Unboxing: 1UP Box (May 2015)

So…there was a little mix-up in my understanding of how 1UP box worked and somehow now I have another 3 months of this subscription.  Regardless, the last box for 1UP box was really good so I’m hoping that it’ll keep going on like.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll choose 1UP box for another 3 months.  If not, at least now I figured out how to cancel when I want to. But, we’re not here to talk about that.  Its another 3 month adventure for us.  These unboxing posts are possibly one of my fave ones to post up nowadays: simple and fun.  I like that a lot especially when I’m tied up with time.

This month’s theme for 1UP box is SIDEKICKS!

Let’s check it out!!

Adventure Time BMO Plush

1UP box

A question: Who here has seen Adventure Time? I’ve only watched the first few episodes of Season 1.  Its a cute series but I haven’t found the time to get back to it just yet. The concept and the characters are pretty cute.  I have to say that.  Although I’m not a die hard fan of it, this plush is adorable.  But then, I’m a sucker for most of these plush toys.  I mean, I even learned to appreciate the giant microbes one so what can I say, right? Definitely a cool item to start off this unboxing!

Just a note: my unboxing is not by myself so my boyfriend just pulls these items out of the box so its totally random and a surprise for me because I don’t even open it myself.  Just a little unimportant side note…

Beep Boop Drawstring/Cinch Bag

1UP Box

My boyfriend says this might be inspired by Star Wars.  I’m not sure. Either way, two boxes in a row with two cinch bags.  Now that’s something, eh? It’s cool, always useful 😉

1UP Box exclusive: Sidekick Dog Tag

1UP Box

See, that looks pretty cool.  Except I can’t quite think of an occasion to wear this.  I work at a semi-casual work environment and still, dog tags aren’t exactly my style now. But it looks nice.  Maybe I’ll do good as decoration 😉

Love My Sidekick Wristband

1UP Box

Do you remember when these were popular? I sported about 3 of these on my wrist at one time.  I use them as my table lamp’s decoration now.  It gives it some color. This box is giving me some fashion/accessory flashbacks from within the last 10 years or something.  Its a pretty nice feeling 😉

Jack of Hearts Decal

1UP Box

Remember when we had one of these and everyone loved it? How about in Adventure Time this time around? 😉 I think its pretty cool.  I won’t use it.  The boyfriend might kill me for even thinking about it.

Fist Bump T-Shirt

1UP Box

For EVERY single box, I look forward to the T-shirt because its always the winner.  Look at this! Like I said before, not a huge fan of Adventure Time BUT I’m a MEGA FAN of Yoshi or anything in the Mario-verse.  This is so badass and cute all at the same time.  Not sure how that works, but it does!!! OMG…I love it!!!!! 🙂

*takes a deep breath* Okay, I’m good. All calm now!

1UP Box button: Sidekick

1UP Box

This box was full of pretty nostalgic moments.  We don’t quite give so much attention to those popular sidekicks at times but c’mon, Yoshi stole my heart and I think BMO might just make me want to get back in the Adventure Time world when I wrap up a few things. 1UP box does impress me quite a bit.  I just sometimes find it hard to use their items.  I own my geekiness but there’s only so many ways that I can.  Haha!

Any of these things peak your interest? Who is your favorite sidekick?