for Fun and Serious Categories.  Head over there to drop your vote HERE.

Let’s hand it over to Dan and his choice, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!


bill and ted's excellent adventure

It doesn’t get much more 80s than this. Let’s begin with a quote:

BILL: Ted, while I agree that, in time, our band will be most triumphant. The truth is, Wyld Stallyns will never be a super band until we have Eddie Van Halen on guitar. //
TED: Yes, Bill. But, I do not believe we will get Eddie Van Halen until we have a triumphant video. //
BILL: Ted, it’s pointless to have a triumphant video before we even have decent instruments. //
TED: Well, how can we have decent instruments when we don’t really even know how to play? //
BILL: That is why we -need- Eddie Van Halen! //
TED: And -that- is why we need a triumphant video. //
Bill & Ted air guitar in celebration. The their alarm clock interrupts. //
BILL: Uh-oh, we’re late! //
TED: For what? //
BILL: For school, dude! //
TED: Oh yeah.

Alex Winters plays Bill, while Keanu Reeves plays Ted, before he blew up and became an action star with POINT BREAK. These two are the most lovable dumb guys in cinematic history. They go on an EXCELLENT ADVENTURE through time, “kidnapping” famous historical figures so they can pass their class. A perfect example of the comedy in store is when they’re reading from a textbook, Bill quotes So-crates, “The only true wisdom consists of knowing that you know nothing.” Ted gasps with an epiphany, “That’s us, dude!”

The journey is filled with an incredibly high laugh per minute count. This 80s flick is infinitely quotable and entirely fun. There’s another totally rad snippet of dialogue that exemplifies just how funny this cult classic is. While they’re studying, and trying to figure out what Lincoln’s famous words were, Ted gets an idea, “Oh, wait! Remember Disney World? Hall of Presidents?” Bill replies enthusiastically, “Yeah, good. What did he say?” Ted thinks a moment, only like Keanu can, and replies with the answer, “Welcome… to the Hall of Presidents.”

Released in 1989, it perfectly captures the spirit of the decade (just think of their slang), just the sequel did with the 90s despite only being separated by a few short years. When I look back on the 80s, I think of BILL & TED. I was only a young kid at the time, but I still remember seeing this in the theater. Looking back through Venetian blinds style sunglasses, nostalgia definitely weighs on my enjoyment to this day. This EXCELLENT ADVENTURE is one I’ve taken numerous times over the decades, and I still split my gut laughing throughout. That’s why BILL & TED is the most non-non-NON-heinous pick for the most excellent 80s flick, dude!