Photography 101: Landmark

Landmarks are everywhere: iconic places, meeting points, markers on a map. Today, consider a unique point of view as you photograph a landmark.

Once you’ve chosen your landmark, move around to experiment with your POV, or point of view. Today, crouch or lie on the ground to get an interesting street-level angle, or walk around your landmark to examine every possible perspective. – The Daily Post

What is a landmark in Montreal? How about more specifically in Old Montreal? Most of you will know the waterfront and even more of you may have heard of the Notre Dame Church.  That is my star landmark.  However, choosing an angle proved to be harder. One that appealed to me the most? Thats an even harder decision.

Notre Dame Church

Farther away side view

Notre Dame Church

Crouched down by the steps going up

Notre Dame Church

In the open space in front of it with the statue

The morning sun got in the way a little so I tried to hide in the shadows.  My Samsung Galaxy S3 can only do so much 😉 If I didn’t have to rush off to work, I’d probably have tried some effects on it.

What is the first landmark that pops in your mind from your city?

Photography 101: Connect

In today’s world, we’re more connected than ever. How will you capture our theme, connect, through your lens?

Tag this post appropriately. Photography is a sure bet, and photo101 — our official course tag — is a great way to connect with other participants.However, don’t over-tag! Between five to fifteen tags per post (or a combination of tags and categories) is good practice. – The Daily Post

We are connected easier to those around us.  But although we’re more connected somehow we are farther apart.


For sure, everyday, connecting with someone is through our computer, our tablet, our phones.  I mean, I couldn’t take that picture up there without my smart phone.  Its how we connect through social media. Call me old school but nothing quite beats seeing your friends in person at a coffee shop, for a human to human interaction, although its harder with our busier lives its really refreshing.

wpid-20141110_084759.jpgConnecting with others is more than just social media.  Although they are at our fingertips in the most literal way nowadays, the distance can only be shortened when we step forward and take initiative.  At least someone has to.  We need to step out of our homes, pick up the phone, send that message. If not, the connection doesn’t work the same way.  Reason for the feet.  It connects us to the world  when we take that first step out 🙂

Photography 101: Solitude

Capture a snapshot that conveys the state of being alone.

As you frame your shot, apply the tried-and-true Rule of Thirds, which is a great introductory lesson in composition. Divide your shot into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so you get nine parts. – The Daily Post

The first rule my photography friend taught me to improve my shot was the Rule of Thirds.  Its a skill I still use today.  Sometimes, I play around with it.  For me, how a photo is structure says a lot about what you are capturing.  It doesn’t have to have fancy filters.  I know I never use them on Instagram because its not the natural picture.  It all comes down to personal preference, right?

Fresh photos have one problem.  I take mine in the morning on my way to work so if its a busy Friday workday morning like today, bustling full of activities in the streets.  Solitude comes rarely and its especially a fleeting moment where I can’t control any aspect of it. I tried my best to apply the Rule of Thirds once I found the opportunity.


Not the best representation of it.  But if I do catch a second shot later today, I’ll post up an additional post. 🙂

Photography 101: Bliss

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven.

What is your idea of bliss? Is it an image of your family, laughing at the dinner table? Your latest finished piece of art, drying on the canvas? Or a state of total relaxation…-The Daily Post

I’m doing these daily challenges with fresh photos.  I could easily have gone with an old picture of any next to a waterfall because that is absolute bliss, reconnecting with nature means reconnecting body, mind and soul, calming and cleansing all the worries.  Its a pretty epic feeling. But whats important is where do you find bliss in everyday life?  For some lucky group of you, going away is easy and frequent.

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, thats not the case.  So I decided to approach this in a simple way.  Simplicity gives me my bliss. I’m in between moving right now so I don’t have a lot of stuff here anymore but I threw together a bunch of items that represent what is bliss for me.

Sweaters, Baking, Good book, DIY crafts, Adventure/Animated or Romantic Comedy Movies, Workouts

Sweaters, Baking, Good book, DIY crafts, Adventure/Animated or Romantic Comedy Movies, Workouts

Where do I find bliss? Bliss is sitting in my room in my laid back clothes: sweat pants/capris/yoga pants/workout clothes (anything comfy) with my cat in my lap, reading a book.  When I get tired of a book, I could always pop in an entertaining but not heavy movie (like adventure, animation, romcom or even musical).  When time is suffice, I’ll go for a 2 hour baking session alone with that movie playing in the background.  If ever, I want just absolute quiet, I pull out my yoga mat and block and do a routine or focus my undivided attention to putting together a DIY crafts. These are all either/or situations.  Not all together..I can’t multitask that well 😉

Regrouping, re-energizing, calming: These things are simple but they can take me somewhere else where I don’t need to think about the lingering worries and problems.  Thats bliss for me when I find a way to focus back on myself and ignore the outside craziness just for a little while 🙂

What is bliss for you?

Photography 101: Water

For day three, we want to see your interpretation of water — how might your image reveal more about you?

After you snap your picture, rotate your camera and take a second shot from the other orientation — horizontally if you first took the picture vertically, and vice versa. If you’re aiming for an establishing shot, what orientation works better? How does a vertical shot affect your scene? Which version do you prefer? – The Daily Post

My new morning activity now is to get a photo (or two) in for this daily challenge.  Today wasn’t so hard because I usually take photos both ways to see which way gets a better effect.

Today’s story includes the morning sunny autumn day over the Old Port and the rundown old Grain Elevator No.5. In the front in the shadows is also the Bota Bota spa on water.  The vertical shot catches the spa really little in the frame.  A contrast of old and new maybe?



old montreal


I almost just took pictures of puddles.  But who can resist a calming morning walk along the Old Port boardwalk right before work?

Photography 101:Home

I’m gearing up for this month long Photo 101.  I’ve never been good at doing daily goals, just look at daily prompts and even my attempt to do my Writing 101 over at my other blog.   Still, Photo 101 is something easier to do, hopefully! Plus, maybe I’ll learn a few things along the way.

Day 1 is a theme I like quite a bit.  HOME…

Home is elusive. When we think about this word, we might picture different physical locations. And while home is often found on a map, it can also be less tangible: a loved one, a state of mind.-The Daily Post

Home is definitely less tangible in my mind.  Its a place I belong.  Montreal is where I’m at but home is where my loved ones are and where I love who I’m with and can feel completely at ease being me. No need for facades or hiding my emotions or putting up a show to look better.

Nothing quite feels like home than any time of day seeing my little girl/furry bodyguard as she invades everywhere that I’m at.

Here is what I wake up every day.


Well, this is one of the more tame days…others she’s just glaring at me and slapping me in the face with her paw so I would go feed her.


Or drafting up my post (or Nanowrimo) while she is sleeping on my lap (or watching a movie).

She is one of my treasured loved ones in my life and always brings a smile to my face.  She seems to always be keeping her eye on me and protecting me.  Its a pretty funny and warm though most days.  Thats home for me.  We just belong together 🙂