A Word A Week Challenge: Yellow

This week’s word for A Word in Your Ear’s A Word A Week Challenge is Yellow.  You can visit her beautiful blog HERE and join into the fun 🙂

I’ve been slacking off on this challenge for the last few weeks.  Hopefully, I’ll get my act together starting with this post.

Yellow is one of those colours that makes me smile.  Its so happy, optimistic and cheery to look at. Shame that I don’t own clothes with that, except my Tribesports gear.  Plus, I wear black with everything so I’d resemble a bumblebee and I’m not really into doing that.

Yellow makes me miss summer quite a bit.  With the weather going all over the place in Montreal from deep freeze (-40C with windchill) to warmer weathers above zero with rain and freezing rain, my body is lashing out with a mild cold, in this crazy time for work and personal life that I honestly really really hope summer would arrive (even spring) soon.

The best part of summer last year was shooting pictures of flowers and my favorite have to be these ones in my garden.



Aside from wishing for summer to drop by and hopefully this cold to go away, something closer coming up is Chinese New Year.  That arrives in a little more than 3 weeks.  Right now, I’m waiting for these pretty flowers to brighten up the house.  These are from last year 🙂


I love these little strings of gold.  That what it represents as good blessing during Chinese New Year.  Matched with pussy willows, they are adorable. Mine right now are just twigs but in time, it’ll open for Chinese New Year.  From the looks of things, I’m going to need that “gold” more than ever.  A little superstition might just calm my mind a little 😉

Back to this cold winter weather, what do you like to do when its super cold outside? I like to sit with my yellow cup that I bought from Hong Kong Disneyland back in 2009 and drink a whole lot of tea while watching TV or movies (or more like studying these days).


Excuse the hazy focus.  I believe I took this last year while I was testing out my then new DSLR…

Now, final photo is from 2009, when I went to Victoria.  Right by Mile 0 was this beautiful Pacific Ocean view.  I love water and I love flowers and I’ve shown this picture in different angles with and without me in it…so many different ways.

Pacific Ocean Victoria, BC

Water, flowers…do you feel it? Relaxation, stress flowing out of my body and mind…

Now that, my friends, is a comforting thought 🙂

What does YELLOW remind you of?

Happy Thursday! 🙂

A Word A Week Challenge: Wind

I really don’t know how to capture wind.  Its so…invisible.  So I took another approach in a way.  When its not winter and its not dry cold, the wind is calming, warm and soothing.  I like to see those images in my head or in front of me: the ways that wind can be used…

To say, generate energy/electricity

Lamma Island 2012

Wind power on Lamma Island, Hong Kong 2012

Hong Kong

Balloons floating away as a storm arrives, Hong Kong 2012

Hong Kong

Good luck pinwheels, Hong Kong 2012

Windmill in the countryside of Quebec, 2012

Windmill in the countryside of Quebec, 2012

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A Word A Week Challenge: Shadow

I love looking at shadows.  Maybe not if they were creepy ghostly figures like in horror movies but, when I walk, I like to look at my shadow or shadows.  Sometimes, depending on the light, there’s two 🙂 I never caught of picture of that yet.

The other day, when it started having our first snow fall, I took a shot of my elongated shadow on the snow-covered road.


Weird enough, I’m looking at it again and I’m really deformed. Oh and that jut in my backside is my messenger bag 😛 But yup, thats me right there.

I thought it was pretty cool.  A bit dark and blurry since its with my phone.

This is my response for A Word A Week Challenge hosted by A Word in Your Ear.  Check out more posts HERE!

A Word A Week Challenge: Lines & High

I’m feeling really bad about missing a good few weeks of A Word in Your Ear’s A Word A Week Challenge so I figured I’d do this past week’s HIGH and the previous week’s LINES together 🙂 This week’s challenge went up before I managed to get a post together so in a few days, I’ll take care of that one as well.

We see LINES everywhere! It could be the your structure of your blinds, the indenture of the keys on your keyboard and it could be the line up at the cash or even a long line up of cars…because the bridge is under reparation because its about to collapse…

Line of cars miles from the highway....

Line of cars miles from the highway….

This is when I stand at the bus stop and sweat because I worry if one, my bus would be really late and two, when I’ll ever get to work :s ! No worry, I made it and relatively on time.  The line was pretty intense since its a good 5 long blocks and one overpass to the highway at least.  Thats just the line up to go on the overpass by the way…

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Next up, I’m scared of heights. Deathly scared of them but I’ve conquered it quite a bit. Example, I can go on ferris wheels and not cringe too much.  Cable cars are okay but I try to look forward and not down.  CN tower glass floors are still a no…the thought already scares me.  But I know people who are worse, say my boyfriend who has a fear of flying which he’s working on.  And I’ve heard of people who are scared of heights where bridges scare them.

Connected to LINES, height related to bridges if a good one to go on.  Bridge collapsing danger is the headlines for Montreal.  The bridge I cross every single day to go to work is in danger of collapsing and its now enforced with a super beam. Here’s some pictures of it this summer when the talks of a new bridge was underway but the issue of tolls have been prolonging it.  Now, they say it’ll be done 3 years earlier.  I laugh at that because nothing is done early, only later.  One of the many “lovely” things about living in the beautiful city of Montreal. So, I’ll continue hoping for the best and that I don’t take a bath in the St. Lawrence River any time soon. *cringe*

Champlain Bridge

our near collapsing Champlain Bridge

Lets look at how pretty it looks from afar from this summer. Now look at the other ones 🙂

Victoria Bridge

Victoria Bridge

Jacques Cartier Bridge

Jacques Cartier Bridge in the background

I love bridges.  I guess water doesn’t scare me or I just have faith in the bridges usually..unless its the cable bridges then yes, I get scared. Those pictures usually turn into a weird defensive stance and a constipated expression. I couldn’t find any of those so we’ll leave it at that. 

Being high up on a bridge does feel pretty awesome.  Being high up on anything usually doe s have this majestic feeling 🙂

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I already have ideas for this week’s so expect that soon-ish! 🙂

A Word A Week Challenge: Two

There are so many ways to interpret TWO!

I’m a pretty numerical person.  My profession demands it so what else can I say, right? Surrounded by numbers day in day out.

My interpretation is direct and straightforward: The number TWO! How many ways is there to show it?

On the work calculator

On the work calculator

My writing and gesture of TWO

My writing and gesture of TWO

We can also show two of something:

My cat's front paws

My cat’s front paws last night on my arm as she slept on my lap

My feet in the water

My feet in the water

Aquarium du Quebec

Two polar bears at Aquarium du Quebec

Two animals, giraffe and heron drinking from the watering hole at the zoo

Two animals, giraffe and heron drinking from the watering hole at the zoo

Or you could interpret as two from the reflections in the water showing two of each animal 🙂

Two batches of flowers in my living room right now

Two batches of flowers in my living room right now

Two water lilies in the water at Niagara Falls

Two water lilies in the water at Niagara Falls

This time I managed to get some old and new pictures for the challenge.  I’ve been slacking off on this challenge.  I’ll get back on track 🙂

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A Word A Week Challenge: Fur

Since a new challenge over at Sue`s A Word in Your Ear is up already, I’m not going to waste any time and just get straight to busy.

Last week’s challenge theme was FUR!

I had to pick my model! Let me present to you my little girl Flea! She’s three and a half years old (give or take a few months) and to me, she’s the most beautiful brown tabby ever! Thats just a mom’s bias..what else can I say?


She’s usually not very much willing to sit down for me to snap photos but two nights ago, she was extremely cooperative and not only sat still but also sat in my lap so I could be in a weird awkward position taking close shots of her fur…


Front paws




A very furry post, right? Well, she’s my little clumsy fur ball and its coming to the time where she wants to cozy up with me in the evenings and then her purring starts, and I start dozing off before I can do anything else…

This is my response for A Word A Week Challenge: Fur.  For more furry posts, head over HERE!

A Word A Week Challenge: Silhouette

Are there words in your life where you remember exactly when and how you learned the meaning of them?

Silhouette is actually one of them for me.  It used to be a yogurt brand, is it still? After I went full-on lactose intolerant, I avoided that aisle because not being able to eat yogurt is depressing for me.  Still, thats not how I learned the meaning, of course. I learned it from a movie! Any idea which one? Mary Poppins! When Bert goes, “I’d recognize that silhouette anywhere” when Mary Poppins shadow shows up in one of the chalk painting frames.

Thats what I think of when I hear that word: Shadows on the ground!

Lamma Island Family Trail

Lamma Island Family Trail 2012

Burlington Waterfront

Burlington Waterfront 2013

Excuse that finger in the frame.  It was my first weekend with a smart phone.  What can I say? Inexperience….Now I do it less often 😉

Honestly, I like taking pictures of my silhouette than my physical self sometimes.  At times, it makes me look so slim and slender, not to mention tall.  My 5’4 height challenge does have its benefits (in Hong Kong) but not here….especially when I’m at a standing concert!

Although it did allow me to capture silhouettes of the crowd in front of me, who are as hyped up as I am!  Just like at the concert this week! I’m working on a post for it.  Its just a lot of pictures to shift through 🙂

Madilyn Bailey Boyce Avenue concert

Silhouettes of the opening act performance, Madilyn Bailey

Boyce Avenue 2013

Silhouette of the crowd hyped up at Boyce Avenue performance!

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A Word A Week Challenge: Underneath

I live in the suburbs of Montreal and that means that I need to commute everyday.  Whether you may or may  not be familiar with Montreal, this week an interior design structure has officially launched in the entrance lobby of Atrium 1000 de la Gauchetiere.  Thats where I take my bus so I pass through it everyday. This new addition is called Stop Motion.

Stop Motion is a kinetic installation which uses changes in lighting and in perspective to play with the architecture, essentially producing a moving sculpture…this installation features reflecting plates cascading from the sky to freeze into a constellation of intriguing objects once they reach the ground.

That excerpt is from the information board about Stop Motion. 🙂

Lets check out what it looks like.  The light was not to my advantage yesterday after work but I’m underneath the structure with different angles.




And a full view of ground up to ceiling for the glass panels and reflection 🙂


Its a pretty cool installation.  I mean, just all the reflections and capturing so much of its environment all around the lobby.  Utilizing the skylight and mirrors and having this effect as commuters and passerbys walk underneath it.  Awesome stuff people create, right?

This is my response to A Word in Your Ear’s A Word A Week Challenge: Underneath. Head over HERE  to check out other beautiful entries 🙂

A Word A Week Challenge: Arch

I really need to start getting my act together for the photo challenges.  Seems that sometimes,  I’m lacking a bit of motivation.  The new challenge is already out but I’m still going to post one for this one as I’d had already planned it for this morning beforehand.

Other than flowers and masses of water, I think arches leading into entrances and walkways are what really awesome to take photos of.  It gives a sense of mystery as to what you can discover on the other side.

Hong Kong Harbour City Christmas Decorations, 2012

Hong Kong Harbour City Christmas Decorations, 2012

Che Kung Temple 2012

Che Kung Temple 2012

Kowloon Walled City Park 2012

Kowloon Walled City Park 2012

Wong Tai Sin Temple 2009

Wong Tai Sin Temple 2009

Hong Kong 2009

Hong Kong 2009

Disneyland Hong Kong 2009

Disneyland Hong Kong 2009

Macau 2009

Macau 2009

This is my response to Sue at A Word in Your Ear’s A Word A Week Challenge: Arch.  Click HERE to see more entries!

A Word A Week Challenge: Square

Earlier today, I posted the response to last week’s challenge for ORNATE!

This week’s word SQUARE chose by A Word in Your Ear’s A Word A Week Challenge is one thats immensely simpler.

I’m not sure about you but maybe it a force of habit in the very dog poop filled streets of Old Montreal, that when I travel, I also tend to look down as I walk.  I also look up above me.  Maybe its because I always tend to think seagulls are out to get me.  Whatever the reason, I end up seeing a lot of patterns and there’s a lot of those that are square.

I’m going to use last year’s Hong Kong trip as my focus for this challenge (AGAIN!).

Western Monastery

Ceiling of Western Monastery decored with cranes

Stanley Hong Kong

Stanley, a hallway near the Maritime Museum


Kowloon Walled City Park

Chess Garden in Kowloon Walled City Park

Anyone want to play a game of Chinese Chess? 😉

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Old Hong Kong district in Ocean Park

Squares of the Dimsum sheet at the restaurant

Squares of the Dimsum sheet at the restaurant

The only time I can eat Dimsum every single day is when I’m in Hong Kong.  Its just too delicious and awesome! The thought of it makes me crave for it 🙂

Anyone seeing squares now? What does squares make you think of?

This is my response to A Word in Your Ear’s A Word A Week Challenge: Square! Click HERE to check out more entries and join in if you have your own take of SQUARE!