Movies and Tea #60 – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Reaching the end of the Quentin Tarantino filmography as we look at Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Head on over to Movies and Tea to give it a listen and let us know your thoughts on the film.

Movies and Tea

Bringing our re-evaluation of Quentin Tarantino’s filmography to a close with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood another entry in Tarantino’s alternative histories as Leonardo Dicaprio plays Rick an actor whose star is on the fall struggling to recapture fame and success in 1960s Los Angeles like his best friend and stunt double Cliff (Brad Pitt Meanwhile, living next door to Rick is Sharon Tate and her husband Roman Polanski while in the hills the Manson family are gathering.

We also reveal our Favourite, Worst and hidden gems of the Tarantino filmography 

Music on this episode

Treat Her Right – Roy Head & The Traits
Son of a Lovin’ Man – Buchanan Brothers

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