Music Obsessions – April 2018

Music Obsessions

March is now behind us and Spring has arrived! I’m not sure that I’ve listened to a lot of new music lately but I am catching up on some nice stuff. Its been a while that my list has been listened on repeat so frequently with just those few songs. Plus, I’m going back to some music that I loved a ton from months ago and added some music that I had taken out back in. March has been great in some ways but a whole lot of soul searching. Maybe its the getting older that makes me think and reflect on life in general. Either way, when I hit those moments, I like to block out a lot of everything and find back my balance through music. This segment is supposed to be nice and fun so I’ll skip the drama and share some music I’ve loved this month.

Let Me Go – Hailee Steinfeld, Alesso ft. Florida Georgia Line, WATT

So why suddenly Hailee Steinfeld? Because I recently rewatched Pitch Perfect 2 and it kind of was nice background music as I caught up with a ton of blog housekeeping and putting together new graphics for the upcoming podcast. At the same time, she’s been on the radio whenever we’re in the car. Lots of reasons but I’m a fan of Alesso so this one peaked my interest and its really grown on me.

我們不一樣 We Are Not The Same – 大壯 Da Zhuang 

A rather sporadic discovery is this song which showed up in my recommended on the home page of Youtube. This song doesn’t only have a singer which has a really nice rough voice which adds to the strength of the song but the song lyrics itself is very well-written and is meaningful especially when the video emphasizes on its content by showcasing different in a certain city in China and the different professions. I love meaningful music that isn’t about love and heartbreak since its really not that frequent that we encounter it nowadays, or I’m just not searching in the right places.

Try – Jay Chou & Patrick Brasca

I haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda 3 yet and I have no idea whether this song was part of just the Asia/Taiwan/China release but its such a fun and cheerful song. Its been a while that I’ve visited Jay Chou music and he has such a high standard for the quality of music that he delivers that its really so great to get back into his newer music. Although I still have some immense love for his debut album or first few ones. He makes this music with like stories in its lyrics but of course, he really writes the music (which I always love the style) and has a great lyricist which I think writes a lot of his songs (at least most of the ones I love). Either way, this one, he teams up with a very young artist who is Taiwanese-Canadian called Patrick Brasca who fits into this songs fun elements.

告白氣球 Love Confession – Jay Chou

I probably should have reversed the song before and this one because its through this video that I found out about Patrick Brasca. The video here is adorable and not to mention, Jay Chou’s latest music that I absolutely love. In this entire Music Obsessions this time around, I’ve been listening the most especially since it makes me want to learn how to sing it. Jay Chou music is hard because of his ability to sing complex lyrics really rapidly. Mandarin is my second language Chinese dialect so sometimes its hard to get it all out however, I loved the challenge and maybe I’ll share a snippet of the singing one day ;).

Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood

Finally song is Before He Cheats and it has to do very much with the first choice in this list because of Pitch Perfect 2 where the Barden Bellas go for the riff-off and Anna Kendrick follows with this song. Every time I watch Pitch Perfect 2 and it hits that part, I always end up bringing back this song since its really fun in general to listen to and sing.

Thats it for this month’s Music Obsessions!
What music have you been listening to?

Steve’s Music Mix: Where Is It?

Finally the rush is over at work.  Kind of. It feels nice to be able to breath normally and function properly like eat lunch at a decent pace at a reasonable time.  I took a little break yesterday to recuperate a little because my brain was a mesh.  So lets get back on track slowly.  I have a lot planned but lets pick things up with Steve’s Music Mix.

Just a little simple recap on how this works, Steve at Steve Says picks three questions where you need to put your music player (MP3/Ipod etc) on shuffle.  You say the question and whichever song you end up on is the one that answers your question. 🙂 Last week, I had some pretty hopeless answers to the question that made absolutely no sense.  Lets see how this week goes.

Where is your happy place?

–> Too Young To Care – Shawn Desman

When I don’t care and find the enlightenment to say “f@&k it” to all the judge-y people out there of my life, thats really my happy place. Its also doing things spontaneously and having fun without thinking about too much, just the feel good stuff, thats my happy place also. 🙂

Where are you now?

–> 17 Crimes – AFI

I have nothing to say about this.  Seriously, nothing.  I’m not in jail and well, I’m pretty sure I didn’t commit any crimes.  Maybe my imperfection is a crime in the eyes of some insignificant people in my life. But then if you look at the lyrics,

Tomorrow cannot be like this.
And even though it’s such a simple world,
tomorrow cannot be like this.

Thats really where I am for at least one aspect of my life, not physically but mentally 😉

What do you mean?

–> Calling (Lose My Mind) (Radio Edit) – Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso ft Ryan Tedder

I don’t mean anything usually.  I’m losing my mind.  I actually am…

Here’s my Steve’s Music Mix answers.  What about yours? My MP3 was half nice to me and made a little bit of sense.

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