Movies and Tea #45 – Girlfight

Next episode of Movies and Tea is here as we continue on with our Female Directors season and look at Karyn Kusama’s directorial debut film Girlfight. Head over to Movies and Tea to give it a listen!

Movies and Tea

Continuing our season long celebration of female directors on this episode we look at both the directing debut of Karyn Kusama aswell as the acting debut of Michelle Rodriguez as a wayward teenager living in Brooklyn who finds an outlet for her agression and frustrations with life through boxing.

Further Viewing

Million Dollar Baby
Whip It
The Invitation
Raging Bull
Cinderella Man
Chasing Dream
Crying Fist
Tokyo Fist
Step Up
Bend It Like Beckham

Music on this episode

Theodore Shapiro – La Toro
Keith Mansfield – Funky Fanfare
Theodore Shapiro – Decision

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