Unboxing: 1UP Box [July 2015]

I’m sorry that this is a little late.  I received this the same day as the Arcade Block but since I didn’t do a video for this one, it took me longer to put together. Now that Fantasia Festival is officially over and I only have one post left to do (which will be posted soon), I have a few of these backlogged posts to catch up on.  Let’s kick it off with an unboxing!

This month’s theme for 1UP Box is JUSTICE!


Let’s unbox July’s box!!

1) Justice League Wind Ups – Green Lantern

1up box

I’m starting to really enjoy these boxed up figures.  Be it wind ups or Pop! vinyl ones.  I think I need a new glass cabinet.  Question is where to put it. I’m not a huge fan of Green Lantern since it brings back bad memories of the movie but Justice League is cool 🙂 I’m down for superheroes.

2) TMNT Turtle Topper

1up box

I didn’t even have pencil toppers when I was a kid.  It always felt somewhat useless.  I am a huge fan of TMNT though so this has its nostalgic value 🙂

3) Batman Super Hero Shades

1up box

Look, I love Batman.  And its because of this absolutely useless gear that I get a little turned off with 1UP Box.  I guess its because there isn’t a age limit or something.  I’m all for nerdy stuff but unless I want to be Batgirl or Batwoman or something for Halloween, I won’t use this.  Anybody want it? I’d gladly send it to you! 🙂

4) Princess 007 Magnet

1up box

I’m not a huge Star Wars fans like a good amount of people out there but I love these mash-ups.  Princess Leia and James Bond! C’mon! That’s so cool! 🙂 Plus, I love magnets.  My fridge doesn’t look so white and sad anymore.

5) Exclusive Justice Tattoos

1up box

These are some cute tattoos. I won’t wear it but maybe I’ll pass it on to the nieces and nephews in the family 🙂

6) T-Shirt: Super Rangers

1up box

To wrap it all up, we look at the T-Shirt.  Like I said before, mash-ups.  I wasn’t a huge Power Rangers fan, mostly because it didn’t play on TV or at least I didn’t get the channel that it played on.  But I knew enough 😉 Now Super Ranger with a mix of Super Mario Bros which I LOVE LOVE LOVE (!!!) and Power Rangers. So awesome!! 🙂

This is the last 1UP Box for now. My subscription ended and whether I resubscribe down the road is still unknown.  However, I needed to drop one of these subscriptions at least so here we are! Waving my goodbyes to 1UP box.  Its a mixed bag, like I’ve said many times before.  There’s a lot of useless geek gear that I can’t think of what to make use with and its turning into clutter. Its nice to be away sometimes.  Let me organize it all and see what I can give away or alternate uses or whatnot.  I still had a lot of fun opening these boxes.  When it was cool stuff, it was pretty awesome 🙂

What do you think of this month’s 1UP Box? 

Unboxing: 1UP Box [June 2015]

Welcome to another unboxing! This time around, we’re looking at the 1UP Box.

So far, this has been a mixed bag BUT it has been increasingly intriguing.  I haven’t been following the themes of the boxes so its all a complete surprise to me, which I love the spontaneity 🙂

This month’s theme: Arcade!! How awesome is that?!?!?!

Let’s check it out!!!

1UP Box: Arcade [June 2015]

1UP Box

Spider-Man Zipper Pull

1UP Box

Who is a fan of Spider-Man? I know I am, for the most part.  And zipper pulls break a lot, maybe its the cold Canada winters.  I don’t know.  Either way, I’ll find some cool use for it or I’ll just use it for the ton of bags that I own. Who knows, right? I love practical stuff and this definitely is one!

Metallic Arcade Decal

1UP Box

Decals! This one does look absolutely cool.  I just always wonder…at the rate we have to change our phones and our computers (because they just break faster).  I’d pretty much lose the decal if I stuck it on there.  Maybe I can just keep it as a collectible 😉

Pac-Man Candy Tin

1UP Box

I’m really into arcades or at least arcade games.  Pac-Man has to be one of my top favorite games.  Its funny how the simplest games can be the most addictive.  I mean, just take Agar.io right now.  A huge hit, right? If you haven’t played it, well, its pretty intense and addictive.  I try to stay away from it.  I guess another related one would be like the Candy Crush Saga phenomenon, right? Pac-Man still has a special place in my heart though.

Space Alien Lanyard

1UP Box

I just got a new lanyard from Grand Prix Weekend but this one is pretty awesome. It has the space aliens and “PRESS START”/”GAME OVER”/”INSERT COIN” along the side.  Totally arcade stuff, right? Looks so great!

Street Fighter Bobble Budds [Guile]

1UP Box

Look, this box is winning me over.  Street Fighter was so huge when I fight learned about street fighter.  Mind you, my cousin the closest to my age and lived in Montreal also at the time was a guy and he got consoles so I was knowledgeable about these combat games along with some horror and adventure ones as well. So, YAY!! 🙂

Fight Fight Revolution T-Shirt

1UP Box

Okay, look, this t-shirt is ALL SORTS OF AWESOME! I kind of regret putting it in my boyfriend’s size.  If you don’t remember or you are a newer follower or you just happened to drop into my blog randomly, I did this (in hindsight) pretty ridiculous and kind of meaningless but somewhat awkward and funny video on a post where I talked about my absolute love for Dance Dance Revolution.  You can find that HERE and then followed with a DDR show HERE.  I’m probably going to regret sharing this but hey, it is fun! As stupid as it all looks, it is! Add that to Street Fighter and OMG! This is so awesome! I might consider stealing this one from my boyfriend…

Overall…This was THE BEST 1UP Box so far! I mean, they’ve had some great themes but this one just was all sorts of awesome: Street Fighter, Dance Dance Revolution, Pac-Man! All of my absolutely faves!! 🙂

What did you like from this? Are you into arcade games? Whats your favorite one?

Unboxing: 1UP Box (May 2015)

So…there was a little mix-up in my understanding of how 1UP box worked and somehow now I have another 3 months of this subscription.  Regardless, the last box for 1UP box was really good so I’m hoping that it’ll keep going on like.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll choose 1UP box for another 3 months.  If not, at least now I figured out how to cancel when I want to. But, we’re not here to talk about that.  Its another 3 month adventure for us.  These unboxing posts are possibly one of my fave ones to post up nowadays: simple and fun.  I like that a lot especially when I’m tied up with time.

This month’s theme for 1UP box is SIDEKICKS!

Let’s check it out!!

Adventure Time BMO Plush

1UP box

A question: Who here has seen Adventure Time? I’ve only watched the first few episodes of Season 1.  Its a cute series but I haven’t found the time to get back to it just yet. The concept and the characters are pretty cute.  I have to say that.  Although I’m not a die hard fan of it, this plush is adorable.  But then, I’m a sucker for most of these plush toys.  I mean, I even learned to appreciate the giant microbes one so what can I say, right? Definitely a cool item to start off this unboxing!

Just a note: my unboxing is not by myself so my boyfriend just pulls these items out of the box so its totally random and a surprise for me because I don’t even open it myself.  Just a little unimportant side note…

Beep Boop Drawstring/Cinch Bag

1UP Box

My boyfriend says this might be inspired by Star Wars.  I’m not sure. Either way, two boxes in a row with two cinch bags.  Now that’s something, eh? It’s cool, always useful 😉

1UP Box exclusive: Sidekick Dog Tag

1UP Box

See, that looks pretty cool.  Except I can’t quite think of an occasion to wear this.  I work at a semi-casual work environment and still, dog tags aren’t exactly my style now. But it looks nice.  Maybe I’ll do good as decoration 😉

Love My Sidekick Wristband

1UP Box

Do you remember when these were popular? I sported about 3 of these on my wrist at one time.  I use them as my table lamp’s decoration now.  It gives it some color. This box is giving me some fashion/accessory flashbacks from within the last 10 years or something.  Its a pretty nice feeling 😉

Jack of Hearts Decal

1UP Box

Remember when we had one of these and everyone loved it? How about in Adventure Time this time around? 😉 I think its pretty cool.  I won’t use it.  The boyfriend might kill me for even thinking about it.

Fist Bump T-Shirt

1UP Box

For EVERY single box, I look forward to the T-shirt because its always the winner.  Look at this! Like I said before, not a huge fan of Adventure Time BUT I’m a MEGA FAN of Yoshi or anything in the Mario-verse.  This is so badass and cute all at the same time.  Not sure how that works, but it does!!! OMG…I love it!!!!! 🙂

*takes a deep breath* Okay, I’m good. All calm now!

1UP Box button: Sidekick

1UP Box

This box was full of pretty nostalgic moments.  We don’t quite give so much attention to those popular sidekicks at times but c’mon, Yoshi stole my heart and I think BMO might just make me want to get back in the Adventure Time world when I wrap up a few things. 1UP box does impress me quite a bit.  I just sometimes find it hard to use their items.  I own my geekiness but there’s only so many ways that I can.  Haha!

Any of these things peak your interest? Who is your favorite sidekick?

1UP Box: April 2015

What do you know?

1UP Box got their act together and got back on track with April’s box and it arrived on last Thursday!

What’s even more awesome than arriving early? Its that this month’s theme is in anticipation for the opening of Avengers: Age of Ultron and themed HERO!

How many of us aren’t even a little anticipating Avengers: Age of Ultron? So this superheroes theme comes right in time!

Let’s check it out!!

1UP Box April 2015

Funko Pop! Captain America

1UP box 2015 april 2015

I’m not exactly sure how to not geek out over this! Other than the fact that I like Captain America and its all Marvel and whatnot, its because I’ve been hoping to get an ACTUAL Funko Pop! figurine thing since I’ve been ordering these boxes.  I got the weird Walking Dead one that winds up and the keychain but finally, an actual one!

I probably shouldn’t start another collection but isn’t this one just awesome!!!!

Super Key Cover: Batman

1UP Box April 2015

Super Key Cover: Batman

Remember how I geeked out over getting Boo in the last box.  I really like this one as well.  It was 50/50 that I might have gotten Superman.  I’m not a huge fan of Superman so this one was perfect 🙂

Legendary Hero Necklace

1UP Box April 2015

Legendary Hero Necklace

This is possibly a Zelda item again.  At least that was me and my boyfriend’s deduction.  It does look pretty cool 🙂 I don’t think I’ll wear it ever but it might look nice as decoration or maybe just put it in my display cabinet.

Superhero Iron-On Patch

1UP Box April 2015

Superhero Iron-On Patch

I haven’t ironed on a patch since elementary school.  That’s quite a while back.  This does look incredibly nice so I’m actually thinking where I could iron it on.  Probably on a messenger bag or a backpack? I don’t know yet.  I’ll think about it 😉

Spiderman Air Freshener

1UP Box April 2015

Spiderman Air Freshener

If you sniff this stuff long enough, its going to be bad for you.  This air freshener looks alright.  I like Spiderman but I don’t love the smell of this air freshener so I think this might end up going into the trash soon.  Its making everything in the box smell like it and I’m trying to air it all out as this goes up. I’ve been trying to figure out what the smell is.  It might be a really strong citrus smell or at least its trying to be? But then, smells are pretty subjective so who knows…maybe someone else enjoyed it more than me.

1UP Exclusive T-Shirt: Mushroom-Signal

1UP Box April 2015

Mushroom-signal T-Shirt

This T-Shirt just won me over to think about whether I want to continue subscribing to 1UP Box for another round.  Mario & Batman themed shirt! Let me go freak out with excitement first, k? Go ahead judge my life choices but 1UP Box just upped their game even more.

1UP Box April 2015

April 2015 1UP Box pin: HERO

And that’s a wrap for April 2015 and my 3 month subscription for 1UP Box! I’m putting some serious thought into whether to subscribe again. One of the main factors is money. I’m still human and gotta worry about the bills 😉 It also depends on the theme.  Decisions, decisions…that I will ponder.  We will see if I’m back for more, right?

This box (and the last one here) is all sorts of awesome! Funko Pop, Mario, Batman: all of these things win my heart over so easily! I’m pretty pleased with it all (except the air freshener).

Happy Monday! 🙂

1UP Box: March 2015

1UP Box took a little tour around United States and took a really long time to get here.  Tracking wasn’t exactly great either on the USPS site so it was just showing up points of reference that I didn’t know. Point is, right after Easter holidays, it got here. Of course, I wasn’t able to get a post up since we’ve been buried in the Fast and the Furious franchise.  With Furious 7 wrapped up yesterday and today being Friday, its time for a fun mystery box unboxing day!

First one is to catch up to last month’s business with 1UP Box for March! March’s theme: Villains!

Let’s see what goodies we got this time!

I’m sorry for the low lighting…I need to find another room with better lighting to do this next time!

1UP Box

1UP Box

Darth Vader Card Sticker

1UP Box March 2015

Darth Vader Playing Card

Hmm…every box has something that is really random and I think this is the one that I started off with. Not sure what I’m going to do with this.  Maybe I’ll find something to decorate with all these stickers I get from these boxes.

Jokes on You Whoopie Cushion

1UP Box March 2015

Whoopie Cushion

Let me ask you this: When was the last time you pranked someone with a whoopie cushion? Or got pranked? No doubt about it.  Its pretty cute 🙂 Not sure if I’ll use it because I’m a pretty nice person.  I can see my boyfriend pranking me with it though…

1UP Box Exclusive: Spoo-key Cover

1UP Box March 2015

Spoo-key Cover

I’m a massive Mario fan.  I love that universe to bits.  Everything is just so cute! This key cover is adorable.  Not sure if I’ll use it but man, I want to though.

Pocket Pop! Keychain: Harley Quinn

1UP Box March 2015

Pocket POP! Keychain: Harley Quinn

I’m not going to lie! As I watch other people do unboxing on boxes I don’t get, I’m starting to really like these little POP! figurines.  They look awesome! But I do have enough collections so I need to stop.  This one is pretty awesome!

I’m losing adjectives…”cute” & “awesome” are the only words in today’s vocabulary apparently….

Poster: Zelda

1UP Box March 2015

Zelda Poster

We’ve gone through this in a previous post.  I know really little on Zelda so ummm…I know someone who knows this stuff better than me (Drew? Help!).  Please tell me what this is from!  Its a pretty sweet looking poster.  I’m going to find somewhere to hang this up.

The Legend of Greed Wallet Pouch (I think)

1UP Box March 2015

Don’t know what this is… Legend of Greed wallet pouch…maybe?

This is pretty cool and it feels relatively good quality so I’m guessing its a wallet pouch because it opens.  The info card says nothing about it so I don’t know.

“Share a Joke” T-Shirt

1UP Box March 2015


This T-Shirt is adorable, isn’t it? I’d definitely wear it 🙂 Its also a 1UP Box exclusive one so when I wear it, you know I order 1UP Box. YAY! 🙂 People can judge my life choices, but who cares? I think this box was immensely better than the last one.

1UP Box March 2015

March theme Pin

There we go! 1UP Box for March 2015! Woohoo! 🙂 

Thoughts? Knowledgeable info? Which of these items do you find cool?

1UP Box: February Unboxing! :)

We’re back with another unboxing!

Last time, I posted a video of the January unboxing of Arcade Block. It had a ton of cute and fun goodies and they are now placed around my house and whatnot.  While I really wanted to check out the Arcade Block, I was desperately waiting for the 1UP box to be available for shipping in Canada.

I’m new to this funky surprise box business and what I’ve learned is that they only started in September 2014 so I’m pretty glad that I signed up in late December and go the notice a few weeks ago that they had shipping to Canada starting with their February box.  1UP box is one of the more economical surprise box choices especially if you’re in the US. Canada subscription includes shipping so the higher price makes sense to me.

Long story cut short (not really) Signed up and got the box on Friday.

1up box February 2015

We’ve been in a snowstorm and whatnot for the last few days so I didn’t end up going to grab my package and open it with my boyfriend.  Earlier this afternoon, we did do it.  Unlike last time, we decided to do snapshots of the items instead.  We’ll probably fluctuate between snapshots and videos.

I’m talking too much! Here it is! By the way, February’s theme was Apocalypse!

Here we go! February’s 1UP Box! I haven’t gotten into The Walking Dead hype so my boyfriend was more of the connoisseur here.  But, I love Mario related stuff so yay the Mushroom! February was Apocalypse theme.  I wonder what March’s theme will be…

As usual, it was really fun! Maybe you can tell me if you’d prefer the unboxing in a video instead. You know, vlog style? I’m going to keep doing these because I personally find it pretty fun and refreshing.  Its a change of pace.

I’m going to end this here. Time to get ready to gear up for sitting in front of the TV for Oscars.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Stay awesome! 🙂