A Quick Hello and Updates! :)

Hey my lovelies!

Thanks so much for being around and all the support for my past few posts (and two weeks)! I have written up drafts but somehow my tablet isn’t syncing with the random internet around so I don’t have anything going up for the past week. I ended up having a week hiatus.

I just wanted to pop in with a quick hello to say that I am back home from vacation as of last night. Despite probably having a bit of jet lag (which I will only know later today since I just woke up), things will be back to normal tomorrow 🙂 I bought a few awesome things in Hong Kong, experienced some new stuff, got a few bothersome issues sorted out in my mind, did not do so much sightseeing but ate in a lot of restaurants, and most of all, spent extra quality time with family, making this trip very memorable.  I miss Hong Kong and family a lot but I am very happy to be home, physically and virtually because I did miss reading everyone’s blogs (which I’m also very behind with). Slowly, I’ll get back on track.

I’m just going to sort out how to post about everything but I did break my own in-flight  movie-viewing record on the way to Hong Kong and got in 7 movies and came back watching 4 more (I lost count).  So I have some more movie reviews going up, not to mention there are some summer blockbusters, I intend to go see 🙂

Thats it for now!

I’m going to take today to rest up and get some food back in the house, celebrate a little Father’s Day (no baking this year unfortunately), get things up and running over here.

Right now: Breakfast time! 😉

Have a great weekend! 🙂

I haven’t been on Youtube but it doesn’t seem right to now end without a little song. This was one of the first recommendations on my list and the title is too cute.

Enjoy! 🙂

Special Annoucement!

How’s everyone this lovely day?

As you’re reading this message, I will be on my way to Hong Kong for some long-awaited and needed vacation time.  As many of you have known, I’ve been going through some struggles of my own although I try to not put it too much in the open here.  Tranquil Dreams is my positive outlet so I like to keep it that way!

I’ll be gone for two weeks but don’t you worry, I have you covered! I pulled some late nights for the past week and managed to a decent amount of posts so you won’t be missing me and Tranquil Dreams too too much 😉

So, over the next two weeks, you will be expecting some things like:

  • Infernal Affairs 2 & 3 review followed with The Departed
  • This week’s Photo Challenge
  • Some meaningful videos and my thoughts
  • Daily Prompts

As I’m drafting this post before I’ve actually wrapped up all my posts, that is just the tentative plan!

On top of that, I have a few ideas going around my head and I’ll be probably try to update on twitter and whatnot on the trip.  Only deal is Canada has locked phones so my smartphone is totally useless in Hong Kong so I’m going back to “dumb” phones (I guess, thats what you call it in comparison). However, my tablet will be there and I’m praying that the WordPress app has been updated so it’ll be easier to use than 2 years ago. Maybe I’ll formulate some sort of idea for some long term projects and some additional segments so I’ll toss it out there and see if anyone likes the ideas 😉

On a side note, I joined the Blogging U: Writing 101 for my other blog, Days Nights & Daydreams so I should be trying very hard to get internet access everyday in order to get my post up.

I wanted to do a vlog but I’m running out of time with a bunch of errands left to do. I’ll try to do one in Hong Kong 😉

Drop by and comment for the upcoming posts! I’ll get back to everyone any moment I get hold of any WiFi!

I’ll get re-energized and come back better than before (hopefully)! 🙂

I promise that I’ll catch up with everyone’s post when I get back!!

I always leave with some music so here you go!

Nothing quite says going away like listening to some awesome country rock, especially from the awesome Keith Urban!

I already miss all of you wonderful people! And Rob, Eric and Cara, I remember that I owe you all something.  I will take care of it right when I get back! 🙂

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Music

I was going to post this tomorrow morning but seeing as Sue at A Word in Your Ear already posted up the next challenge, I’d better hurry up and put this up! This week’s word is MUSIC!

Music is my life.  I did write a whole post with August Rush theme based on its quote that I love: “But I believe in music the way that some people believe in fairy tales”.  You can check it out HERE if you haven’t read that post 🙂

Street musicians always get me! At night in Hong Kong’s Mongkok area, we have closed off streets with performers with their bands.  I always want to join in with the crowd and listen to them because some of them are truly talented.



A little music at events always cheers the crowd up and gets the party started 🙂


And live DJ performances at the beach to initiate the start of a new season! That picture below is from last year at the opening day of the beach. Hopefully beach days will be soon-ish!


Lets tone it down a little and enter into a calmer area and we have church organ music.  The organ pipes stretch high up…


Now getting a little more personal, daily music to my ears is LAUGHTER! Don’t you just love hearing others happy and laughing whether its with you, at you or at something else like a movie, someone else, etc? Its music that rings out happiness in some form.

natural bday

Sorry for the late entry, but head on over to Sue’s awesome blog and check out this challenge and the responses.  Its been a very musical week!

Just saying, next week will be one colourful one with TWO challenges with the same theme 😉 I’ll be out and about with my camera and no more using old ones! PROMISE! 🙂

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Parade

This week Sue@A Word in Your Ear chose the word Parade in her dictionary.  Thinking back, I haven’t seen a parade in years and years.  The last one I remember was back in 2009 and that I still have on my computer.  There was another one that I remember in 2011 or so, but my computer died shortly after and I hadn’t backed up those pictures so they are all gone.  As much I always talk extensively about this, I have no choice.  I missed the St. Patrick’s Parade and I’m pretty sure we don’t have an Easter one 😉 So on with digging for parades!

Here I present to you the Disney parades at Christmas season in 2009 at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Walking past the Lion King props parading down the path..



I don’t know these people with the animal puppet..they just happened to be in the picture…

Aside from that, we had the actual Christmas parade with a lot of our faves…

Toy Story cast

Toy Story cast


Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy

Daisy Duck and Pluto (in the back)

Daisy Duck and Pluto (in the back)

After the parade, to follow the joyous theme, we head into the Its A Small World ride and guess what?!?!?

A Small World band parade

A Small World band parade

At night, we had a parade of sorts with elves to welcome in the lighting of the tree.  I had seen the elves running across Disney Main Street earlier in the day and caught one of them to take a picture with so just a little personal touch 🙂


Please excuse the abundance of Christmas. I spent 11 hours with Christmas gifts selling stuff at the gift show, so I’m fed up with it too…but Disney characters are always so happy to look at and its the last parade I have photos for 🙂

On this happy parade mode, its the long weekend coming up. I have a 3 day weekend and its going to be super fun! 🙂

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Industrial

This week’s Sue has chosen the word INDUSTRIAL! I spent a whole week taking forever to get this post up…hoping that I would get a chance to walk around Montreal and snap some pictures.  However, work still seems to have rules my life.  At least, I have a long weekend, so what can I complain about?

Instead of Montreal, I bring in more Hong Kong pictures.  I took a lot of pictures so its turning out to be quite useful.  Hong Kong is quite an industrial place filled with industries because of its geographic location and it differs from where you are on the main island, or outlying islands.  The public transportation is very varied.  With the handover, the phenomenon I hate the most and probably could ramble on forever would be the land filling operations. In order to expand the economy, they only way for them to have more space is to fill in the ocean with land.  I extremely hate this.  Hong Kong is essentially a harbor, and what is the meaning of some day just closing up the water.  It wouldn’t be a harbor anymore, right? Anyways, enough of this rambling, it’ll just get me all worked up.

Here are the industrial Hong Kong pictures!


Ocean side industry and plant


Not the MTR but another form of train KMR…New Territories public transit


Boats, cranes, water…My guess is they are filling the ocean…


Preparing for business


Fishing Boats (I think)


Plant on outlying Lamma Island


Double Decker Bus

Here we go! My interpretation of INDUSTRIAL.  Everything industrial has its good and its bad.  We just always have to hope that industrialization will bring more pros than cons to the society and all other elements involved.

Drop by Sue’s blog A Word in Your Ear to check out this challenge and other responses, or even join in this fun challenge right HERE!

A Word A Week Photo Challenge:Island

This week’s word from Sue at A Word In Your Ear’s dictionary is ISLAND.  It got me thinking about how many islands I have been on other than the one I live or should I say work on.  Montreal is an island which is why we are surrounded by close to crumbling bridges.  A problem that stresses me out since I live on the island.  But we are not talking about that, my point being, I have been quite a few islands.  They are all around the same areas in the world but still, here we go on a little Island adventure.  But before that, I’d like to urge you to go check out Sue’s beautiful challenge HERE.  If you’d like to take part in this challenge or see other wonderful entries, just click the link.

First up:


Vancouver Island at Mile 0

Very beautiful view looking out onto from Mile 0! Canada is a beautiful country, full of hidden treasures.


Vancouver :Granville Island

Technically, its not an island from what I heard.  Its just part of the name, but it is surrounded by water



A beautiful location but I’m not exactly sure where this is..perhaps Fisherman’s Wharf?

Its been a long time and Taiwan is an island so its beautiful looking out any location


On the surrounding waters of Hong Kong

I am not ON that boat but I am on another boat.

In 2009 when I went back, I went out to try to seeing the endangered pink dolphins and this was on the way.

Giant Buddha at Lantau Island

Giant Buddha at Lantau Island

Hong Kong is surrounded by outlying islands and this is a famous landmark on Lantau Island

Lamma Island

Lamma Island

I did an extensive post back in November on my Hong Kong trip and 3 parts dedicated to this wonderful Lamma Island

You can find here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3



Looking out on the waters of Macau at night was just beautiful.

My old camera didn’t do a great job at capturing its actual beauty but still, its amazing.



For the final stop, I take you back home to the island of Montreal, intertwined with the waterways of St. Lawrence River.

These waters are from exactly there looking out of Old Montreal.




Christmas in Hong Kong!!

After Halloween, it seems to be the cue for all things Christmas to slowly be brought alive everywhere. Hong Kong is no exception.  Christmas lights in Hong Kong are remarkable.  They light up on the big buildings and on both sides of the harbour. All the shopping centers have their own unique themes and decorations.  In 2009, I went in the core of the action so there was more back then.

Its the end of my Hong Kong month but to overlap a bit. It will also start my Christmas month with the decoration I had a chance to see live or even in the process of set up.

Here’s a gallery of it.  If you want to see where it was, just roll over the pictures, it will show you the location.

A lot of places were just having it go up so its not in abundance.

I promise you more pictures when I go shopping mall hopping this weekend and shoot lots of Christmas decor in Montreal and the suburbs.

Massive Food Review: DIM SUM!!

Have you heard of Dim sum? Do you like it?  If you are in Hong Kong, you can have the best Dim sum no matter where you go (or almost everywhere).  I don’t eat Chinese food in Montreal so there is no Dim sum eating unless I go to Toronto or Ottawa, and we’re talking about 6 hours and 2 hour drive respectively.  Its not a very frequent trip that I make.

In Hong Kong, its normal to eat this every single day, but of course I did not although it was a good amount of it.  I really like it so much in Hong Kong.  Instead of giving you multiple restaurant reviews, I decided to combine it all into one.

These are the restaurants that I visited:

1) Federal Palace at Citygate Outlets

2) Star Seafood Restaurant at Tai Wai

3) Jing Hua Restaurant at Mongkok

4)  Star Seafood Restaurant at Shau Kei Wan

I also went to another one but there are no pictures for them and they are:

5) Red Seasons at Lam Tei/Tuen Mun


For the star of the post, DIM SUM!!

Have you tried any of this? Whats your favorite dim sum?

Hong Kong: Kowloon Walled City Park

I’m not sure anyone has heard of this park, but its a very great place to see a part of Hong Kong history.  It was once an area that is now only preserved in ruins.

This was what it looked like before:



It has multiple gardens and trails to walk through.  Here’s the gallery of it so you get an idea.  I”ll explain what it all is at the bottom:

There’s old-fashioned buildings, which was close the day I went, so wasn’t many pictures of the almshouse except for the connecting garden with bonsai.  Here in the gallery, you have the Chinese Zodiac Garden.  You walk around the path and its all the animals of the Zodiac carved in stone.  I’m a tiger so I’m featuring that one.  Do you know which Chinese Zodiac you are?

Another feature is the Chess Garden.  I’m guessing if you had enough people you could do a live version of it.  If not, you could bring your pieces, and there are stone seats on all four sides with Chinese Chess boards carved in the middle.  Have you played Chinese Chess?

Other than that, there was a stone bridge that flowed over that little stream that flowed through the upper level and around the little Chinese-style booth.

So for the finale, in the beginning, I showed you the Walled City before it was in ruins. So what does it look like now? They only were able to find the original foundation stone structure along with the sign saying “Kowloon Walled City” and the :South Entrance” plaque.





This was pretty much the last site I got to see in Hong Kong.  There was a temple that I made a short visit before this but I didn’t get many pictures so I’ll use it with other stuff.  One more blog to wrap up Hong Kong month! Come back soon to check it out, it’ll have lots of yummy food!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I love reflections, especially in the water.  Seeing as this is still the weekend and I’m wrapping up Hong Kong month.  There were a few more photos from Ocean Park that was all about REFLECTIONS, but this time its the magic of REFLECTIONS in the mirror.



Thats right! I do that sometimes when I don’t want to buy something. I try it on and take a picture for memories.

Its usually funky hats or headbands in this case.  Do you do it?

Next up, I took you to Sea Jelly Spectacular in Part 2: Ocean Park.  The key to that exhibit was how it was a kaleidoscope concept so we were surrounded by mirrors.


No one did this when I was there.  Everyone was mesmerized by the actual tank of jellyfish and I was too.

The wall around us was full of mirrors.  Just look at this reflection…isn’t it amazing?


Can you tell which one is the actual tank and which one is the reflection?