Ultimate Decades Blogathon 2022: The Pianist (2002) by Rhyme and Reason

The final guest entry for the Ultimate Decades Blogathon is here! Its a review of The PIanist (2002) by Rhyme and Reason. Head on over to check it out at Drew’s Movie Reviews!

Check back here tomorrow as Drew wraps up with his final pick for the blogathon!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Hello, friends!

We’re midway through the second week of this year’s Ultimate Decades Blogathon. Today’s entry is also the final participant before Kim and I wrap up the blogathon to close out the week. And our last participant is one of the most unique film bloggers I know: SG from Rhyme and Reason. I describe his blog as unique because he is the only blogger I know who combines his passion for poetry with his love of film. If you aren’t familiar, you can see what I mean below. Follow his site to keep up with all of SG’s poetic musings. Today, SG reviews 2002’s war film The Pianist.

What would you do were you hunted and hated?
What if your value were hotly debated?
What could you share with the Cain to your Abel
To sway them to see you as more than a label?

What if…

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