BITS 2021: Motherly (2021)

Motherly (2021)

Director (and co-writer): Craig David Wallace

Cast: Lora Burke, Tessa Kozma, Kristen MacCulloch, Nick Smyth, Colin Paradine

Kate (Lora Burke) and her daughter Beth live alone in an isolated farmhouse in the woods, but when Kate slowly begins to suspect that something sinister is happening, her motherly instincts are put to the test. – IMDB

Mother and daughter relationships are so great to use as a foundation for a story wrapped up in a home invasion thriller. I am sure some titles like Panic Room pop up immediately, however, Motherly is not the same thing as the situation is not the same. This one falls into somewhat of a psychological thriller-esque mixed with some horror elements. The thing is the film premise is a good one with how the mother-daughter relationship reveals itself which shows the nature of these two characters from why they ended up in their current predicament. The film itself is a pretty decent idea but the end game does feel like its not as clever as it thinks it is.

The story itself is rather straightforward as the whole central plot is propelled by the tragedy that lead this mother-daughter to this current moment. What comes after is an home invasion where the truth slowly is put together as to who is actually responsible for the whole tragedy. Its becomes the main focus and mystery. This question circles around them as the mother and daughter gets separated in the home invasion and this forms these two characters even more. Its here that the execution feels a little lacking which leads to the twist not feel quite as unexpected and shocking as it should be.

What does hold Motherly at higher level is some great acting overall. The central cast is consisted primarily of the same cast as last year’s For The Sake of Vicious (review). Lora Burke continues her path in the Canadian horror scene with a great performance as Kate, a mother doing everything to protect her daughter after the tragedy at home leading them to be under the witness protection program while struggling with a daughter who doesn’t exactly follow the rules and honestly is a bit of a brat. Playing her daughter is Tessa Kozma who has a rather central role and actually for the character does the bratty daughter very well and as the story comes together, the reason her character acts this way also makes sense. The other supporting characters whether in terms of the cop watching them under the program or the home invasion couple all have their motives well drawn out and each of their personalities also create some balance and tension between the characters and the situation as a whole.

Motherly is an average psychological thriller. It has a decent premise and sets up the mystery well and even crafts some really great characters that are portrayed by a talented cast. However, thrillers are about the big reveal and this one felt a tad lackluster as a whole. The film loses a bit of momentum in the second half as things feel a little more predictable.

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