My September 2021 Adventures!

September is over! I honestly can’t believe it. This past month has been been a tad ridiculous mostly with the real life stuff hitting me pretty hard and I’m not exactly sure why I haven’t been feeling too good and I’m not sure if its just having some overfatigue or weather-changing or whatnot but that’s the deal right now. With that said, I’m also gearing up for October’s marathon month (which I will talk about at the end of this post). With that said, not a whole lot went on but still, let’s go!

Staying Active Update

September 4: 5.18km 48mins
September 5: 3.33km 36mins
September 11: 8.83km 1.5hr
September 19: 2.15km 27mins
September 25: 2.14km 26mins

A bit of a slow workout month in general. There’s not a whole lot of excuses on my part except that I spent more energy getting through some of the house projects like cleaning all the windows in the house for one.

New Fall Shoes

You know I don’t have a lot going on when I start talking about new stuff. I have been meaning to get new shoes for the fall. The main reason being that I’ve been without a pair of shoes between the running shoes and the winter boots that are waterproof and I’m hoping that my new Sorel fall boots will do the trick. It was the first time ordering shoes online but seeing as my winter boots are Sorel, I figured the sizing shouldn’t be that different.

Mid-Autumn Festival

I had a mountain of moon cakes because of work this year so it put me in the moon festival mood way before it had arrived. So much in the mood that I even went to go look at the moon and snap a picture that night. It was a beautiful moonlit night though.

Gardening Update

As it was asked about last time, I figure that I’d talk a little about the garden this month. It is the end of the season for the most part. We had a great season with lots of cherry tomatoes, eggplants and zucchini. Peppers didn’t do too good and the cucumbers did alright. We had a surprise extra mini harvest of a random delicata squash that ended up growing next to the raised garden. Its pretty small but a nice surprise nonetheless. At this point, the cucumbers and zucchini are pretty much all gone. The only thing we’re still waiting on right now is the brussel sprouts which seem to be growing quite well so hopefully the cold weather won’t kill it although I think it should be hardy towards cooler weather. We will see!

Tranquil Dreams Podcast Update

One final quick update before the last little thing here and that’s about the podcast which is pretty much back on track after some condensed episodes. I’m still missing the Fantasia episode because I just don’t seem like I’m too happy with the structure but at the same time, I want to get it out since I think that in time, it will still be relevant. Plus, how many Fantasias do we get that have such great line-up, right? Either way, I need to get that out but at least the What’s Up is back on track and the next episode will be up by the end of this week. I am reconsidering this weekly podcast thing since its starting to feel less realistic but maybe one special themed episode per month in between to add some change.

Announcement: Halloween Marathon in October

For the people who have been around here, its not a big surprise but I still feel the need to share this wonderful announcement that October will be Halloween Marathon month! This year’s franchise focus is on V/H/S franchise. A last minute decision when I realized that Shudder is releasing the 4th film of the franchise on their platform. With that said, huge focus on films streaming on Shudder this year for this marathon. I will also try to catch up with Netflix horror films that I’ve missed out over the past year or so. Its not only going to be just films but also TV binges and maybe books (if I find any horror ones to talk about). Some of these will be in double features and the newer releases will be single reviews much like TV binges are their own thing. Its going to be a fun time! The goal is a total of 31 films/TV series/books combined.

On a side note, my fantastic co-host for Movies and Tea, Elwood has decided to take on the task of doing the Hooptober over at Movies and Tea. I believe the plan is to share it on the Facebook page. Feel free to check that out! If you don’t know what Hooptober is, you can look it up on Letterboxd.

Cute Kitty Rubber Duck Pic

That’s it for this adventures!
Nothing too exciting but hopefully you drop by for the Halloween marathon!

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